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  1. Hi Fran, I noticed in the side view pics on the rails website, that the top of the copper pickups are visible on bogies. I understand that this is the case with existing models from other manufacturers, but will accurascale be taking steps to obscure the copper for production? Chemical darkening or painting black for example? Not that it would dissuade me from my preorders or ordering anymore, just wondering if this is something that has been picked up on & fed back to the factory?
  2. I have noticed this - well not any derailments- as I have only opened them for inspection thus far and places on straight track. As you can see in the pics below, part of the hopper Bay door assembly results in each bogie being able to rotate less degrees in one direction from the center than the other. I understand the frustration of potentially having to do some DIY to fix the issue on a brand new model, but to be fair it doesn't require much I think, just a steady hand, blade & a file. I have some minor niggles with the models as well, such as the wheels don't appear to roll as freely as Accurascale's PFAs, with maybe a very very slight wobble. Maybe I will look into fitting some brass bearings. I was going to take issue that I didn't think the painted weld lines on the Nacco wagons are as fine as I would like (lines varying in width, see pic), however having taken a closer look at the prototype, the welds are actually like this!!! I can understand people wanting a model to be perfect, but it is very difficult to achieve anyone else's idea of perfection, except maybe your own. I honestly think these wagons are cracking (ordered 4x packs, so 8x wagons), and they will look fantastic behind my Hattons 66. They are that great I probably would've ordered more, had more non-europorte liveries/numbers been available (originally I was only going to preorder 3x packs, the multi buy discount twisted my arm). I will likely buy some more in future, should accurascale do another run with different numbers & hopefully some in the new dark blue livery they are appearing in. More importantly they are not a rip off either. For the same rrp you could almost, but not quite, buy 2x tiny VEA vans from another manufacturer. Also these accurascale have sprung buffers (which the aforementioned VEAs lack) & I am a complete sucker for them. Makes close coupled wagons & curves less of a compromise. The TLDR version is essentially get a knife & a file to fix, carefully removing the fouling part. If you do it carefully enough you might not even be able to see the difference from the outside, but note, this is what I plan to do - I haven't done it yet!!! Bear in mind if you do the DIY, accurascale probably won't take them back if you change your mind...
  3. Hi @charliepetty, Some of the 142's show as out of stock on the dc kits website & therefore are unable to be preordered. Is this correct? Thanks
  4. Hi @Accurascale Fran, Do you know how far off the Short HYAs are to delivery? Thanks
  5. Hi Fran, Are these wagons on the High seas now? Thanks
  6. Hi Fran & McC, Don't know if this has already been asked & answered, but are you going to be producing loads for these wagons? Thanks
  7. Hi Fran & McC, With regards to 37 bufferbeams, will the ROG 37 feature the drophead scharfenberg coupler? Also will it be magnetic & functional like the solution you have on your MK5s? I can see a sizable number of purchasers of both planning to run them together as per prototypical. Thanks
  8. I imagine LED/LCD displays that small & the electronics involved would raise the cost of the coaches to a unaffordable level to only the richest modellers for the moment. For example the train tech smart screen is about £50 just for a single unit, and each MK5 would need at the very least 2 bespoke displays, if not going whole hog that is, 1 for each side. I think it would be nice if working door interlock lights could be considered. These are present on Realtracks Class 156. Back to displays, maybe in 5 or 10 years these could be something to regularly feature on high end models.
  9. Hi Fran, Will the packs include instructions on how to successfully swap the wheels out, & how easy/hard will it be to change the wheels? Additionally will you be producing EM/P4 wheels for your wagons? I only ask as it would be nice to make all my stock from various manufacturers P4 for scale accuracy, but changing all the wheels to P4, in addition to making the track is a bit of an accessibility barrier, especially as i imagine once it is pursued to change them on most other models it is not easy to swap between the gauges if you later change your mind, want to use the stock on a OO club or home layout, or intend to sell on your collection. If more manufacturers had your outlook on making models easily convertible to/from OO/EM/P4, it would make the finescale gauges more accessible to modellers, as there are some really nice layouts out there built by some very skilled modellers, that could look just that little bit better if they were built with EM or P4 track. Of course building the track by hand is one barrier, but hacking away at the models you love to fit some slightly bigger wheels must surely be the bigger one. Thanks
  10. Hi @Accurascale Fran, Do you know if the KUAs have started shipping out to customers yet? Thanks
  11. Hi @Accurascale Fran, Probably an obvious question that I have answered myself, but I take it that all these Wagons are being offered in pristine as built condition? I.E. without the metal tarnish that they have developed after running around the past 10 years or so. Just wondering as am trying to decide whether I should order some of Full-sized originals or the later cut-downs. Also, obviously it depends how well this batch sells, but have you thought about potentially doing a batch with the tarnish finish, & perhaps maybe with graffiti? The wagon with Garfield on it comes to mind, although unlike the Graffiti Artists/Vandals you'd probably need a Licence to do that one! Thanks
  12. I just hope they are not stuck on the Ever Given like Dapol's 122s & Yeoman hoppers. That would properly suck.
  13. Any update on the ETA of the KUAs @Accurascale Fran? Thanks
  14. Good shout! My thoughts would be just the containers themselves
  15. What do people who have received their models make of them? I am considering getting a pack or 2 myself, but a 100 quid is a lot to drop on a wagon. Thanks
  16. Hi @charliepetty, I have been having a look at the 2x Northern White units you have up for preorder on your website, but it looks like there has been a typo somewhere as the product info on both these skus references the Strathclyde versions. 156-411 & 156-412 I am particularly interested in the destinations for these as the Blackburn to Bolton line was my local. Anychance you can have a look into this, please see the attached screengrabs for reference. Cheers CoBoLoco
  17. Thanks Fran, Damn banks! Haha! Any idea how long before the postie will deliver them, once they arrive at the warehouse? Might have to get the parents to forward them on is all. How dare they get their mitts on them before me! Haha! Cheers Alex
  18. Hi Fran, Any update on the airfreighted PFAs? Have they landed at HQ yet? Eagerly waiting for the low level nuclear waste! Thanks Alex
  19. Hi Rich, You might of already figured it out as I see this is an old thread, but i've been having the same issue with my Dapol 121 that i fitted with a Zimo MX634 chip today. I came across your post on here long before I discovered the solution, so maybe this information will be of help to you, or anyone else with the same problem in future. In essence it appears that it is the Back EMF functionality that is causing the noise, as it looks like it is set to be on max by default. To adjust the Back EMF is CV 58. The default value i had is 255, which is fully on. Set this to 0 to turn the Back EMF off. This should solve your noise problem - it did with mine. Hope this helps. CoBoLoco
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