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  1. Gaugemaster are pleased to offer these two locomotives in N Scale as part of our GM Collection range of commissions. The class 33 diesel locomotives were built between 1960 and 1962 for the southern region of BR by BRCW. These locomotives were given the nick name of the "Crompton Class" due to the brand of electrical equipment used in the design. These locomotives were able to haul both passenger and freight stock with ease and many of them still remain in preservation. These great little models feature lots of details including etched grills, directional lighting and finely printed external logos and numbering. Features Detailed body with etched grills Cast wheels with fine relief and appropriate colouring Tungsten chassis All wheel pickup NEM coupling pockets Directional lighting New design motor for smooth running Includes magnetic couplings and traditional couplings Accessory bag with spares and optional detail parts Expected delivery Q4 2022. Available to pre-order now from Gaugemaster stockists or ourselves. GM2210601 Class 33 021 'Eastleigh' Parcels Red GM2210602 Class 33 025 WCRC
  2. Gaugemaster are pleased to offer this locomotive in OO Scale for the first time, in both Analogue and DCC Smoke/Sound versions, as part of our GM Collection range of commissions. Features Finely moulded body with many applied fine details Printed name plates (Etched plates supplied separately) Cast wheels with fine relief and appropriate colouring Heavy diecast chassis with all wheel pick up NEM pockets as standard Operating, independently controlled headlight and cab lights Push/Pull and light engine modes for head and taillights Day/Night headlamp selection Independent cab lighting Smoke Generator Factory Fitted (GM4210202 only) Expected delivery Q1 2023 GM4210201 Class 59 003 'Yeoman Highlander' GBRf £179.95 GM4210202 Class 59 003 'Yeoman Highlander' GBRf (DCC-Sound/Smoke) £329.95 The video below shows 59 003 and 79 961 heading eastbound through Ford Station (next to Gaugemaster HQ) back in January 2021. Prices correct at time of posting
  3. Morning everyone, Apologies, our staff were mistaken - we haven't received any of the 66 773s into stock yet. They are being produced with the next run of Dapol's 66s which we believe are due for delivery in the early part of 2022 - depending on any problems with international shipping. The good news is that there are still some available - it is not yet sold out. The locomotive can be ordered directly from ourselves or from any Gaugemaster stockist. Stuart GM2210103 Class 66 773 ‘Pride of GB Railfreight’ GBRf Rainbow Logo £119.95
  4. They are indeed, in fact we have just had a new sample of the First Great Western version, which has further details added compared to the previous sample. Dapol have said that they are most likely to arrive with us end of January/start of February next year - dependent on international shipping.
  5. Built by General Motors Electro Motive Division between 1985 and 1995, these powerful diesel electric locomotives were designed to haul heavy freight services as a replacement for the class 56 locomotives. 15 of these locomotoives were produced between 1985 and 1995 with the first one being delivered into Southampton docks in 1986. These locomotives have been painted in various different liveries including DB Cargo, GB Railfreight, Foster Yeoman, Mendip Rail and Amey Roadstone Construction. GM2210501 Class 59 003 'Yeoman Highlander' GBRf Here's a video of the real thing passing near GM HQ, with 73 961 Alison operating a Network Rail Snow and Ice Treatment Train through a misty and frosty Ford Station in West Sussex, on 8th January 2021.
  6. Hi Chris, You can either go through Cheltenham, or if you contact us directly we will be happy to get one in the post to you.
  7. There are red buffer beam stickers included in with the loco.
  8. In Stock Now at Gaugemaster Gaugemaster Collection GM2260201 ES-1 Style Electric Locomotive Only £49.95
  9. Fingers crossed, the GWR unit should be with us next week.
  10. Some shots of the LNER Azuma on it's own, and alongside the GWR IET. Wow.
  11. Gaugemaster are pleased to offer this locomotive in O Scale for the first time, as part of their GM Collection range of commissions. This all-new Scale Class 73/1 electro-diesel will feature plug-and-play DCC interface, new lighting features and a wide range of authentic detail variations covering the entire career of this enduringly popular Southern Region class. Bi-mode trains are all the rage currently, but Heljan’s latest O Scale announcement looks back to a classic electro-diesel design from the mid-1960s. Now in development for release in 2022 is a ready-to-run O Scale model of English Electric’s pioneering Class 73 – Heljan's first electric locomotive in this scale. Designed to operate on both third-rail electric and diesel power (in non-electrified areas such as yards and depots) the Class 73s lived a relatively mundane life until they were thrust into the limelight when the new ‘Gatwick Express’ operation started in 1984. Over the years, the class has worked everything from express passenger to newspaper and mail, freight and engineering trains. The advent of Sectorisation in the mid-1980s saw the standard BR blue livery replaced by a rainbow of liveries, a trend that continues today. Despite a steady decline in the 1990s, these hugely versatile locomotives have seen a revival in the 21st century and continue to play a vital role hauling engineering and test trains for GB Railfreight and Network Rail on the 750V DC third-rail network and beyond. Now seen over a much wider area than in BR days, the ‘EDs’ have gained a cult following and 13 locomotives have even been rebuilt with more powerful diesel engines and modern electronics transforming them into 1,600hp go-anywhere machines. Heljan's all-new model is being designed to offer a range of authentic detail variations covering the entire career of the production batch built in 1965-67, many of which are still active on the main line network and heritage railways. These will include locomotives with or without high intensity headlights and NRN radio aerials, radio pods and optional fibreglass arc shields fitted to the bogies from the mid-1980s onwards. The Class 73 in Pullman Livery was numbered 73101 and between 1980 and 1992 was named 'Brighton Evening Argus'. After 1992 it was re-named to 'The Royal Alex' but kept the same running number. Pre-Order Now, Due In Stock 2022 GM7240301 Class 73 101 'The Royal Alex' Pullman Brown/Cream
  12. Gaugemaster Collection - O Scale Weathered 16t Mineral Wagons The 16 ton mineral wagon was a product of wartime, when the requirement for coal soared and efforts were made to transport it more efficiently. Prior to this, most coal was transported in wooden open wagons with a maximum loading of 12 tons. The all steel construction allowed a 33% increase in load and as a consequence these wagons proved extremely popular. After the war this popularity was sustained with the emergence of the new nationalised BR who based their standard coal shifter on this design. In all, over 300,000 were built from many different construction companies. As a consequence of the diversity of supply there are many design differences, especially over the recommended all welded construction where many factories could not cope and used rivets instead. The basic design of the wagon (after many repairs and a refurbishment and re-body program in the 1970s) continued into service until 1987. Features Finely moulded body Diecast chassis with compensating beam Removable coke rails (Where applicable) Finely applied livery and printed details Profiled wheels and axles with brass bearings Metal sprung buffers 3 link metal coupling chain with sprung coupling hook Measurements Length Over Buffer 137mm Width 60mm Height 63mm Chain Length 20mm Stock is limited and some lines are already running low, so order now to avoid disappointment. Look out later today (27/04/21) for another O Scale announcement in the Gaugemaster Collection. GM7410301 16t Mineral Wagon BR Grey 223911 Weathered GM7410302 16t Mineral Wagon BR Grey 266950 Weathered GM7410303 16t Mineral Wagon BR Grey 563284 Weathered GM7410304 16t Mineral Wagon BR Bauxite 68922 Weathered GM7410305 16t Mineral Wagon BR Bauxite 561358 Weathered GM7410306 16t Mineral Wagon BR Bauxite 570260 Weathered
  13. Gaugemaster/The Engine Shed at Ford, West Sussex are reopening our doors on Monday 12th April. We will be operating our usual opening hours: Monday - Saturday: 0900 - 1730 Sunday and Bank Holidays: 1030 - 1530 All previous covid-safe precautions will remain, including a limit on the number of visitors in the shop at any one time. Please be aware that you may have to queue at peak times. Please wear a face covering (unless specifically unable to) and maintain social distancing. Hand sanitizer is provided at the entrance to the store. We look forward to welcoming customers, both new and old, back into our store.
  14. Kato have sent us some absolutely sensational pre-production images of the Class 800. The GWR version is almost finished, whereas the LNER version is still waiting to have its livery applied.
  15. Hi Bomag, it is the same unit in the starter set, so the running numbers will be the same.
  16. Due to arrive in early 2021, these two N Scale (1:148) Starter Sets each contain one of the new Kato Class 800s (as seen in this thread) and an oval of Kato UNITRACK. The Class 800 AT300 is a bi-mode multiple unit built by Hitachi for Great Western Railway and London North Eastern Railway. They use electric motors for traction, but in addition to operating on track with overhead electric wires, they have diesel generators to enable them to operate on unelectrified track. Based on the Hitachi A-train design, the trains were built by Hitachi between 2014 and 2018. The trains were assembled at the Hitachi Newton Aycliffe facility from bodyshells shipped from Kasado, Japan. As part of its production, the Class 800 is a part of the Intercity Express Programme (IEP) and is in the Hitachi AT300 product family. The respective train operating companies have also given the units separate branding; under Great Western Railway, they are known as Intercity Express Trains and under London North Eastern Railway, they are known as Azuma. We are delighted to be able to present this iconic train, made by the legendary Japanese manufacturer KATO, a world leading company in the world of N Scale model railways. We’d also like to thank Hitachi, GWR and LNER for their helpfulness and assistance in bringing this project to market. Temporary box artwork GM2000103 GWR Class 800 IET Premium Train Set £249.95 Temporary box artwork GM2000104 LNER Class 800 Azuma Premium Train Set £249.95
  17. We've received painted samples of our upcoming N Scale Network Rail HST Measurement Train in the Gaugemaster Collection. A few final tweaks are needed before production, but we think it looks great!
  18. Due for release next month is the latest version of our UK-style Track Cleaning Wagon in OO Scale. This version features the Railfreight livery. This is the evergreen PIKO Track Cleaning vehicle with a modern British twist. Fitted with NEM tension lock couplings, this vehicle is hauled around your layout and dust is collected by the track cleaning pad mounted underneath the wagon. This wagon is in no way prototypical but will be an essential part of keeping track clean. A replacement cleaning pad can be purchased under reference GM4930101. GM4430102 BR Railfreight Track Cleaning Wagon Also Available - Due back in stock November GM4430101 Network Rail Track Cleaning Wagon
  19. Given that it was named in Brighton almost exactly a year ago in August 2019, we thought that this locomotive was ideal to add to the Gaugemaster Collection. Named by The Times journalist Matthew Parris, this locomotive wears rainbow colours along its bodyside. GB Railfreight says the locomotive recognises LGBT+ employees across the wider rail industry, and celebrates its on-going commitment to diversity and equality. Produced for the Gaugemaster Collection by Dapol, this model will feature lots of details including etched grills, directional lighting and finely printed external logos and numbering. Detailed body with etched grills and separately fitted handrails RP25.72 darkened wheels with pin point bearings Directional lighting DCC Ready with NEXT18 Decoder socket Accessory bag with separate optional fittings Low friction mechanism for efficient quiet running Expected January 2021, order now to ensure supply. GM2210103 Class 66 773 ‘Pride of GB Railfreight’ GBRf Rainbow Logo
  20. In stock now is the GM9970 Gaugemaster New Items Leaflet 2020. This FREE 24 page full colour leaflet outlines every Gaugemaster product announced since the GM360 Gaugemaster Catalogue was published and you can order it directly from us or pick one up from your local Gaugemaster Stockist. You can also view an online version on our website HERE. There are details of new items across the Gaugemaster range in the DCC, Analogue, SEEP Point Control, Track, Scenics, Structures, Highways, Lighting, Tiny Signs, Kestrel, Tools, and Electric ranges, as well as the ever-expanding Gaugemaster Collection of ready-to-run locomotives and rolling stock.
  21. The British Rail Class 153 Super Sprinters are single-coach railcars converted from two-coach Class 155 diesel multiple units in the early 1990s. The class was intended for service on rural and branch lines where passenger numbers do not justify longer trains. In 1987/88, Regional Railways took delivery of 35 two-coach Class 155 units built by Leyland Bus at its Workington factory to replace older DMUs. In 1989, the West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (WYPTE) took delivery of seven two-coach units for use in Yorkshire. After the Class 155s entered service, it became an emerging requirement for ageing rural and branch line trains to be replaced. In the early 1990s, British Rail decided to convert the Regional Railways Class 155 fleet into single-coach multiple units and to replace its fleet of Class 121 and 122 diesel railcars. In 1990, British Rail awarded a contract to Hunslet-Barclay with the work completed at its Kilmarnock plant in 1991/92. Seventy single-coach Class 153 multiple units were created and numbered 153301-335 and 153351-385. Individual coaches are numbered 52301-335 and 57351-385 (originally 57301-335). The seven WYPTE Class 155s were not included in the project. The layout of the original non-cab ends was different from the original cab end, so the ends are noticeably distinct, and the vehicles are not symmetrical. Their maximum speed is 75 mph and they generally operate less busy local services. They are fitted with standard BSI coupling and are able to work in tandem with other multiple units. This limited run model produced for us by Dapol features: Finely detailed body with many extra fitted items 5 pole Super Creep Motor with excellent controllable slow running speed All wheel drive (in motor equipped units) and all wheel pick up Directional lights (switchable) Light bar ready DCC Ready with provision for a 18 pin decoder Due December 2020 GM2210401 Class 153 329 First Great Western Revised £124.95 each GM2210402 Class 153 380 GWR Green £124.95 each Prices correct at time of publication
  22. It is with a heavy heart that we have inevitably had to cancel our 2020 Model Railway Open Weekend in September, due to the ongoing COVID19 pandemic. We cannot predict what restrictions will still be in place at that time and we want it to be absolutely safe for visitors and staff to be on site over the weekend before any event takes place. As we are now welcoming shoppers back to our physical store in West Sussex and restrictions are being eased, we hope that we will be able to hold events in one form or another in the future, and an Open Weekend in September 2021. Keep an eye on our website and RIGHT LINES for details in the new year.
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