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  1. Hi Dave, no real preference for where I start or end. Having never been to the US, everywhere will be a new experience. Where I go is dictated more by which train I end up going on rather than the other way around. Cheers Lee
  2. Hi all, I hoping next year to finally get to visit the US. This will probably be my one and only visit due to age and finances. I'll be able to do one Amtrak long distance journey as part of the trip. Which one would you recommend? Cheers Lee
  3. Do you have a description of how you do your weathering? I keep trying to pluck up courage to have a go but am always worried about ruining it. Lee
  4. Hopefully, I'll be able to get to see it. It's only an hour from me. Lee
  5. Hi Ray, as I said on Facebook, I'd be really interested a a series on how you construct your buildings. Cheers Lee
  6. Thanks James and Chris. Not far to travel form here in North Wales Lee
  7. I agree. I really enjoued my day visit. First time in about 19 years I've visited the convention. I'm hoping to persuade the wife to go for the weekend next year. Do we know where it will be? Lee
  8. I'll be visiting on the Saturday. Looking forward it, I haven't been to the convention for at least 16/17 years.
  9. Thanks all for the suggestions and help. Lee
  10. Hi all, can anyone recommend some good led tape lighting here in the UK? I building a shelf style layout approximately 18" wide. I'm going to mount the strip behind a pelmet which is approximately 15" above the layout and 3" in front of it. Thinking od using 4000k white. Cheers Lee.
  11. @298 & @doctor quinn Thanks for the help Lee
  12. Hi all, just starting to get to the bench work stage of my HO layout as my garage is being converted next week. I'm thinking of a layout height of 130 cm/51". It will be 18" deep. My question is what sort of distance do people leave between the top of the layout and the bottom of the facia of the shadow box? Cheers Lee
  13. Mech Models have just announced that they are now UK agents for Tru-Color paints
  14. I have some pre-orders already so would also be interested in the answer to this. Lee
  15. There's no real equivalent here in the UK. Some 'short' lines can be 100s of miles long!
  16. I would recommend Soundtraxx decoders. Not just because their decoders are good but their customer service is excellent. I've emailed them couple of times for advice on installs and they've got back to me within a day with how-to's. I would drop them an email with what you want to do and I'm sure that they will be able to advise you. No affiliation apart from a satisfied customer. Lee
  17. Mech Models (https://mech-models.com/) is a good source. They have stuff in stock and will also order from the US which is handy for pre-orders which most new US stuff works on. Lee
  18. Hi all, I wasn't sure where to put this but here goes. I have just moved homes and I now have a house with a 28' x 8' integral garage. The garage is single car width so the existing door is 8' wide. I would like to convert some of it into a layout room/workshop. I'm thinking of putting dividing wall up so as to make a front section about 8' x 8' to use as storage and then have an area behind approx 20' x 8' for the workshop/layout. Everything I've read about garage conversions seems to be on the assumption you're converting the whole garage into a habitable room so bricking up the garage door, meeting building regs etc. Has anyone done something similar to what I want to do? If so, any tips or ideas? Thanks Lee
  19. I've ordered direct from Tangent to the UK with no problems. Lee
  20. @long island jack Thanks very much for the photos. Inspirational!
  21. I'd be interested if you have any pictures etc of this. Cheers Lee
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