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  1. Hi what is model 65817 is carrying if it has a 57a boiler thanks fred
  2. I am planning to renumber the Oxford Rail and GER Vans and LNER Banana Vans with the initial BR numbers they carried. Does anyone know what the BR numbers were or somewhere I could look them up. Thanks Fred
  3. Thanks mcc, are you thinking of doing D5500 for the NRM and the 31/0’s that went into train pre-heating units? Fred
  4. Hi Fran, Looking forward to the 31’s. Do you know if it would be correct to renumber the model of D5549 to D5600 in terms of detail. Also is there any intention to cover other variants in the future such as one of the non Toffee apple skinhead/disc versions (D5520-29/35/39/43/47/51/52/55/56/59/62) in pre tops and plain BR green without warning panels. Lastly how about the experimentally liveried locos D5578 in Blue and D5579 in ochre/gold both without yellow warning panels. Thanks Fred
  5. Hi, do you know where I can find a list of the 31’s that were built with discs rather than headcode boxes (excluding Toffee Apples). Thanks Fred
  6. Hi, I know some Bulleid Light Pacific’s and two Merchant Navy’s (35004 and 35020) were cut up at Eastleigh.
  7. Hi, does anyone know in which year 44755 received a Late Crest and AWS. Thanks Fred
  8. Hi, do you have any intention to make a model of the LNER observation cars that were rebuilt by BR in 1959? Thanks Fred
  9. Hi, I think 7802 was allocated to Machynlleth between 1958 and 1960 does anyone know if this was correct and if so what shedplate it would have carried as I thin’ Machynlleth only became 6F later. Thanks Fred
  10. Thanks, think some of the Mark 2’s are working for West Coast Railways, and the Mark 1 catering cars with various different operators.
  11. Hi, Does any know the whereabouts of any of the loco hauled Mark 1 and 2 loco hauled blue Pullman coaches since LSL now operates the HST Blue Pullman set? Thanks Fred
  12. Hi, I am trying to work out if Bachmann versions of the GWR 12t vans 37-731 and 37-775 are identical and if not what are the differences. Anyone any thoughts? Thanks Fred
  13. Thanks Wickham Green too. It would be good if someone did an outside frame version as well.
  14. Love this one Fran and have preordered one. Do you know if they always had maroon ends, or were some of the ends painted black? Thanks Fred
  15. Thanks No Decorum do you know which shed plate the model of 63982 carries And if it has a 100A boiler as the photo on Olivia Trains is a bit blurred. Fred
  16. Hi, I already have a Class 02/4 and am looking forward to the 02/1 and 02/2 versions. Can anyone tell he what version of the cab was carried by Heljan 3923 number 63982. Thanks Fred
  17. Hi, does anyone have numbers for the GUV formations that used to work on the Surbiton to Okehampton Car Carrier services in the early 1960’s as I am trying to recreate in train in OO gauge. Thanks Fred
  18. Hi, since yesterday’s announcement of the upcoming GWR parcels cars. Do you know which month in 1960 car W34 was withdrawn in? Thanks Fred
  19. Hi could help me find out about 6167 shed allocation thanks
  20. Hi, will it be possible to open up the models to fit passengers? Thanks Fred
  21. Thanks everyone. I am trying to replicate the flat hoods that are roughly the same as those produced by Kernow on their limited addition a Bachmann 33-080X three pack.
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