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  1. 3 hours ago, sncf231e said:

    The US railroads did not share the same method of class naming for locomotives. Of course the Whyte notation (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whyte_notation) was used for wheel arrangements. Classification for steam locomotives for all US railroads can be found in the book Guide to North American Steam locomotives published by Kalmbach.



    Thank you, I will have to check out this book!

  2. Which is better? The Langley Miniatures Fairlie of The Backwoods Miniatures Fairlie?

    The Langley Double Fairlie is £138.65 and is white metal.

    The Backwoods Double Fairlie is £110 and is brass.

    I have no experience with brass, so I’m thinking about going with the Langley Miniatures Fairlie.

    Ted Polet has said some of the Langley kits are poorer quality than today’s standards.

    I’m on the fence about the subject, so I want some outside help.

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