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  1. Slow progress this week! shelves made for the Digitrax CU Facia Board for the Digitrax handset holder, AlphaMeter and Digitrax UP5 And some track! Not much but its a start!! Still waiting for the last couple of bits of baseboard - being delivered on Wednesday as they wont fit in the car!! Getting there slowly!!
  2. Quick question! Should I treat/seal the new plywood boards? The MDF ones are from the old Lyneworth and are already sealed. Clive
  3. Carpentry holding up so far!!!
  4. Hi Again! Quick update. Carpet down, front part of garage floor painted to match and some base boards down (not permanently fixed yet) the right side (as you look at it) will be the fiddle yard side. Visit to Mech Models inBurton on Sunday for a chat with Richard from DCC Concepts on setting up a separate accessory bus, independent of the digitrax which will control the track bus, and setting up the Cobalt S levers that will control the points and signals at the branch line station at Millhampton. Also about setting up the power districts and controlling those. Thanks again Richard, a 40 minute chat went above and beyond in my book! Thanks to Mech Models for the fantastic display of American style N gauge layouts, they all looked great! Especially liked the Wild West one! ? Maybe I need to extend already ??? Clive
  5. As some of you may remember, last year SWMBO agrred to let me have the whole of the garage for the new extended Lyneworth layout. The original layout was set up on an 8x4 board in the garage using setrack geometry and proved very difficult to successfully extend. This is where RMweb came in! I put out the call for ideas and after a lot of really good suggestions, ideas and discussion Phil @Harlequin came up with this plan: As this is going to take up the whole of the garage I thought I would take the opportunity to dry line and insulate the garage walls and floor. Having a business to run and still recovering from recent back surgery it took me a bit longer than expected! (Not run a train now since before Christmas - except on the rolling road but that hardly counts!). However, I'm all finished! Carpet comes tomorrow and I have the timber to start on the base boards. First batten in place!!!! Progress!!! I'm going to keep this thread going with updates and pics as the new Lyneworth and Millhampton develops! I'm sure I'll have a lot of questions and requests for advice in the coming weeks and months!! Clive
  6. Hi, Just wanted to say thankyou for the reply to my coaches question, comprehensive and  yet simple enough for a Newbie! Having just re read it again it contains nearly all the info I was after! Got a couple of books, suggested by others, on the way to "top up" and fill the gaps! 


    Thanks again for taking the time to write that for me.



  7. Tracked a couple of those down - bargains on second hand book sites!! That should keep me going for a bit! Thanks every one Clive
  8. Yes I think thats what I want to do first - a general history and types etc then look closer at the type used in the era of Lyneworth. Thanks
  9. Wow! Thankyou The Johnster! That reply was great - above and beyond!
  10. I wan to be able to run most things from branch line to express. with some ;light freight but thats another story!
  11. Yes 50's to 60's (although there will be the odd 'non era' interloper as well!!), 4mm and leaning to RTR at the moment as I've got my work cut out rebuilding Lyneworth from scratch! But want to learn generally about them too!
  12. GWR/BR late steam early diesel but interested to find out more generally really.
  13. Hi, Since starting Lyneworth I've built up a number of Locos and the knowledge that goes with them. I am now in the position where I have more locos than coaches! Therefore I need to build up my coaching stock! My question is, does anyone know of a good book or other resource where I can find out more about the different types and usages? Cheers Clive
  14. Thanks guys, Most locos are DCC Sound and I can't envisage operating more than 4 locos at any one time. Although there may be another couple standing. I'll have to see what current they are drawing and do some sums! Cheers Clive
  15. Hi All, As I embark on the re development of Lyneworth and Millhampton I'm wondering about whether I need to use boosters due to the larger size of the layout. I'm using a Digitrax DCS 210+ Command station, OO Gauge with streamline Code 100 track. Ive estimated that overall there is about 35m of actual track (I'm sure @Harlequin will correct me if I'm far out on this!). Will the single DCS 210+ be enough for this or should I look at putting boosters in. I am looking at setting up several power districts so adding a booster wouldn't be a huge problem if it is necessary. Thoughts? Clive
  16. Hi Everyone, Been a bit tied up with family stuff but the decision has now been made. I'm going to go ahead and "attempt" Harlequins two level idea. The shed arrives next week so I can clear the garage out and then work will start in earnest. I'll keep everyone updated with pics and stuff as I go along, I'll probably start a fresh thread for it as soon as I get going! Thanks everyone for their input so far, feels like a real communal layout already! Clive
  17. Absolutely fine by me Phil. I'm having to put all on a back burner for a bit due to eldderly parent problems, but hope to be back "on track" soon. Clive
  18. Wow! That's impressive! That would definitely stretch my skills but it's very tempting. I was struggling a bit to get where you were going with this - but I can see it clearly now. This needs thought! Clive
  19. Average size, mobility fine (mostly lol)
  20. I've run this by my joiner friend and he says it's not a problem to make it stable and secure. Room wise, I think there should be but it will restrict a little the depth of the baseboards around Lyneworth station itself.
  21. Hi Yes it is. Harlequin and Chimer are setting me straight on a lot of things, and I now want to understand more of where they are coming, and the reasons why certain things are a certain way. Clive
  22. A combination of a roundy double mainliner and an A to B Branch mainly passenger with a small goods area
  23. Agree. This is certainly going more towards my original vision modified to reality! Clive
  24. Hadn't thought about a peninsular, but very doable!
  25. Hi David, Predominantly late stema early diesel - but with the inevitable "non-era" intruders!! Clive
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