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  1. https://facebook.com/events/s/railex-2022/2362461087320997/
  2. That's odd, according to Facebook it's still going ahead on 28-29 May.
  3. Cancelled due to a booking error by Stoke Mandeville stadium
  4. Given that this Sunday is Remembrance Sunday, is there a church close by?
  5. I'll be there on the Sunday, found a greasy spoon near Surbiton station and will catch the 8:15 from Alton.
  6. Go in-character as a Covid Marshal and shout "Hands! Face! Space!" at random people.
  7. Is this thread still open? Run a modern-day layout. In the run up to the show, repeatedly announce that Flying Scotsman will make occasional appearances during the exibition. Make sure this is spread over social media. Morning of the show, announce that the timings have been withheld due to the risk of trespassers. Operate a layout based on South Western Railway. Have train announcements. Make them audible from some distance. Include "See it, say it, sorted...." ad nauseam...
  8. I'm normally a virtual railwayman, but when my family moves from Winchester to Alton in the summer I will effectively inherit a 00 gauge (and possibly an N gauge) layout from the previous owner. I also enjoy Football (Chelsea, Winchester City and groundhopping) and visiting preserved railways.
  9. Basingstoke 2020, having also done Southampton and Alton. I suspect that the best bet for my next one will be either Woking or Aldershot.
  10. Thank you for clearing that up. At least I don't have to worry about dcc then.
  11. Mind you, the leaflet also mentions a wide range of running stock which could be made available by arrangement. The mention of controllers for track sections might suggest dc control, in which case I wouldn't need to worry about dcc. I haven't actually touched my model trains for nearly 20 years, due to two house moves and a lack of a dedicated room in either of them.
  12. In July, my family will be moving to Alton and in doing so, I will effectively be inheriting a oo gauge model railway layout from the previous owner. I am unsure if the previous owner ran DC or dcc, but the leaflet he left implies the latter. As such, I feel that I may need to move over to DCC. My collection comprises of a 1997 Flying Scotsman set (R1001), Mallard (R304) and King George V (R737), soon to be joined by Dornoch Firth from a secondhand Thames-Clyde Express pack I've purchased from the Facebook marketplace (R2329M). Would conversion to DCC be viable, and if so, how easy would it be? Would it be something I could do myself, or would I be better off contacting the Alton Model Centre? The leaflet provided by the owner says: "The main layout comprises around 200 feet of continuous run, looped back on itself and giving the impression of a double track main line. Automatic train control allows for up to four trains to be run at a time. This has a 4 track through station with passing/stopping lines. In addition there is a 12 road terminus with 2 storage lines, 4 freight lines with run around, a small loco servicing depot and a semi derelict engineering facility. 2 lines connect with the main line. One controller serves the main line, and each of the through station lines has a secondary controller allowing trains to stop. Another controller serves the terminus." I apologise if this sounded like bragging, but I felt that I should include as much information as necessary.
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