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Image restoration from pre-May 2021 continues and may take an indefinite period of time.


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  1. I'm now wondering if it would be unfair to try and return the Zimo to the retailer as it only fails in one specific way and maybe only in my specific setup. I think I'll probably just keep until my next 21pin loco arrives and see what happens then.
  2. Removed the capacitors and inductors which didn't make it any better or worse. Fitted a new Lenz Silver21+ decoder and the noise has gone.
  3. KMS Railtech had it in their Advent sale, and may put it back on sale again at some point.
  4. I have left all of the original capacitors and inductors in the loco, would it be worth removing these?
  5. Yes, in terms of the accuracy I might just have too high expectations. It's accurate at slower approach speeds and the stopping distance is only 75cm.
  6. No, I have a mixture of decoders but I don't have another MX638D. The closest I have is a factory fitted Zimo MX645P22 which doesn't exhibit the issue.
  7. Hi, I've just added a ABC section to the end of a siding by means of the Lenz BM1 module. The section is about 1 length of flexi track and the braking works as expected across a range of decoders and locos. The strange part is that a Bachmann 47 with a Zimo MX638D decoder emits a strange low-level whiney noise as soon as it enters the braking section and the noise stops as soon as it leaves. It performs fine, slows and stops, although the stopping point isn't 100% reliable. The noise is present with the loco just sitting idle in the section. If the BM1 is bypassed then the noise stops immediately. Wondering if there are any suggestions on how to stop the noise? Thanks in advance.
  8. Simple question really, what does (F) signify when seen on brake vans, eg 94467 NBA(F) https://ukrailwaypics.smugmug.com/UKRailRollingstock/N-Tops-codes-NPCCS/NBA-Super-BG/i-WK7TMFK/A Google wasn't much help due to the other much more popular NBA! Thanks in advance.
  9. There is a reasonable list on this website https://www.modelraildatabase.com/locomotives/ but even this is not complete, for example 37055 is missing.
  10. Thanks for the kind comments. Concrete Walkway is Ratio (Peco) 544, I used 2 kits joined together to get the required length Cabin from Scale Model Scenery https://www.scalemodelscenery.co.uk/kx041-oo-1970s-portable-office-oo4mm176-1280-p.asp
  11. Norwich, Summer 2018 For my first scenic layout I decided to model some imaginary carriage sidings at Norwich in Summer 2018. There is space to stable two DRS Mk2 coaches and two DRS class 37 locos (37409, 37419). This was the formation of the Greater Anglia Short Set on the day I travelled on it. The baseboard is 900mm (36”) x 200mm (8") which is small enough to sit on top of a bookcase. The track and buffers are Peco Bullhead and the building and fence Scale Model Scenery.
  12. Hi, Great to see more livery options. 5478 is not listed in the P5 2021 coaching stock book, is it no longer running on the mainline? (5487 is listed on page 30)
  13. Thanks both, I don't have any T-cut so I went for the cocktail stick option and it worked brilliantly. Now I need to try and put the new numbers on.
  14. Hello, I am looking for advice on renumbering the Virgin Mk2F. Any suggestions on what to use to remove the old numbers and keep the dark grey paint intact? Thank you.
  15. Thanks for the quick replies, very helpful. Am I right in thinking there are no OO models of this NEA with B4 bogies?
  16. I am attempting to identify the coach in this terrible video still frame. I am thinking some kind of mk1 parcels but I can't find an exact match online. I think it was shot in the late 1980s (1988?) in the midlands, probably the WCML. The loco is 8500? Many thanks for any assistance.
  17. Aha, so Accurascale empty PFA with Bachmann DRS 20306 could be ok for a late-1999 layout. Thanks all.
  18. Thanks for the confirmation. Clearly these barrier PFAs were replaced with the ex-container ones at some point after 1999, would anyone happen to know roughly when?
  19. Seems to be correct, as shown here in mid-1999. Has anyone made this version of the PFA in 00 scale? It's almost completely flat on top and quite different to the Accurascale ones. Credit: flickr/Steven Clements Credit: flickr / Matt Taylor
  20. That thread looks very interesting. I'm wondering about something very loosely based on Workington - small passenger station and goods terminal - although I suspect it never saw a 58 or 60. @DavidCBroad The length of the base boards is fixed by the walls but the depth could actually be increased. The reason I kept them small is that I don't have any building experience and I wanted to limit the amount of scenics and track-laying I need to do so that it is achievable around my day job and can actually get finished!
  21. Yes, it is a room built in the loft space of a terrace house. The wall on the right of the layout is vertical up to about 29 inches, I'll put the base board just below this so the trains can run up to the wall. If I do a back scene print it won't be vertical on that side. The top edge of the layout is against the gable end of the house but uses only half the width due to space taken for stairs.
  22. Wow, quite a contraption! I'm afraid the loft eaves along the narrow side will make installing it a bit tricky...
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