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  1. ta scottish locos. Chose 17 as I remember seeing them at wallyford east lothian. 2 harriers...one hovering with ground support vehicles. Basically because I am ex raf groundcrew. Have really enjoyed scratching buildings...don't know about scatching vehicles...maybe give it a go. ta John
  2. Received my EFE Clayton today and have got it running. Just got to add harriers and tidy it up. The clayton is fantastic. My first n gauge locomotive and layout. Well pleased
  3. Hello all. Been busy scratching buildings together and had a go at polystyrene cliffs. Warning... fumes from superglue and foam gave me a bit of a sore throat and chest as I thought I had enough ventilation. Silly old Burger. ..ha ha just waiting for diesel to arrive ta john
  4. It's all scratch...so.. I need some groundcrew. N gauge figures cost a fortune... So going to have a go at making 1/2" figures. 2 pieces of gardening wire superglued in middle. Sprinkle baking powder on middle body then add drop of superglue. Chemical reactions creates basically glass body. So easy to shape appendages without it breaking apart. Head to be added. Note super glue added to baking powder gets really hot....but good for repairing things. Build up figures with glue and drop it in a pile of powder then add glue. Clean up and paint Ta john
  5. Hello all. Decided that I would have a go with my first n gauge micro layout. Never played with n gauge as it was so expensive but going to get the EFE type 17 that I watched as a boy up Edinburgh area. I thought that I would scratch all the buildings and have a go at all aspects of the scenary that I have never done before. Last time was 40 years ago. I did not have a theme so I just plodded on aimlessly. .. I have now decided to put a Harrier detachment of some harriers and supporting personnel in the diorama. I'm am now at a loss to see what other buidings or features to put in the right hand side of the scene. None of the buildings are fixed. Any ideas what I could add to the scene. I put 2 cardboard harrier shapes in while I wait for my 1/144 Harriers to turn up. Ta john. Note. I've never done foliage..painting rocks...or tracks..and the rest ever. Picking up info from here and other sites.
  6. Hello Matt. I like the challenge and I m good at crafting things. I've read all the different techniques and have decided to have a go. I've purchased a few Tay Model nameplates recently and they are really good. There is a couple of simple techniques that I'm going to try. First one will be using electrolysis. Metal sacrifice in an acid solution. Simple and cheap. It's just getting the text on the brass that's the hard bit... I m knocking up an A2 at the moment from bits and pieces. Mostly scratch.. A self made nameplate for it would be an achievement. I don't run locos at the moment just refurbishing some for my lads that i messed about with years ago. An A2..A3..A4...Deltic and a scratch Type 17 Clayton. See how it goes Ta john Scratched the clayton in 1995...refurbishing it now
  7. Hello all. I've just started modelling locos after a pause of 25 years. I want to detail a A3 but by the time I purchase smoke deflectors.. nameplate...headlamps. .chimney..... buffers... brass knobs ...decals..and other bits it could put me back £100 or more. So being a tight "jock" I thought I would have a go at scratching some of the items. Number 1. German smoke deflectors done using brass and wire. Saved myself £10 at least What next ? Etching nameplate or headlamps... Ta john
  8. I didn't bother prepping the body properly. I just wanted to show the result of a first light coat. I would put another possibly 3 light coats if I was doing it properly. I wanted to show that the resulting spray was really fine with no spatters. I will prepare the body properly . I want to make a very weathered A3 with German deflectors as I saw as a kid in the 60s. I have had a go at making deflectors from brass which I'm quite happy with. May have a go at making some head and tail lamps. Ta again john.
  9. Oops.... Thought I would do a demo by spraying a spare body. It went pears have when I tested it on a bit of card. I gave it a real thorough clean and tried again. Success... I went over with a very weak successive runs. Paint was very thin. Summary. I though I was cleaning the brush thoroughly but obviously I was not. I put some neat isopropyl through the brush...which remove previous colours. I think the first coat is not bad for a cheapo brush really. Ta john
  10. I'm still very happy with the results.. I use a piece of card to check output before spraying locomotive. Main benefit is that it's quick to use for small jobs then clean. I'm 68 years old and doddery but have lots of modelling experience which helps. Raw beginners may struggle a bit. But overall not bad for £30. Ta john
  11. Hello again. I watched phils workbench video and was quite shocked at his results. This is my 2nd day using this and I think I ve cracked it. It works flawless as long as your paint is thin. Good control and no sign of spattering. Chuffed John
  12. Its definitely not like a hosepipe. As long as the paint is of the right consistency it works fine. You can do some fine detail with the airbrush. I've been using it on and off all day getting use to handling it and it works a treat. One major good point is that the setup does not take up much room. Ta john
  13. Interesting comments. .. I purchased this to try and get better weathering effect. I didn't want to mess about with cannisters or invest in a compressor or purchase a expensive airbrush. Have been using it today and it does a good job. Charged up after 1 hour 20 mins. Good for quick jobs Ta john
  14. Hello all. I thought this may be of interest. I needed to purchase a airbrush now that I have started refurbishing my locos but did not want to layout lots of dosh. Purchased this from evil bay for £30. Rechargeable airbrush. See how it performs Ta john
  15. Hello all. Just a quick one. What is the purpose of the pipe indicated on the attached picture of an A2 Ta john
  16. Have just ordered parts from Wizard. Ta again john
  17. Thanks very much for all that useful info. Looks like a sub frame is the answer and gibson wheels. Thanks again john
  18. Hello all. I aquired a built white metal kit of a tender. Problem is that there is no wheels fitted. The tender has been soldered together so I cannot take it apart. Any ideas what wheels to use and how to get them in. Ta john
  19. Ta Grifone. Yes it could be a bit dodgy. I got a non runner flying scotsman today frim ebay £12.and swopped the everything over on to its chassis block and all is fine now. That leaves me the chassis block that has worn bearing so its not a problem if I cock it up but i will give it a go. Ta for all your advice Grifone
  20. Ta meil. Im going to wait until my bushes arrive before doing anything Ta john
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