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  1. Richard, Thanks for your reply, how do you change direction for accessories on the ECoS though ? Cheers Jam
  2. Hello, My first post as I just recently purchased the ESU ECoS 50210, everything works great however I have programmed Train tech weld light and a Trian Tech signal (3 aspect) I used the learn function on the accessories and the ECoS picked it up no problem. However its all backwards, when I activated welding animation it goes off and when I turn it off it comes on, also the signal when I choose red it turns green and when I choose green it goes red? The amber is fine as its in the middle. What am I doing wrong ? TIA Jammur
  3. I will also try this tonight, having issues like this with my 156 and dual v5 chips. Jam
  4. Hi, I have the same issue with my Realtrack 156 (2x loksound v5s) prog track recognizes it but theres nothing on the main track, no life, lights etc. Anyone have a solution ? Cheers Jam
  5. Hi can I resurrect this topic. I have the exact same issue with the Realtrack 156 (2 x loksound v5s) and not sure how to turn off railcom on the ECoS ? im sure its CV29 but what value should it be ? Cheers Jam
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