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  1. That’s the problem for me at moment all work and no time spare , mike
  2. Keith and robin both thanks for your in-depth reply’s at this early stage, time has been took up with work commitments ,I will have more time next week we’ll tomorrow actually to share more of my own thoughts and ideas , thanks mike
  3. Evening all, just checked a few measurements that have been mentioned, baseboard height to roof slope once boarded is 25cm if I bring the backscene forward 15cm the height increases to 35cm headroom is comfortable on stool I move around on right up to baseboard edge mike
  4. Hello harlequin I am more than willing to remove / rebuild all boards for the right design , take on board what you say about reducing size to gain height as it stands 55cm from floor sorry quick reply, work commitments at present Mike
  5. Hi and thanks for reply robinofloxley the fillits I was referring to are pieces that will round the corners off the boards I’m willing to change about , I do enjoy the building side ,so don’t be hooked on the space laid out. I have also downloaded anyrail and scarms free versions been getting to those , may purchase the anyrail as I seem to get along better with it. mike
  6. thanks for looking , first post so please be gentle!! I’m looking for you design pros to help me design a track layout based with the following things in mind : Dc controlled power oo scale streamline spacing where possible Round the wall , roundy to watch them go Hst mainlines with through station and storage/exchange Freight & branch lines with storage somewhere to go Possible bus scrap yard ? as have huge collection and would like to use up some Other industry? Glass works ? again have lots wagons with sand /glass loads Don’t have any steam locos it’s all class 43 hst’s , mixed diesels 25s,33s,37s,47s,56s,60s with mixed wagon rakes Apart from running stock & power control all above could be dismissed for a fantastic idea…. Right ,the area we are working with is 3.9m x 4.7m layout area , attic space ,access is within middle of room and already build frame & boards around room as follows I have also done 30 cm fillets for corners but not fitted as I may extend boards where dotted line is at the lower level Here’s a couple of pictures, one is off board down and other is the framework , may give you an idea. Next jobs on list are to insulate roof with kinsman or similar boards when I can get them at a reasonable price then put lighting in around the running area and a ply upstand. At present Im happy having 2 runs of flexi track and r3 corners around boards giving locos a run while I’m up there dreaming …… Any more questions , info just ask thanks mike
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