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  1. The sideshaft on my shay has just one gear .Its on the outer rear wheel .It works fine like this .I have got it running pretty smooth and slow now ,in fact it will creep along with just a slight noise and odd click caused by rear wheel set jumping a miniscule tad .Its main problem is very slow speed wobble which smooths out at a slightly higher speed.Its all acceptable really I am just over fussy .I worked on lots of brass shays and Joe Works while painting for Victors way back when .What we really need is a fabulous gear designer to 3D up some proper side gears which actually work .I am amazed the number that come on ebay of this kit .The new KR models shay shouild be interesting and hopefully the start of many .
  2. I have the GW 370 motor 12 volt dc 0.6 rpm from ebay .Its for my kitwood Hills Hon3 turntable . hope it helps
  3. I saw a basket case of the MDC shay on ebay which I thought might be promising .I noted the NWSL packets and thought it might have the excellent,and indeed expensive, gear sets .It also has the later Sagami motor so I pressed the firing button after offering a lower price.i was pleasently surprised when it arrived as it did indeed the NWSL gears were all included which meant if it was a dud I could sell the gears and get my money back . It had been modified with better pickups and after a few days mucking round ,swearing ,blaming the dog etc which is par for the course with this model it workeswell except for the whirry bits .This took God knows how long as what you gain one end you loose the other and go round in ever decreasing circles but in the end it does work. whirry bits an all .Backwards and forwards over dead frogs and noisy ballasted track .It probably wont tomorrow but at least it works well now .There is a company on Ebay that prints new trucks that solve many of the issues on the original and will make it a better long term solution with accurate tracking which the MDC trucks dont but they will be 80 quid or so landed and I havnt read any reviews.Anyway here is the basic model and now I need some brass castings to detail it up
  4. The Dapol B4 might when it comes out .My 00 version does 6 inch 00 curves very well .
  5. Many will love it and just a few sneer.I suppose we should ask "Is Hornby bonkers or its critics ?".It looks fun and maybe that is the first priority... not accuracy .Every fast buck product produces money for ,perhaps, an out standing one that sells to far fewer .A new LBSCR version would be even better .
  6. I will have one .It should waddle round my 6/1/2 inch radius roundy like wot the B4 does in exemporary fashion
  7. I found it easy to bend and no problem at all .I use netting staples as pins .
  8. Having a spare board and some code 75 track I decided to see just how minimum i could go in 00 and still have a running layout with some appropriate stock just for a laugh .It turns out 6-1/2 inch radius is about it .The stock doesnt like it but runs OK .I was surprised the Hornby four wheel coach made it though I did just put more depth in the holes in the axlebox to give a touch more side to side .It does all work though if you stick to 0-4-0's.No idea what to do with it .all coupling are Hornby type. It could work as a tiny Bavarian nebenbahn as some stock is OK like Fleischmann DVI and Trix rolling stock .The Bachmann American Porter 0-6-0 tank is also OK and Kadees work .I like roundies .You can sup a beverage and watch the trains go by . Martin
  9. I use my old iPhone as wifi only, no sim used .Works a treat as long as you have broadband.
  10. I mentioned a while ago that I painted brass for Victors and names the O'Hooligan Lumber Company as one of the private roads I lettered . Fairly recently I bought a mix of good and some damaged H0n3 rolling stock for a song and guess what was included ? Only the PFM Pagosa combine I painted for the said lumber company .It has a step missing as did all the coaches, which is odd , but a nice souvenir of my association with Bernie who I am still in contact with. I need a steps set now .
  11. Cant wait for a Edward Thomasification kit .
  12. I get my screws from Ebay via China .Black ones like Bachmann etc .They seem to cover most needs .I just searched by size, like 1.4 mm screw, from memory .
  13. An American small time die cast manufacturer ,forget the name for now, used to produce various liveries on White rigs about 1/64 scale I think in the 60's and later .Coca Cola was good seller.One day CC asked for a small fortune to licence it .He didnt I dont think ,but others did in a big way so it must sell well.Despite all the sarcasm it is well established and lucrative and probably helps to pay for those scale models everyone demands and rarely gets .. ER I am thinking of plonking a Jack Daniels and /or a JPS team Lotus sticker over a very large scratch deep in my mutilated hack guitar.
  14. your choice .Thank goodness it wasnt the Peco Express.
  15. I suspect that Canal will like Hornby on board as they are far better known worldwide and a blue chip name brand despite what is said on here ,than Rapido ,who to many was a smutty program on Channel 4 years ago .A deal is no doubt being done already .As to Rapido being all fair and innocent they seemed happy to take on a name already in use via Arnold Rapido .I suspect the deal is already done but its much better to keep people, talking /moaning /pontificating ,on forums spreading the word .Thats my take any way .I am sure these deals will buy a coffee machine or two for the HQ's foyer after solitors fees are deducted.They better hurry though as many who loved this film when it came out may soon be croaking as the reaper casts his axe .The trouble with nostalgia it changes every year just a little bit .
  16. The Hornby Lion looks interesting and the W&U Coach fabulous .The film was boring with no Spitfires or fake Tiger tanks so no one will have heard of it .Did I see Hornby making coal some wagons for the L&MR .So a whole new era is opening up while the fuming and furious chuff on about film rights.They are also making a L&MR set with coaches .looks to me like they are right, and Rapido being flashy. I am buggered if I would invest good money in that old film stuff but early railways are much more intetesting .As I cant afford any of it due to vets bills ,fuel bills ,wifes new customs post on the door etc its all tosh to me but fun to read on here .Hornby is sold in shops all over the world ..who is Rapido again ?
  17. Good luck to all of them .I doubt anyone will be able to afford much after a grands worth of fuel rises .
  18. I would like to know this too .I have a roundy 00 layout with 6 inch radius curves.My Dapol B4 will negotiate it well but i would love the J70 to chug round .Its surprising how much rolling stock gets round those curves.
  19. Re screws put black self tapping screws micro into ebay search . Not specifically for this use but I buy from China on ebay .Little black metric screws just like Bachmann use .loads of listing from 1mm self tappers upwards .They do countersunk etc too .I buy in bags of 50 .I always screw kadees as I dont trust glue and neither should you .Poetry.
  20. Its oK .They are put there deliberately to annoy you .I would ...
  21. I have worked in several electronics factories on production lines and those jobs were mindnumbing.Luckily I managed to get into machine setting then supervision .The women who did these jobs just talked all day to each other or even themselves.The jobs were designed that way in a sense, so easy that you just did them automatically .We did have a new works manager once who banned talking .The girls were out in a week and so was he .We had one girl who worked literally twice as fast as all the others and still talked her head off .I had to tell her to slow down for the sake of peace before time study found her .
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