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  1. Yeah, because brushing it under the carpet goes down so well with the ORR these days.
  2. Well, dang , I'm glad its not just the NYMR that plays dodgems with trains
  3. If you have the buffers on one coach extended you can uncouple them, its a bit of a fight but it can be done without too much violence. You have to really try hard to couple mk1s with both sets of buffers in the long position, like really smack them together to get the buckeyes to take. I've seen windows break on mk1s coupled like this because of the stress to the coach body, and yeah, you aren't getting them apart via normal means.
  4. Mike, when we put a vile A4 on a none buckeye vehicle we used the emergency screw coupling on the tender, the guys from the A4LS seemed to think this was standard practice?
  5. There's information at the Cromford and High Peak railc/anal interchange that a train naffed off on its own down the incline there and a good amount of it ended up in the canal having reached estimates approaching 100mph. I mean the stuff is all designed for relatively low rolling resistance, and you can move an empty wagon by hand with a couple of fellas. Air resistance isn't going to be a huge factor until you reach about180mph apparently, although I am treating that figure with a pinch of salt.
  6. Has anyone found my trousers?

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  7. About the only that hasn't changed in that photo is the 1/4 mile post which is still there under the bridge.
  8. Definitely double track until 1970 or so, a couple of miles from where that photo was taken was a little signal box called Speeton which was used to break up the longer double track sections in the summer. I believe the box was bulldozed into a bomb crater in the field behind once it closed. The ped on the single line isn't far from Reighton Gap, relatively well known as a nudist beach.
  9. @Michael Hodgson are Thomas events still a thing? The NYMR dumped them 15 years ago and it was going to cost £40k+ to organise one then!
  10. I dunno about buying but there seems to be a thriving exchange industry, the number of baby changing rooms I see these days
  11. Heritage railways are expensive, most of them are fully a premium day out now. The NYMR is £45 for a round trip Pickering to Whitby which works out about 90p a mile, but for that you can make a full day of it which isn't bad for a day out, or you could ride up and down twice bringing that down to 45p per mile. Compare that to £69 for a day at Alton Towers (Adult walk-up) it compares favourably, look at it this way though, you have to meet the 21st century standards on many things, mountains of paperwork to plough through and factor in it costs something like £2000-£2500 just to get a Black 5 off shed these days, never mind the days coal, water and oil. 10000 gallon water tank is £800-1000 to fill these days I believe as well. I agree in isolation heritage railways look expensive but if you then take a look at in the context of the tourism industry as a whole they aren't massively overpriced for a days entertainment. If you like heritage railways, volunteer at one (one day a month would do) that offers the HRA card for about £20 a year you get free or reduced travel on 90% of the UKs heritage railways and get to contribute to the hobby, it really is a win win.
  12. Ovoids are rocket fuel in my rayburn at home, as you say give them a good flow of air and they are pretty decent - in a domestic application. I'm not sure that they are the future of steam railways. In the meantime the current economic circumstances start to bite in other ways: Public train services cancelled for the remaining weekends in March at Midland Railway – Butterley. Regrettably we are having to reduce our service train offering for the remainder of March due to the uncertainty around the supply of red diesel for our DMU service which was planned to run. Escalating prices and supply issues are forcing us to conserve fuel ahead of planned events in April. We apologise for any disappointment this causes and hope to see you all in April . This ongoing situation will be under constant review over the coming weeks. We're planning to keep Butterley office and shop manned for any enquiries. Midland Railway – Butterley's next public train services will now be on Saturday 2nd April 2022 for the first passenger services in preservation for the 125 Group's High Speed Train!
  13. until
    Back for our first show since 2019 Whitby & District Model Railway Club are delighted to once again be running their annual model railway show in Goathland Village Hall. Layouts to include: Mickleover (N) - as seen in BRM & Model Rail, a truly exceptional layout by Kevin Smith Spital Bridge (O gauge) - Whitby MRCs ongoing project layout. More TBC Free Parking, refreshments, trade support
  14. until
    Model railway show in St Lawrence Church Hall, Lawrence Street York, 10-4. Run by York Area Group of the NYMR to raise funds for YAG projects on the NYMR.
  15. I don't know a huge amount about this photograph, but here goes. A photo of Muston Crossing box on what is now an AHB on the A165 between Cayton and Filey, I think its from the early 1950s showing what we think is the local signalling inspector (the bobby is visible in the cabin), sourced via a friend who has access to the Filey archives. I was going to put this in the signal box thread, but I like this thread more.
  16. That hut in the background has caught my attention, that is ridiculously small!
  17. Good grief, A4s really are butt ugly
  18. This seems to have been a continual problem, I have a couple of photos taken by a family member in about 1964 of a train in Scarbados with an EE3 and a relief/excursion set composed almost entirely of mixed dmu trailer vehicles! When I finally buy a slide scanner I'll upload them, there's some fun stuff in the collection.
  19. At 6:05 unless my eyesight is playing tricks on me there is a 101 dmu with a green trailing car, and a blue leading car which still has a green roof above the cantrail!
  20. And you obviously didn't pick-up on the point I made in my post, a movement made in this circumstances is made in a controlled manner, which wasn't the case in the thread we are in. Getting out and having a look isn't always practical in a railway environment where other movements are being made. This is where permissive platform working comes in, it is the signallers responsibility to make sure that there is sufficient space for the train being signalled into the occupied platform before the movement is made, then the driver needs to make sure he doesn't hit the stock in the platform and proceed at a safe speed in case of restricted visibility. Stop within the distance you can see, which you'll be familiar with from the Highway Code.
  21. And I would also assume in the absence of a banksman reverse at a speed that meant, should you collide with anything no major damage will occur?
  22. What annoys me as an NYMR member and volunteer is that the NYMR has 1-2 people who are paid full time to deal with exactly this stuff and making sure one of your inspectors has up to date paperwork before they accompany/sign off anyone else is quite fundamental. I can understand it with smaller railways who rely on volunteers to look after this kind of thing but when you have staff who are employed 36 hours a week to look after it there has got to be a performance issue there.
  23. Health and safety, the minimum age requirement for NYMR station staff is 150, they can't lift the sponge nevermind the bucket.
  24. To be honest mate for the time and heartache you are going to spend finding a shade that may or may not be right you are better off spending £20 on an airbrush and using that with either the railmatch or phoenix offerings
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