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  1. Right that fits on there.. A morning of test loadings, to enable me to put together a briefing package for the delivery team, so everyone is singing off the same hymn sheet.. Getting closer still a few miracles to get lined up before we get going
  2. Found a green tunnel kit, anyone seen the instructions? From the nearest to the furthest, Central piers, Wall sections, roof sections
  3. Apologies for the not great picture, but it's the current state of the cut for the 1st green tunnel at Chipping Warden, actually taken from the A361. 1st "ring" is to be erected the 19th of May.. Providing I can perform a few logistic miracles with some very large lumps of concrete
  4. i don't remember there being any exposed steel at all under there, also I don't remember any mould markings standing out
  5. I've seen pictures of this dating from 1915, but after standing underneath it when we were delivering the beams for the new bridge and seeing the rather alarming cracks in the concrete span and supporting walls, it's served its time and then some
  6. Well... The electric crawler crane that was all over the Curzon street photo was taken there just for that, it is the same one that's all over the press at Old Oak Common in the last few weeks and is actually working (in between breakdowns) with another of the the three in the fleet, at OOC
  7. That's what the cut looked like at the Chipping warden tunnel site looked like at the end of August, another 15m to go down and a few crane pads to go in before deliveries start in ernest. and i'm just writing up the route survey for Greatworth. I've got a busy few years once these all get up and running.. that being the important bit!
  8. the left hand side of the orange blob at the point of the arrow.. i remember standing there and watching the plane thinking, "well thats an odd place to be flying!!
  9. Picture actually taken 15th November about 11:30am... cos ive just realised i'm in it on a site visit there!
  10. Apologies for the slightly shonky drawing, but the orange line shows the location (roughly), i did think it was odd as the approaches to either side have required some serious earthworks! you can stand at Sandhill road, and look down the trace to the new structure.
  11. Afternoon all, Just another infrequent update from a field in Buckinghamshire, Firstly the finished and re-opened to traffic Bridge on Sandhill Road, and the other reason I'm back here, delivering and installing the beams for the new bridge at Verney Junction
  12. Well, this is a bit of a live update from a field in Buckinghamshire, while we deliver the last big piece for the replacement Sandhill Lane overbridge,
  13. Crossley Evans is on the other side of Bradford, Bradford by Dan, on Flickr this one is in Laisterdyke and was sporadic to say the least
  14. at the time they were POA (later recoded SSA) and the times i remember it was a metals 37 and i think it was from Tinsley and don't worry about asking questions, I always thought Bradford would make an interesting model. as there was a regular XC service and a daily HST service too in the late 80's
  15. it was very rarely left out, just as and when it needed when i started we had 2 x parcel trains a day, 3D30 that arrived before the days passenger activity, and the reason we kept a night shift, that left before lunch if i remember and 1a41 that arrived just before the evening peak, and left at at 21:34, So from about 10am until 22:00 there was always a post office presence, red star by then wasn't offering a lot of traffic periodically the scrap service would come and run round in the loop but only on the empty portion, the loaded portion could leave directly back to leeds without needing to run round
  16. Yep, over the years we used platforms 3 & 4 for the parcel trains, with a brace of those red solid tyred trailers lying around, iirc it would drag them over in batches of three to load the train The Royal Mail trucks would come across through the day with in increase in the early evening for the 21:34 departure The tractor was a little modern 4 wheel affair, with a cracking little sports steering wheel but it seems a very elusive little thing in pictures
  17. That is spot on, I spent 8 years there in early 90's as shunter and station supervisor, That little shed on the left was where the Royal Mail kept the little tow tractor and the shed in the arch way was ours for storage of various nasties.
  18. Here's a brief update from the Bicester end of the project, bridge oxd27 at station Road, Poundon. Today saw us deliver the cill beams that the steel U decks sit on.
  19. Well this is the last Bletchley flyover update from me, as we delivered and the team installed the final beam, you can't walk all the way through just yet but there has been an unofficial handshake between the two sides!
  20. Little bit of an update, while site work around a few "issues" I've come up on top of the old flyover to get this picture, showing the progress up on top, and todays token railway input is 6h10 Bletchley to peak forest empties setting back on the right hand side
  21. Another week and another set of beams, this is the first filling the final section of the Bletchley flyover, so tonight technically you can walk from one end of the old flyover to the other with touching the ground, and unfortunately I missed the 2 ex-greater anglian liveried 90's northbound so had to settle for a unit passing in the background for token railway content!
  22. Yes, it's the section to connect the old viaduct to the new section, there is a piece required to connect the box to the existing viaduct on the eastern side but thats not currently in my remit, but i'll make inquiries next time i'm down there
  23. Unfortunately my role is to get the beams delivered to the relevant cranes so i cant help with the cycle path. but it does seem odd as just east of salden lane a footpath crosses the trace and the haul road which has a sign warning drivers there may be people crossing and nothing else
  24. Not yet, the last section to go in was postponed until provisionally the start of next week,
  25. Yes, the old bridge is slated for removal either later this year or early next depending on progress
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