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  1. How about this, Hattons class 66 in G&W Orange Livery still for sale at Hattons for £119. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/374090396202?mkevt=1&mkpid=0&emsid=e11010.m1951.l7533&mkcid=7&ch=osgood&euid=e57072d1f6e84133853756cff45c802c&bu=43130414298&ut=RU&osub=-1~1&crd=20220529065504&segname=11010&sojTags=ch%3Dch%2Cbu%3Dbu%2Cut%3Dut%2Cosub%3Dosub%2Ccrd%3Dcrd%2Csegname%3Dsegname%2Cchnl%3Dmkcid. If you wanted one of them surely the first place you go to is Hattins website.
  2. Hi I recently made a small office building for my clubs layout and finished in painted render seen in photo. for that I used silver sand sprinkled on to PVA coated card and painted with what ever colour artist acrylic you want. The Works Acrylic is a good price. For a realy smooth finish you can glue fine sandpaper on to the card and paint. cheers Bob
  3. Hi Beware, this week is one of Ebays special offer weekends £3 max fees. But it is only different from a normal week when you sell for More than £21 inc postage which is the point whery things get better. Anything lower than £21 then the fees are standard 12.8%+30p. They are trying it on. Bob
  4. I Love the effect, do you let the acrylic dry before the white spirit attack. Bob
  5. Hi Ianp Try this link its pretty good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9ALdmDLPGU Bob
  6. Many years ago when I decided to go DCC and get rid of all of my stock which was mostly Lima Loco’s & Wagons. I was offered stupid money at a swapmeet so decided to give Ebay a try. I put 45 items on and sold the lot for triple the swapmeet traders offerings, It was an absolute nightmare, I hadn’t thought it through II never had enough packaging and had to go to Tesco & Sainsbury’s on a Sunday afternoon and scrounge boxes and I find somewhere open to buy Tape. Me and the wife were at it for ages (packing) and then came the Post Office Queue. I am better equipped now and use Ebay a lot, I have a policy, all of my stock is on my layout so if I want to buy something new I have to sell something to make room (nothing in boxes) mostly I sell on special offer weekends. I would never sell any other way except maybe Gumtree, but models don’t seem to sell well on there but it’s handy for bigger items, furniture etc and its free. Bob
  7. Quite right the colours did change, but unfortunately as per usual we are the only country that sticks to that code, actually Black is a live colour here now together with Grey & Brown.
  8. I suppose there are worse things than plugs without fuses. Bob
  9. You are quite right in what you say and it is on my list of things to change. If I was sensible I would have done it straight away, but I have been an electrician for over 50 years and it’s easy to become complacent and that’s no excuse I Know. If I was with a customer and saw that I would change it for them straight away. In the case of the Earth pin, Its a class 2 piece of equipment (Fully Insulated) all the earth pin is doing is opening the shutters in the socket, some plug in transformers come with a completely plastic pin, on a few occasions I have had to change sockets where the pin has snapped off. Bob
  10. I bought this small Polishing/Sanding machine a few months back from what I thought was a company in the US because it was priced in Dollars $69 to be exact about £50 but it turned out to be from China. When it arrived there was no variable power supply in the box which it was supposed to have. It wasn’t via Ebay but I had paid with PayPal, after having no joy with the company following numerous emails which they didn’t answer I phoned PayPal and spoke to a rep who told me I have to start a claim with them, I then got an answer from the company in China but still no joy they said post it back but never offered postage. I phoned PayPal again and the rep told me she would refund me the full amount while we were talking which she did. I asked what should I do with the machine and she said do with it what you wish and they would get their money from China. I thanked her and said that was good service, she said it pays to keep a good balance in your account, I’m not sure what good is, I only had a couple of hundred in there, but it’s worth remembering, not that I think it should make a difference having money in your account. Anyway I bought a power supply from Ebay for £8 so all is good mind you that came from China. The Machine is really good quality and works a treat and has a 30mm wide belt, It’s a shame they have to spoil things. The company was called “O My Dealz” pity I can’t recommend them. Cheers Bob
  11. The Quote was my own and I was not completely correct as I found out this weekend and have since worked it out properly. When giving 80% discount it is always better than the previous £1 Max with PayPal But under normal charges 12.8% + 30p only better when the total price including postage if any is above £13, below that and it is worse but not by much about 7p on a sale of £2 but getting less as the price gets higher. Bob
  12. All I ever hear people do is moan about Ebay making money. Ebay is the best thing that has happened for the railway modeler and most other hobbies, before they apeared you had to sell your unwanted items in the local paper or get ripped off at a smelly swapmeet, those traders wern't there for nothing. Do people really think that Ebay shouldn't make as much as they can. Dropping PayPal for sellers is actually is an advantage for the seller without doubt, specially when it's a special offer week like this weekend. They are giving 80% discount on selling fees which is better than £1 max as they have been doing no matter how large or small the sale because there is no PayPal charges. Try selling on Gumtree and listen to the bartering idiots who want something for nothing people offering rediculous money for good gear. I have nothing against PayPal, in Fact I would rather Buy with Paypal because I haven't got to keep filling in my name and address every time I make a purchase. Bob
  13. The silver sand looks pretty good, a lot better than I thought it would, not much different to the bought stuff. Be careful with cheap pva, the best i have found is Evo stick wood glue (Resin W in green bottle) watered down, dear but the best usually is. Bob
  14. I must agree with that. I bought a class 37 & 47 a few weeks ago from Amazon, of all people they were the cheapest and they owed me a fiver so that was even better. Anyway I fitted them in a Bachmann 37 & a Bachmann 47. They did not perform at all well, jerky running and poor sound which is maybe due to Bachmann Motors being a bit to heavy for the TTS, but I have a Hornby Black 5 which I fitted with TTS sound and it is pretty good. I sent them back to Amazon and got my money back with no quibble. You get what you pay for. Bob
  15. B&Q will cut to size and the first few cuts are free.
  16. They would be a doddle to convert using the accurascale chasis and a load of Plasticard, a bit costly mind. or convert a Lima one if you can get hold of the Axlemotion Bogies, I remember many years ago maybe 25 years, upgrading a Lima PTA and going one Sunday afternoon to, I Think, Chris Leigh's Home which was not far from where i live and we went to his workshop and he moulded me a pair of BS Axlemotion bogies in White Metal I wonder if he still makes them. I realised pretty soon that making a rake of them would probably see me off, I finished the one and lost interest (never painted it) I got fed up looking at it and eventually sold it on Ebay last year. I have a lot of time on my hands now so those JNA's look inviting. Bachmann make a Bogie they call Y25 Type, well they don't look like any Y25 I have ever seen. they look a little like Axlemotions they are certainly nothing like Cambrians Y25 Bogies. I would put more faith in Cambrian than Bachmann I think I'll order some and have a closer look. Bob
  17. Hi Fran Thanks for your response. Shame about that but you didn't answer my question, are you doing a re-run with the correct livery and when. In the meantimeI have ordered a grey & Orange PTA set to get on with. Cheers Bob
  18. Hi I have a question which is probably best answered by Accurascale Fran. I received today a set of Inners & Outers in BS Blue & Orange livery which I have been eagerly waiting for, the build is great and I couldn't wait to get them on the track. Then I looked at the photo that came in the box (see below) only to have my joy quelched when I noticed that the BS Logo is printed on the Orange paint when its to the left. I don't know if this has been brought up before, if so I can't find it sorry if I am repeating a previous question. The name Accurascale surely suggests accuracy. I have scoured the Internet and my own Photo's & Video's of these wagons and nowhere can I find any evidence of this logo on the Orange paint. My question is will you be doing a re-run of this set and will the printing be corrected. I wish I hadn't noticed this because this set is going on Ebay and I'll probably lose money. I may pick up a Grey & Orange set instead.
  19. Have you tried resetting the decoder to factory settings. Change the value of CV8 to 08. if that doesn't work then there are plenty of small decoders around, Digitrax DZ126PS is but one. Just seems to be a problem getting stuff at the moment probably covid's to blame. cheers Bob
  20. Hi Steve I Have this with the side down, Awaiting being cut up at Reading about 30 years ago I took this shot from my my Utube Video This is the one I made from a Dapol 16 ton Mineral Wagon Kit and is in a siding on my layout May be of help Cheers Bob
  21. Hi It isn't always the case that selling things at an inflated price is taking advantage or profiteering. I sell a lot on Ebay, I am not a trader but I get bored with the same old stock so I sell and buy new loco's etc and i am constantly surprised at what people are willing to pay. I recently bought a Hornby Class 50 with a tatty body for £65 because I wanted the wheels without traction tyres for one of my own. I didn't want the rest of it so I stripped it and sold the bits on Ebay, priced very reasinably and I don't profit from postage. All of the parts were snapped up quickly, the whole lot sold for £125.66. The thing with it is people need spares and Hornby are useless in that department, it can't be helped if people are willing to over bid and pay stupid money. Bob
  22. Hi I have a CMX track cleaning wagon which I fill with Lakeland's Sticky Stuff Remover, works a treat and seems to last a long time. You don't need the wagon a cloth will do if your track is easily accessible. Bob
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