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  1. Has anyone got a copy of this Book that they no longer want please? Please contact me if you have.
  2. For my layout I'm modifying several model buses. For one, I need a replacement radiator to convert a Bristol into a Leyland TD5. Does anyone know of a supplier of these, either white metal, resin or any other medium? Any suggestions would be gratefully received. Ken
  3. I assumed it was there to protect those who were buying something dodgy or embarrassing - stuff they wouldn't want the missus to know about! - but I've bought several items in recent times that have shown on my feedback page as "Private". They tended to be 'BIN' sales so there were no bidders against me. For the record, a pair of sexy Airfix 'B Set' coaches, a pair of bedside cabinets and a war novel! Ken
  4. It was my intro into O16.5. I've built three of their loco kits and have several more in line. I've also put together one of their wagon kits. Best constructed with a decent superglue, they make a very reasonable model, easily modified and embellished with extra detailing. I find it best to buy direct from Smallbrook, partly because they get ALL the profit which is fed back into the business. Don't buy on eBay because sellers there seem to inflate their prices as usual. I made one exception, when I bought a job lot including three wagons, a loco, all unmade and two Hornby chassis which most of the loco kits need, for £55. These images show my first three models nearing completion. Ken
  5. When I was modelling in OO9, I started converting the Wills Corrugated Iron Chapel kit into a small engine shed, but shortly after discovered that O16.5 was a better option for me due to a combination of age, eyesight and fiddly pieces. Interesting topic, sadly the options for O16.5 are fewer! Ken
  6. I've tried clicking these new links but get "Error not found" Ken
  7. I gave up OO9 because of the lack of British RTR. Perhaps I should have waited instead of going O16.5! Ken
  8. Several years ago I was considering a move into 'G' scale and a wise old sage told me "Whatever you do, get some track down and get something running." I didn't and it fell through. I moved through 009 to O16.5 and have a small layout with stock and it is the most advanced I've been in years. I honestly suggest you do try to get something up and running. I was in my local ASDA last week and noticed they have an 'exclusive' Hornby offer of an oval of track, a 'Smokey Joe' type 0-4-0 and two wagons all for £49. It comes with a basic power pack too. This would form an ideal basis for a test track and stock. Smallbrook produce a range of credible conversion kits for the 0-4-0 as well as ng wagon bodies. As long as you have a piece of chipboard or similar to fix the track to, you're on the way. Good luck, and come back to show us what you're doing! Ken
  9. I'm not sure if this is the right place, but if not perhaps the moderator could move it somewhere suitable. I need to make some progress with my layout and I have decided to try and find someone who can build O16.5 scale kits to a very good standard. One locomotive is white metal with a brass chassis. The other is all brass. What I'm looking for is someone (or two different people) who can build the kits to the point of being operational leaving me to paint them. Does anyone have any experience of someone that they would like to share. I don't mind if you'd prefer to message me rather than post here. All suggestions are welcome. Ken
  10. I remember the 'Dermic' oiler. I'm sure it would be very popular with numerous applications today!
  11. I'm still following with great interest, especially as I have now moved nearer to Freiston Shore, a mere five minutes away from Fishtoft where I am now.
  12. The link doesn't work I'm afraid Kevin. Sounds an interesting story though. Ken
  13. Whoever this is for is one of the luckiest model railway owners in this scale! Seeing this makes me feel like packing up...the standard is far beyond my abilities. Well done you! Ken
  14. I must sell my copy to help pay off the mortgage! Ken
  15. Sorry John, did mention my eyesight! No offence intended. As a GWR enthusiast, I salute your modelling endeavour in Broad Gauge. Grovel over! Ken
  16. I modelled in OO9 in my teens and recently tried to take it up again in my late 50s, but found that my oner nimble fingers and keen eyesight are not so good anymore. I can't help but agree with Big John. A friend of mine already modelled in O16.5 and I was easily converted. Big John is spot on about the adaptability of OO. Ken
  17. I used N scale track in the hidden areas of a small OO9 layout I used to have. I never had any problems in operation. Ken
  18. Thanks, yes I am. I'm fascinated by being able to drive along or near old railway lines and see such things as Sutterton Station, signal gantries in the middle of nowhere (near Cowbit) and bridges over waterways with railway track in situ (Spalding) severed from the railway system. Also being able to drive for miles and see the horizon instead of tower blocks! Ken
  19. I'm following this topic with interest. I've just moved to Kirton from Coventry and I'm fascinated by the railway heritage of the whole area. Pending a move to something more permanent in a few months, my O16.5 ambitions are very much on hold so perhaps this might inspire me when time allows! Ken
  20. I've been following this topic since it was started and never felt able to comment because as a subject it it something I know very little about. However, I really must say that you have tackled a very unusual subject with some very exceptionally commendable modelling. It is the sort of work that I absolutely hate#...because it puts any of my meagre efforts well into the shade! The standards of both raliway and scenic modelling are nothing short of breath-taking...you must have the patience of a saint! Well done, thank you for sharing all of this with us, and please keep on doing so! Ken # these last few words of course are very much tongue in cheek!
  21. Quite right...I'm also interested in model buses and for years the big boys said there wasn't a market for anything other than London buses which were often inaccurate, so we had to put up with white metal kits if we had the skill. Then along came EFE with a decent London RT and when that sold well they did some regional buses and coaches and now everyone is making them. It might take a few years but if there is a market for RTR 009, it will develop.
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