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  1. The latest from the factory is that production is underway. We're hoping to keep to the current schedule, obviously the Covid situation in China has been a bit fluid over recent weeks so if there do need to be any changes we will provide an update.
  2. I'm not sure if this is a me thing or a you thing, but entering `www.rmweb.co.uk/` in my browser redirects to the old / non-existent `www.rmweb.co.uk/community` - although curiously this doesn't happen in incognito mode. Have tried clearing all cookies for the site and logged back in to the same effect.
  3. At least they put in lorem ipsum and not some of the other more colourful placeholder caption fails I've seen in my time.
  4. This is still the plan, however we're reluctant to hack up our sample models while they're still needed for assessment and PR purposes so we'll probably tackle the conversion kits once we have the production run on hand.
  5. The chip is above the wheels but well clear of them - the DCC socket is mounted on the side of chassis block within the side tank so the rebate in the footplate allows the body to fit over it when you're reuniting body and chassis. You can see in this close up the socket inside the tank above the middle axle.
  6. Sorry for the delay responding to this - we have been awaiting a final sample model with a couple of small but important changes, in order to be able to sign off full production. This obviously has a knock-on effect on the schedule and our estimate for delivery of the Victory is now going to be Summer 2022. Full details on what we changed, and why, can be found in our latest email update: https://mailchi.mp/a513a3ea1d58/a-later-victory-sounds-sweeter As we note in the update we're disappointed to push out the expected date for the loco, but we have made these changes for good reasons and the results should be worth it.
  7. The Sentinel looks fantastic, I'd love a DL cab version. I have a little concrete miniature of the recently demolished Dorman Long tower which is probably too small to work as a backscene but I'm sure I'd find a way...
  8. It has been done, with very small Japanese N gauge mechanisms and I think possibly an Arnold KoF. - the recent Kato Portram would comfortably fit but the wheels are too small and hard to change. I think the sound chip and speaker would have to go in subsequent wagons though!
  9. Apologies for the delay getting back to you on this. Following the review of the decorated samples we opted to make some minor internal changes to the model to optimise performance of the sound fitted version, this along with unpredictable manufacturing and transport logistics has pushed the schedule out so I think we are looking at after Christmas now. We are just finalising the plan and will share a full production update soon.
  10. Just to say that the Planet Industrials variant in Grimethorpe Colliery-inspired orange and grey livery is now in stock and all pre-orders have been dispatched. These are going to really suit heavy weathering and James is working on a tutorial video at the moment. https://www.lightrailwaystores.co.uk/products/pir-001 They also look pretty good in longer rakes
  11. DLG and Merddin as currently running are also slightly larger (i.e. 13":ft) in the superstructure than the original locos. The new build James Spooner is meant to be featuring the targa roof.
  12. I don't think Heljan ever proposed one. Roco announced a double Fairlie around 2009 but it never came to anything.
  13. Not where I'd guessed they might go next in 009, but very glad they have!
  14. It's still on the radar. We're working through some production issues with the bespoke chassis but hope to have some updates soon.
  15. Just to clarify, as we've had a few queries - Rails has come on board as a retail partner with stock of all Victory liveries, including their exclusive ROD loco. We (Planet Industrials) are still offering direct sales through the Light Railway Stores marketplace, and will be fulfilling all directly placed orders ourselves. No customer data for direct orders is passed on to Rails.
  16. Will have to ask @James Hilton to do the honours here as it's his thread. You can technically still pre-order a loco, just no longer with the discount.
  17. We're pleased to welcome Rails Of Sheffield as our exclusive retail partner for the Kerr, Stuart, "Victory" in 00 gauge. You can now pre-order all versions of the loco with them, including the previously unannounced 5th livery - a limited edition lettered as ROD 608 (Railway Operating Division) - this one is only available from Rails! Pre-order here: https://railsofsheffield.com/blogs/news/kerr-stuart-victory-0-6-0t-locomotives
  18. Ignored user settings should do the trick: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/ignore/
  19. A quick note to say that the last day for discount pre-orders on the Victory is TODAY! Secure a DC/DCC ready model for just £115 (rising to £130 from tomorrow), either paid in full or with a £30 deposit. DCC sound fitted for £215 (rising to £245 from tomorrow). All liveries are selling well, with availability on the lined maroon starting to look a bit low. Don't miss out! https://www.lightrailwaystores.co.uk/collections/victory-variants James and I would like to thank everyone who has supported our first RTR project so far, the level of pre-orders has exceeded the hopeful forecast we set out when we started and we're really looking forward to delivering the model to you all!
  20. Just to follow up on this, the crank pin holes in the rods are 1.5mm diameter.
  21. Incidentally my mother-in-law ran the cafe in the West Station for a while when it was an antiques centre, and we held a couple of social meetings / personal exhibitions of the Greenwich & District Narrow Gauge Railway Society there.
  22. (Bexhill resident here) The Bexhill Open Street Map site is a good resource, you can overlay old maps here and the 1899 Ordnance Survey map shows the previous station: https://bexhill-osm.org.uk/?T=tour&G=bexhillStation&U=railways#14/50.8519/0.4675
  23. I'm on holiday myself now but I'll try and remember to check on the CAD when I get back. James has been test fitting DCC chips today, all is looking good. Remember the pre-order discount ends on Monday!
  24. Now that James is back from his holiday, he's taking his turn to assess the decorated samples and has put together a video showing features of each of the liveries:
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