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  1. 109 people turned up today…..shipped in from the IOW……plus some more trees from The Model Tree Shop.
  2. I’m about Saturday morning and probably all day Sunday if you want to visit, let me know via a PM. Olympia is still set up in the garage.
  3. Worth the visit, they are a friendly bunch with a wealth of knowledge, easy and free parking too! Plus there will be T-Trax on the go too. Meeting dates… https://yagngs.wixsite.com/yorkshire-area-group/diary
  4. acg5324

    Farish Class 319

    At privatisation the first 20 319001-20 were allocated to Network Southcentral. These were used on the Gatwick to Rugby service……. , along with various Suburban routes. I worked in the Control in Stephenson House, Croydon. Almost without fail on Mondays the first northbound service would have its shoegear ripped off due to high ballast on the WCML after engineering works. Connex planned eventually that the Rugby service would be extended to New Street and then Manchester. That of course didn’t happen.
  5. More progress getting the out of reach things done. The rest of the pavements and roads have been fitted, some gutter drains too. I managed to damage some fencing after leaning over it, so this has been removed and scrub will replace it. Not much worth photographing but I’ll get some more images on later.
  6. No problem…it’s only just down the road from Strensall. I only do a couple of days at MBMS, which vary……but more often than not Wednesdays and Thursdays……I’m the one with the Southern accent!
  7. Done as a deliberate typo…..glad someone….or two spotted it
  8. Some more greenery at the north end of the layout and the new cobblestones that replace the Metcalfe ones.
  9. A nun walked into a pub………
  10. Yesterday was a Yorkshire Area NGS meeting. I took various things to do with me….including ending the Zombie Apocalypse…….The layout now has people! I took the baseboard that has Charles House and Kensington High Street on it, plus all the buildings. The previous night I’d fitted some Chooch Enterprises cobble stone sheets, these are self adhesive, but they didn’t stick so these were refitted with good ‘ole Evostick. Footprints for more more buildings are cut out as well. Over 100 little people were glued down and they make a big improvement…….just need about 100 more on that one board! Pictures to follow as I left my phone at home!
  11. Feast and famine ….or rather famine and feast with n gauge currently. Lots of long awaited releases arrived at work including class 08s, class 37s, class 101s class 319/769s and some BR standard brake vans. I picked up my class 101 and happy to report it’s a power twin set so I can insert a centre car without having to alter a DTS chassis as it’s a DMS! Cars M53318 and M53328 for those that like to know.
  12. Class 101s, 08s, Class 37s including the regional specials and c319s all in stock. I’ve missed unpacking and displaying them…..I’ll see what they’ve left me to do at MBMS today….probably not much.
  13. ….and finally for tonight the Engine Carrier now has both tool boxes. Once painted there’s are some very small decals to make.
  14. Addison Gardens bridge, this is now fixed down apart from the deck which needs finishing. Fresh ballast to surround the North Main signal box. Olympia Motors will gain a working arc welder and then it’s roof, prior to being fixed down.
  15. North end of the station, garden walls and lawns added. Looking back towards the station.
  16. Some photos of the layout in the garage, mainly from angles you can’t normally see when it’s in its room. Looking north towards Hammersmith Rd and Olympia. The electricity sub station.
  17. Plenty of things happening on the layout, I’ll get some photos taken tomorrow. Garden walls made, flock laid down, Addison Gardens ( North end fiddle yard entrance ) bridge now fitted. Bushes etc added along the back of the retaining walls at the south end of the station. Holes drilled to fit the Urban soundscape speaker and also an arc welding kit in the Olympia Motors building. Some ballasting to finish tomorrow along with a walkway to the North Main SB. Layout looks a tip at present as glue, paint, bags of Woodland Scenics stuff littering it. I’ll have a tidy up and a Hoover before photos!
  18. A little bit of progress with the Engine Carrier. First of the tool boxes made and fitted.
  19. Belated happy birthday John……I’m going to pinch your Penzance tea tray design for Olympia…it’s a great idea.
  20. A rummage in my stash of bits and I found some etched Nickel Silver lifting loops. these were part of a pack by BLMA which includes all sorts of hand rails and grabs. These have been fitted and the hood given a quick coat of Matt aluminium to replicate the galvanised finish. I’ll make a start on the too, boxes and brake rigging next week.
  21. I don’t know Keith, engine overhauls were Eastleigh and generally shipped back to Selhurst or St Leonards WM for the DEMUs or Stewart’s Lane for the c73s to be installed.
  22. Fortunately Steven it’s decked over…phew! Today I’ve made the mounts for the cover, these are made from very small Evergreen L and U channel.
  23. A little bit of progress with the engine carrier, the hood is largely finished. I’m waiting on someone checking to see it the wagon has a solid deck or is open. One still exists at St Leonards WM home to Unit 1001.
  24. Also today Olympia has a new home………in the garage…..only temporarily. This is so that I can work on the sides that I can’t reach in my layout room. A parcel arrived from Coastal DCC with a couple of throttle holders and a UP7 Loconet socket. This has been fitted on the outside near the Motorail terminal so that a second operator won’t have to squash in to the middle of the layout.
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