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  1. My FB spy tells me they are also in stock at Monk Bar Modelshop in York. https://www.facebook.com/monkbarmodels/photos/a.159764767423803/5106050972795133/?type=3
  2. The book is now out in the wide world.
  3. Have a wander round Halfords with it, see if there’s a similar coloured car spray available.
  4. Snap…did the same thing. It’s one thing that you expect to see is something above the roof tops……..will save a lot of painting.
  5. A bit more progress with the backscene. I’m not sure whether I need to do some distant roof tops on the backscene or just leave it as sky.
  6. The Olympia complex building after the main parts have gained some paint. I’ll move on to the car park building next, it’s had its framework cut out for months.
  7. The Thames TV OB van gained its wing mirrors this week. Does make an improvement but I’m not sure you’d be able to see anything in them!
  8. Yorkshire NGS meeting today. I got one of the Olympia Complex buildings largely finished enough that some basic painting could be done. picture to follow. My T-Trak modules were also ready. The siding will be extended depending on what I end up building on the rest of the board.
  9. We managed an evening out out last night. A rather nice meal in a Tapas restaurant followed by a very class act at the York Barbican.
  10. RedAndy has had a couple of Chinese 6 curtainsided lorries on sale with either the Terrier Cab or a Bedford TK cab. They look most odd.
  11. It’s now had more grey…..the facia is now a grey green colour that is the same as the room it’s in.
  12. Several more coats of pale grey to tone down the blue later…..I’ve just made a start painting in the details…..this is the first bit, slight cock up marking up what goes where but easily corrected.
  13. Greyer…and better….might need a bit more grey.
  14. The backscenes have had a bit of pale grey added….better but not right yet.
  15. It was great to see my visitor today….Ian Blackburn (Horizontal) who started work in Kensington South Main in 1973……I even managed to run some trains too!
  16. ……and with the backscenes attached….well nearly all of them because one won’t fit…it’s expanded a bit so will be trimmed and fitted tomorrow. The scenic breaks at each end of the fiddle yard will also gain some framework to hold them up. They all need sanding down and a lighter coat added, before details are added…….but I’ve fitted them because I have a RMweb visitor to the layout tomorrow.
  17. Two coats of white emulsion on the back scenes followed by cheapo blue and white acrylic from The Works mixed together.
  18. Next stage will be to give it a white undercoat then I have a selection of acrylic paints to do it all sky before the roads and details are added in.
  19. After a pleasant brunch out with friends on BH Monday to finish the weekend off, I managed to get some work done on the layout. A couple of weeks ago I ventured into the boomerang shop to get some hardboard for backscenes……eventually finding two sheets not to bendy or damaged after sifting through loads. Today I’ve had time to cut them all to size. One piece needs holes for the signal switches cut out but otherwise they are all done. I’m thinking that the Saharan sandstorm version that it is currently is likely to be a common occurrence with global warming………Ah Bugg** it’s 1980 of course!
  20. ….and three Mk1s FK RU masquerading as an RBR and of course an RMB
  21. Yesterdays work……..one of the Olympia complex buildings.
  22. A productive day at the NGS Yorkshire meeting. I got some passengers installed in an RMB FK and RB, all three coaches were weathered as well. The Olympia complex building has also had some progress at long last. I will get some photos posted shortly.
  23. Nice to know the moaning isn’t confined to RMweb
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