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  1. Very little done to the layout….well nothing in fact…..over the last week or so as we got away for part of a holiday delayed from November 2020. 
    So it was off to Oslo for me and Mrs G. Our Hotel was in the former Ostbane (East) station, now superseded by Oslo Sentral station. We got the train to and from the airport as well as doing a day trip to Lillehammer. Interesting to see my former employer, Go Ahead, were operating services there.







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  2. 8 hours ago, Davexoc said:


    I don't think so. I've just looked on streetview and from Google camera level the only thing showing above the roof tops is a few big trees, which will not have been that big in your time period.

    Snap…did the same thing. It’s one thing that you expect to see is something above the roof tops……..will save a lot of painting.


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  3. Yorkshire NGS meeting today. I got one of the Olympia Complex buildings largely finished enough that some basic painting could be done. picture to follow.

    My T-Trak modules were also ready. The siding will be extended depending on what I end up building on the rest of the board.



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  4. 1 hour ago, Steven B said:

    Sun in London? I've watched enough Eastenders to know it's always grey down there!

    I think is still needs more grey. How about BR Grey?

    And BR Blue on the front fascia:





    Steven B

    It’s now had more grey…..the facia is now a grey green colour that is the same as the room it’s in.

  5. ……and with the backscenes attached….well nearly all of them because one won’t fit…it’s expanded a bit so will be trimmed and fitted tomorrow. The scenic breaks at each end of the fiddle yard will also gain some framework to hold them up.


    They all need sanding down and a lighter coat added, before details are added…….but I’ve fitted them because I have a  RMweb visitor to the layout tomorrow.




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  6. After a pleasant brunch out with friends on BH Monday to finish the weekend off, I managed to get some work done on the layout. A couple of weeks ago I ventured into the boomerang shop to get some hardboard for backscenes……eventually finding two sheets not to bendy or damaged after sifting through loads. Today I’ve had time to cut them all to size. One piece needs holes for the signal switches cut out but otherwise they are all done. I’m thinking that the Saharan sandstorm version that it is currently is likely to be a common occurrence with global warming………Ah Bugg** it’s 1980 of course!




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