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  1. If anyone is having problems sourcing an APT, Monk Bar Modelshop in York have one of each left, plus plenty of coach packs.
  2. The two class 150s, Mk1 BGs and Mk2s in stock at Monk Bar Modelshop in York along with the freight stock.
  3. I’m not going to put the trim lines in below the waist band, they would be hugely overscale and end up to close together. They have had various liveries over the years. I’m going to paint the ‘brick’ pale grey lower, light blue upper.
  4. A bit more progress…..and now in grey primer too.
  5. The Thames TV brick has had some progress. Front grill and roof to add before the details start doing on.
  6. bl**dy autocorrect…..I’ve been outed by having a party on my own…or should that be ousted!
  7. Looking good……Haven’t got round to painting mine yet. It’ll gain a box van body and be liveried for NCL Fashionflow.
  8. And it was……I’ve had it before. Luckily our village has a really good independent office OFF license that always has a wide range of beer from around the country….and three bottles for £5.49, can be mixed too.
  9. Not sure if this has already been mentioned but the items due in Jan / Feb such as the Met-Cam DMUs are now due May / June. Next items to arrive appear to be the c150s in April/ May.
  10. Unfortunately I’m working on the 19th…otherwise you would have had one.
  11. They aren’t the prettiest thing ever. It’ll stand out a bit as it was painted two tone blue. The plan is to make it out of two layers of 20 thou plasticard one will be more or less a box with apertures cut out for the windows, the outer will have the detail on it. In real life it’s mounted on a Bedford VAL coach chassis.
  12. I’ve just started another little project…..I do need to finish some of these!……. To go with the Olympia Halls, whoever Edwin Shirley Trucking are moving in will be filmed so I’m building one of these…..photo courtesy of the https://becg.org.uk/ website.
  13. Anyone coming down the ECML there’s engineering works between York and Doncaster so it’s 2 3/4 to 3 hrs from York to London……looks like Doncaster for me……and York of course.
  14. It’s the weekend….fish, chips and mushy peas tonight…..washed down with a bottle of Cornish ale……Harbour Brewing…..Bodmin! About as far from the sea in Cornwall as you can get.
  15. OK much the same as me. I’ll have to ask RedAndy how he gets the lines so neat.
  16. Grahame are you brush painting the chrome trim etc or using a paint pen? Looks neater than my efforts.
  17. Small logos for the EA van and for a Sherpa as well. Second try printing the decals on clear paper wasn’t much better, so I’ve painted a yellow background for the decal to go on.
  18. Printed off Royal Mail decals yesterday which were a failure as the background was far to light on the white paper. I’m going to try again with the colours beefed up and on clear paper to see if that is better. The finished Galant / Sigma.
  19. Mk4 Cortinas, Fiesta XR2 from RedAndy and Mitsubishi Galant / Colt Sigma from Shapeways.
  20. Finally worked out what the car was...it was bought via a Shapeways order back in the summer........they are....glad this wasn't a competition......we'd be going for days.....1978 Mitsubishi Gallant!
  21. Wish it was an Avenger but it’s not the right shape. My Uncle had a couple as repmobiles…….nice car.
  22. It’s a Fleischmann model, comes in various liveries. I resprayed it and the decals come from Precision Decals which also has the Easiloader version on the same sheet. I think some versions come with LHB bogies rather than Y25s so you need to check what you buy. it’s model 837001 and onwards.
  23. No problem with questions ever…..I spent my railway career asking questions when I didn’t know and answering questions when I did. The platforms were covered with a grey card….it comes in A4 sheets….I think it’s 1.5 or 2mm thick. I’ll check. The edging is a strip cut from the Metcalfe paving sheets. It will bend to a degree but is largely made up of tangents. A white line is then painted down the edge.
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