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  1. Just added some pictures of the footbridge to the layouts forum. http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/75679-kensington-olympia-in-n-scale/ I've just made a start on track laying and will add some pictures of the progress shortly.
  2. Whilst progress on the layout has been very slow, I have just started laying some track.... I have just completed ( well nearly ) The station footbridge. The footbridge is two Faller 222153 footbridge kits ( see the bottom picture ) seriously altered and plasticard. Its not meant to be a 100% accurate model but a near representation. I'm just finishing off the roof ridge and weathering at the moment.
  3. They look very good.....is the list the extra parts you need to complete the model or what comes with the 3D shell.
  4. Some time back I started a topic regarding suitable Continental n gauge wagons to use as Ferry wagons on a British Layout. Post can be found HERE Progress on the layout has been slow due to various reasons but I hope to add some photos of the track laying progress shortly HERE So far I have started on the following five vehicles, they are not accurate models but will act as stand in's as there is nothing else available ..............enjoy. This is Hornby Arnold van HN6086 re-lettered for the Yugoslavian railways. A start has been made on the weathering. JZ logo found on the web and reproduced with decal paper on my home printer. Ferry wagon anchor symbols from Fox Transfers. This is a Flesishcmann 8482K tanker Tank body resprayed light grey, Ermerfer logos found on the web and reproduced with decal paper on my home printer. A start has been made on weathering the wagon. Ferry wagon anchor symbols from Fox Transfers. This is a ROCO tank that came from a set of 4 different BASF tanks picked up on a certain auction website cheaply. Tank body resprayed silver, steps and ladders repainted light grey. ETRA logos home produced, Ferry wagon anchor symbols from Fox Transfers. A Hornby Arnold Hopper HN6135, original livery was light grey with green and yellow logs, the logos removed with white spirit and the wagon given a light coat of pale grey. CITA and STS logos homemade, Ferry wagon anchor symbols from Fox Transfers. Minitrix tank 15516-01. The centre panels were originally orange the Simotra logo was masked out and the tank body sprayed light grey. Rhone - Pollenc again homemade and Ferry wagon anchor symbols from Fox Transfers. When I find my stash of Microscale decals I will use the Hazchem symbols set to add to the tank cars.
  5. Latest news is that Stoats Nest is a few hours behind but has a lot of slack time at the end should finish on time. However Gatwick has overun until tomorrow morning when the slow lines only will reopen. The timetable allows for no fast line on Tuesday.
  6. Track renewal at Stoats Nest Junction is like for like. Has been an extremely rough ride through there for months.
  7. until
    Event Name: Brighton Model Railway Club annual exhibition Classification: Exhibition Address: Patcham Community Centre, Ladies Mile Rd, Brighton BN1 8TA Day 1: Sat 8th November 2014 Opening times Day 1: 1000 to 1700 Day 2: Sun 9th November 2014 Opening times Day 2: 1000 to 1630 Prices: Adult
  8. See http://www.class47.co.uk for details of Titans livery dates etc....use the photo gallery for that loco. http://andygibbs.zenfolio.com/p488229174/h2f805717#h2f805717 I have a couple of other views on the website taken at Matlock as well.
  9. Gradient posts....nice are they going to be sold separately Ben?
  10. Just a link to the forum showing the start of work on my layout of Olympia
  11. After several years of planning I have finally made a start on my n scale layout of Kensington Olympia. My previous layout Minty Colorado had to be dismantled to make room for the new layout. Kensington Olympia will initially be based in 1980 and will include Motorail services the Kenny Belle and various freight workings taken from the Working Timetables. In addition using my research for 1S76.com the fledgling Manchester to Brighton services will be included. I will post some pictures here shortly but for the time being progress can be found HERE. I have plenty of photos, maps and track layout drawings to work on. The layout is 10ft x 8ft in size. The track layout for Olympia will be reduced to fit but will still include the 4 tracks through the station including the scissors crossover. Motorail bays will be reduced from 4 to 3, the NE and SE bays reduced from 3 to 2. I have already made a start on building some Carflats for the Motorail services. Progress can be found HERE.
  12. until

    Orestone Quay from the Burgess Hill MRC ( OO SR 1935 -47 ) will replace Bulverhythe due to Peter having a family commitment this weekend. Admission Prices will be
  13. Nearly 2 years on................Baseboard construction started all the frames complete, tops partially fitted and legs being constructed. I hope to start a topic on the layout forum shortly.......hopefully won't be 2 years!!
  14. Checked from the original slide scan and they are indeed Railease branded hoppers.
  15. I'll confirm this from the original scan.......I should have gone to specsavers!
  16. A recently acquired slide shows some BIS Railease hoppers in Redhill Yard slide dated 10/11/86. http://andygibbs.zenfolio.com/p483082284/e5f9d6e52
  17. Update to earlier posting My fotopic site British Rail through the 70's and 80's has been moved to Zenfolio...all photos now uploaded and added too. Lots of new Medium Format negs mainly B&W have been added Photos of nearly all the class 47's during the 70's and 80's...all the class 33's and 73's. New Motorail gallery the link can be found here HERE The very popular accident photos previously at fotopic on "Control we have a problem" have also been moved and they can be found HERE. All the captions have been restored...................I hope! if anyone spots any errors etc please let me know. My website The rise and fall of cross country services to and from Brighton has had all the photos restored and many extras added and lots of paperwork relating to the XC services. Please take a look and see what you think.
  18. until
    Event Name: Annual Model Railway Exhbition Classification: Exhibition Address: Patcham Community Centre Ladies Mile Road Patcham BN1 8TA Day 1: 9/11/13 Opening times Day 1: 1000 - 1700 Day 2: 10/11/13 Opening times Day 2: 1000 - 1630 Prices: Admission Prices will be
  19. Well after a while with no progress due to work here are the latest images of the BSK to BSO conversion. The interior roughly assembled to check dimensions and fit. The body shell assembled and lightly rubbed down, a small amount of filler was required. And finally two images of the assembled and partly painted vehicle, one of each side. It looks very rough blown up this big!!!! Running number not yet removed................It will be M9225
  20. I am having to build a lot of carflats for my Kensington Olympia layout. This has meant buying many Farish Mk1's at the best possible price just for the underframes and bogies. The Carflat topic can be found HERE. For my second batch of carflats this has left me with several Mk1 BSK bodies in blue / grey livery. A certain shop has these at just £11 each. As the layout is based in 1980 the bodies are ideal so what to do with them? After some thought it seemed that by using two BSK bodies and doing a cut and shunt job on the brakevan ends a BSO would not be too hard to produce. Here is the progress so far.... The Mk1 BSO has 5 passenger bays and a small brakevan area but not just a shortened version of the BSK. There is also an additional window in the corridor opposite the toilet, i.e between the left-hand door and the first passenger bay. Top is a Mk1 BSK dismantled with one cut down the hinge line of the centre passenger door. Bottom are the constituent parts of the new right-hand end At the top are the parts for the opposite side. The BSK has now had it's brake van area removed and the BSO parts loose fitted to check the accuracy. The parts now glued in place, the arrows show where the joints are. The joints are a better fit than the picture shows but will need a little sanding and filler to hide them before painting. The additional window opposite the toilet has been cut out and a glazing unit test fitted. Just spotted the 2nd arrow shouldn't be there! DOH! The fifth seating bay saloon door, inward opening door and single window are all one part.
  21. This will take you to all the photos I have that feature 2090.......... http://andygibbs.zenfolio.com/search.html?q=2090
  22. Brighton Model Railway Club will be repeating the successful open day we had earlier in the year. This is to introduce prospective new members to the club, layouts and facilities. Sat 29th December 2012 from 11am to 3pm at the Clubrooms, London Road station, Shaftesbury Place, Ditchling Rise, Brighton BN1 4QS. http://www.brightonmrc.com
  23. until
    Brighton Model Railway Club presents its 34th annual exhibition. Opening times Sat 10/11/12 1000 - 1700, Sun 11/11/12 1000 - 1630. Admission £3.00 Adults, £2.00 Seniors, £2.00 Children, £9.00 Family (2A+3C). At least 8 layouts in 5 scales:- Horstead Keynes - N East Grinstead Town - OO Redford Junction - TT East Bridge MPD - OO Halden Lane - OO Wantage - O Little Telsleigh - OO Evaleight Light Railway OO9 Traders:- MB Models Morris Models Railroad Trading Brian Trains Railway Totems & signs Societies:- KESR B&HSMLE RCTS SEG Brighton Tram 53 Bus routes 5, 5A, 5B and 56 pass close to the venue. Free parking on site and in adjacent streets Lift between floors, ramped access. Our world famous refreshments will be on sale throughout the weekend. Full details on our new website www.brightonmrc.com
  24. Here a couple of side pics of Mk2B's at Reading Mk2b TSO W5488 Short lived IC prefix on Mk2b TSO IC5454
  25. Three story terraced Georgan town house A good modular item could be the CLASP type station buildings like Hassocks or Virginia Water Link: - http://en.wikipedia....P_(British_Rail)
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