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  1. These arrived in the post today from Gaugemaster......life is too short to make tables and chairs......and paint n scale people. Interestingly they say made in Germany hand painted in Mauritius! The toilet block. The doors and those elsewhere on the model are made using a reverse masking method. Stick label over clear plasticard, mark out the doors and frames etc. cut them out and leave the label where the windows are. Quick squirt with Tamiya Red Brown acrylic spray, allow to dry mask up the bits that need to remain brown and respray the remainder in silver...sorted! All three buildings together. Start on the interior. All three buildings attached and roofs on but not fixed. Some extra detail still to be add such as drain and stack pipes and access ladders once the roofs are glued down. The complete building is about 12 inches (330mm) long overall.
  2. Many thanks Ian. I've just got the buildings attached to each other and the buildings populated and I'm just deciding wether to redo the roof of the Motorail lounge....... Google earth appeared to show 4 skylights on the roof and they was the way I was going until looking at some photos it looked like 4 big air events that were flat panels. This has turned out to be a cock up my my part as they are indeed 4 skylights that look like they have been blocked off or painted over. Mmmmmm new roof or not? I'll get some photos posted of the attached buildings....looks good!
  3. Ha ha.......I don't drive a German car........well actually yes I do it's a Ford!!
  4. Todays work.......all the photos are in my Gallery ( along with everything else ) but here are the main ones for today. The odd shaped toilet block at the north end of the run of buildings. The diagonal roof line that I had spotted in Google Earth turned out to be a brick flower bed so everything was right angles again. Under construction. Checking that it lines up with the doorway in block B's wall. Checking that it all lines up. Brick paper on. All the main buildings together. The big gaps in the right hand building are where the big glass doors go. First of the windows in place.....shame that Merc was parked there when I visited on Tuesday.
  5. Started the toilet block this morning....... Stunned to hear a Within Temptation track on the Chris Evans show this morning.........and it's on the R2 'A' playlist too. 'Whole world is watching' from the Hydra album. A quick trip to the Hobby Box at Uckfield this morning to refresh supplies. The 20 thou plasticard I've used for the walls is actually 30 thou and the bases are 80 thou not 60 thou! Just as well I took some off cuts with me to make sure I got the same stuff.
  6. Thank you for all the positive comments. Not much progress today in fact none as I've had a quick trip from Brighton up to Olympia and back to get some photos of the missing building. There have been quite a few changes since I last visited. LOROL who now manage Olympia have closed what was previously the ticket office and prior to that the Motorail lounge and have built a single window ticket office next to the gate line. The footbridge has been split by a large fence to provide a public right of way and segregated access between the platforms to do this a staircase has been restored to the south west corner!! I does not fit in with the other three staircases and has a 90 degree turn in it as we'll. Mrs G is working from home today so no access to our main PC to upload the photos I've taken until later. I can then draw up some plans for the missing building which is rectangular after all. PS the Underground was running as welll today due to a fashion buyers show on at Olympia. PPS uploaded photos are here http://andygibbs.zenfolio.com/p534172424
  7. Three photos of the completed platform building. Just need to add station name boards to the reverse ( LT ) side and some poster boards and posters. The station nameboards are made using the BR font which is downloadable from RMweb http://www.rmweb.co.uk/forumimages/britrdn_.ttf and http://www.rmweb.co.uk/forumimages/britrln_.ttf this has been printed at 4 point size onto photo-paper then sprayed with Dullcote cut out and 'glued' to the building with acrylic varnish. The above photo on the iPad is from 1985 http://andygibbs.zenfolio.com/p488229174/h66c4ad5c#h66c4ad5c Now poster frame size 4ft x 2ft? Found out it is 3ft x 2ft. And as John (St Enodoc ) wanted LT stock here is a photo from my collection............. Link to photo
  8. I think someone does a 3D print of 59 stock......................
  9. Just spotted that one of the photos does show enough of a door to confirm they had windows.....B****r. Oh well I'll have to live with it. The next stage will be to get the extra photos of the station building that I need and complete that then start some proper track laying so that the platforms can be built to house the buildings. After that the Motorail reservations office which was next to the south east bay platforms then on to the overall roof for the Motorail terminal. This will have to be shortened otherwise it will be curved to fit the track layout.
  10. OK here we go with the waiting room pics. Brick papers again are a Scalescenes download and the windows once again are produced using a. Table drawn in word for windows, cells printed grey and borders left white to form the window frames. I have completed the roof to fit and this is now fitted and glue and filler drying. There is a rooftop water tank to add and signage and posters. The photo you can see on my Tablet is from 1986 and has the Intercity Cross London advertisements hiding the water tank.
  11. There are windows and doors.....not many though.....thankfully!!! https://www.flickr.com/photos/66162475@N06/6761752999/
  12. The waiting room / toilet block has been quite a job for a simple building http://www.rail-online.co.uk/p920577291/h16e80a0#h16e80a0 Largely due to the fact that as the building no long exists I'm having to work from photos like this that show parts of it at an oblique angle. I'll try and get the photos posted tomorrow.
  13. Really nice work.......I'll have to get Bob sort out an invite for 2015.
  14. Many thanks..... Even with the simplification of the buildings and the odd cock up it does look like Kensington Olympia. Now on to the platform building near the South Main signal box. This looks like a waiting room and toilets?
  15. Some progress with the station buildings, all doors and windows now fitted, roofs have been cut but are not fitted as I am going to put some interior details due to the large expanse of glass, especially at the street frontage. I will add the impression of a staircase into the part of the building with the full height windows...need to visit Olympia to see which way it runs. Once the roofs are fitted I can add the coping edging and finish painting their rough edges. Flooring is again a word for windows table shaded and printed on to an A4 label.
  16. Thank you..... Glad to bring back some happy memories.
  17. North main signal box and the station buildings now under construction.http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/75679-kensington-olympia-in-n-scale/page-2&do=findComment&comment=1525102
  18. Thanks Nestor...................................... Today's progress After spotting a fairly major cock up with the big side window......hole too small thankfully......this was rectified and the big side window added. In real life there is a staircase here. The rest of the windows were added along with some strengthening pieces and blocks to later support the roof. Then on to block B! Looks like I'll need to get out the bigger cutting mat! Won't be much progress over the weekend but I should get these two buildings largely completed next week. Block C will be a problem as I don't have enough photos and some extra spying via Google Earth shows the end building to be more than just the rectangular I thought it was.........Doh! A trip to Olympia beckons.
  19. Many thanks for the comments.... this is the first time I have used the downloadable brick papers etc and plasticard so its been a bit of a learning curve for me. In the past I've always used plasticard only. Certainly in 2mm the brick plasticard available is not good. Now some more pictures of the station building. This is still the first block of 4 and uses the Scalescenes brick paper and Pebbledashing. Windows are produced using the word for windows table and label method again with the cell sizes adjusted to suit. Top floor windows next to be added ( above ). The big hole in the side of the building ( above ) takes a huge multi- paned window. Ground floor windows and doors to added ( below ) This represents this building...... The walk through originally had doors either side and this is how it will be modelled. An extra door has also been added over time on the RH side, this has been removed from the model.
  20. Some photos showing progress over the last few days. First up are a couple of views of the start on the station building. I was originally going to construct the building as one lump but have decided to construct it as four interlocking blocks. This is block A the most southerly one. Top view is looking from the street side towards the platform. The second view is the platform side of the building. The North Main signal box is now largely completed with just the interior and staircase to construct. The name boards were printed off on my home BJ printer........think I will be reprinting them at work on the laser jet.
  21. The next building is the North Main signal box.....yes who would build a layout that needs two scratch-built signal boxes Construction is the same as the South Main box...its just a bit smaller and has an external staircase and rather odd replacement windows. Progress so far...... Brick base southern end Brick base side The four sides cut and planking added. Windows and doorway yet to be added to the ends. Two pairs of sides clamped together for glueing. Base and top ( western side ) paired up. Cabin has been sprayed white but not oversprayed with Dullcote. Base and top ( eastern side ) paired up. Cabin has been sprayed white but not oversprayed with Dullcote.
  22. Many thanks for the comments, funnily I had only recently come across your Olympia blog when searching for pictures of the signal boxes!! It really looks a fantastic model and the layout so far..... I guess mine is about 1/16th the size of yours in volume.Having both layouts exhibited together would really be an interesting comparison. I reckon I'm at least 2 years off it being exhibitable. I have made a start on the. North Main box which has had a weeks rest as Mrs G and I have been away on holiday so I should resume some progress this week.
  23. How did I know you were going to make that reply.........
  24. Started on the interior...more to add and a signal man! The relay room that was added 1958? has now been completed and the signal box finally has some signs. Strangely the south end had the name double stacked the north end as a single line.
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