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  1. ThevHeysham boat train ran from StPancras to Heysham and return. A through coach from Bristol was attached/detached at Sheffield. I have a copy of the carriage marshalling book for 1914, but don't have it to hand. The first vehicle was a 4 wheeled open carriage truck that carried 4 containers that could be loaded directly onto the ship. I can't remember off the top of my head it's Midland diagram number but amtrying to model it to compkete my Boat Express for Green Ayre. Obviously this would havevonly started running after 1904 when Heysham harbour opened, unless there was acprevious version to Morecambe. I have based my containerscon two sources. One is the Midland coal container wagon that carries 4 containers for coaling the ships. Thus it would make sense for thevluggage containers to be the same dimensions. Thevother is a photo of a container that lies in a garden near the Waverley Route. This bearsxall the signs of bei g designed for rough use being slyng on and off ships. Combining these plus thevknown dimensionsvof the carriage truck, a good friend has made a lovely job of 3D printing some containers for me. Jamie
  2. Such a trip might be easier than you think. I once put, Leeds to Heysham into National Rail Enquiries. It routed me via, Liverpool and Douglas with an overnight layover on Fraggle Rock, all for about £20. I'm sure you would get the same result from the nearest station in North Hipposhire. Jamie
  3. Yes it is to be double track. IIRC they use the expensive trackyang train to lay the first track, them use a variety of machines to lay the 2nd track alongside, the rails will have been dropped from the first track. That's exactly what they did on the Werrington junction line. As an aside, watching the videos of the new track laying train is sort of hypnotic. The carriage that bri gs the new sleepers forward is a strange looking machine. It reminds me of so ethi g from Thunderbirds or War of the Worlds. Jamie
  4. IIRC cancellation of electrification was one of the bits of dumbi g down that took place when the EWR consortium was set up. I'm not sure if they have put in passive provision for it. One more examp,e of short term treasury thinking. Jamie
  5. It's a while since I posted my tunnel progress chart so here is the latest version. All three machines were updated about a week ago. Some significant progress. Florence and Cecilia are now averaging 18 and 17m per day respectively which is above what I think was their design speed of 15m per day. Dorothy however is going a little bit slower at 8.5m per day but last week got past the 75% distance for he first drive. Hopefully the next machine will set off from West Ruislip soon. Jamie
  6. You have some good luck there. Some good power. I seem to remember that SD9's were known as Cadillacs by SP crews as they rode very well. Jamie
  7. Good moaning from a wet and thundery Charente. Eclair et Grandisment according to my hairdresser yesterday. Anyway the tardis is near Interlaken and it's the 26th of May 2022. We were still on a Zentralbahn train heading for Interlaken Ost. This photo definitely includes the Eiger and other Bernese Oberland peaks in it. All too soon we were at Interlaken where this train from the BOB, Berner Obeland Bahn, was waiting in the platform. Sadly our schedule didn't give us time for a ride on any of the fabled network. There had been much discussion as to where i wold be able to buy a suitable present for my long suffering other half, aka Beth. I was under strict instructions not to take her and F,ing cuckoo clock. Andy and I had tried to work out where to buy something. A new plan was quickly made and instead of half an hour on Ost station we hopped on an Intercity for the short ride to West Station. I then headed into town and found a souvenier shop. This wall display caught my eye bt I resisted the temptation. Instead I bought a rather nice Cow Bell, as well as a small one for my granddaughter. Then it was onto another train for the trip to Spiez. Here it is definitely BLS country. These locos were parked at the east end of the station. a BLS class 486 no 507 and 185 114. We then waked along towards the BLS depot which is just east of the station. A double headed freight came through with 465 004 and 193 714 hauling a long train of swap-bodies lettered for Ambrogio. For some reason I couldn't get Ambrosia creamed rice out of my head. A nightmare for me as I hate the stuff. As we walked back from the spot I couldn't help wondering if a view like this is probably one of the best backdrops to a loco shed in existence. It certainly doesn't look like Rose Grove did in 1968. Jamie
  8. Having had to deal with both parent's deaths, plus some other relatives perhaps I can pass this on. The first 2 or 3 weeks are a hectic round of officialese, funerals, sometimes care home clearing, etc etc. You almost don't have tome to grieve and certainly not for yourself. Beth saw this and every so often, would declare a 'dad' free day where we went off together. It worked well. Jamie
  9. Good evening from the Charente. The tardis is still on the Brunig pass, 26th May 2022. This was at their main workshop at Meringen. Another loco. And one of their shunters. Trains to Interlaken reverse here but the line continues up the valley, I think to a power station. This is operated by a separate undertaking at a different voltage. My Swiss book has gone walkabout so I can't tell you the name. However this unit was in the platform. No trace of it in the platform 5 book. Any suggestions? Then we were away down the valley towards Interlaken. The Bernese Oberland started to appear. And I was informed by Andy that the peak on the left is the Eiger with it's north face in shadow. as we ran along the south side of the lake we passed another rack line, the BRB which is still mostly steam operated. There is a steam loco just partially visible to the right of the hut in the photo. On towards Interlaken, Jamie
  10. I heard on the Radio this morning, 'Yesterday in Parluament' that the HS2 stage 2, Birmingham to Crewe and Manchester bill, passed it's first reading in the Commons on Monday. The usual suspects spoke against it. Some are blaming by election losses on HS2. Jamie
  11. Very sorry to hear that Dave, I was only thinking about your situation as I drove to the hairdressers this morning. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Jill and thecrestvof the family. I sincer hopecthat the officials that you deal with do not add to your grief. Jamie
  12. Been there done that. Our youngest used to uttervthose words half q mile from home as we gotbonto the M62 en route to France. In revenge she now has a 3 yr old who asks the same question. One of the best drives we did was the 'Going to the Sun road' leaving Glacier Park in Montana. High banks of snow alongside the road in early June. Jamie
  13. Good moaning from a rather warm and sticky Charente. The tardis though is still in Switzerland on 26th May 2022. We are still at Arth Goldau. This freight behind a class 193 came through. Closely followed by another behind a Railpool 187. Then it was time to catch a train to Luzern where we met up with the Zentralbahn that would take us over the Brunig pass to Interlaken. Their commuter services to Engleberg ar often operated by these nice looking class 101 electric locos. Then our rack equipped class 150 EMU that was going to be our train. Initially we ran our along side a rather nice lake. Then the serious climbing started as we headed up the Brunig. Jamie
  14. Thanks for the correction. I can just about recognise a Vectron. Anyway the tour continues and the tardis is still in Goschenen on 25th May 2022. This one got missed yesterday. Steam era equipment with the tunnel mouths behind. Apparently there are still steam specials. I was very impressed with the coordination of public transport. The shuttle from Andermatt was timed to meet the SOB trains n the main line and a bus appeared and connected as well, i think till about 9.30pm. The next morning we headed down to Art Goldau and the Rigibahn looked busy. It was Ascension day and the trains, on oth gauges, were busy with groups of walkers of all ages. Near the platform was this impressive track maintenance machine. I think connected with tunnel cleaning. then a bathtub, sorry 460, n advertising livery came in. there was quite a bit of freight activity with this class 193 heading for Erstfeld and the base tunnel. At Goschenen we saw no freight at all and the whole railway over the old route is very quiet. All freight seems to be through the base tunnel. Whilst waiting for our train I got this study of two different noses waiting to head south. Jamie
  15. Good moaning. It's a good job I readcthe last few posts this morning rather than last night. Jamie
  16. Good afternoon from a sweltering Charente. 39 degrees so we are inside with the shutters partially shut and a fan on. The tardis though is still in Belinzona on the 25th May. Another shot of the secret garden collection. I do like the Re 6/6's. Then down through the beautiful lake country to Chiasso where this TRAX?? was hiding in the yard along with a lot of other foreign power. Then back to Belinzona and then Art Goldau via the base tunnel on a 500 class set. A Rigibahn set was in the sidings. And another se, neither of them identifiable. Then onto another SOB 526 Traverso for a ride up the north ramp to Goschenen. I'm glad that Robert mentioned Wassen. I missed the shot of the church on the first pass but this is on the second pass after the first spiral when we are heading north. Then through the 2nd spiral and see it again from above as we headed south. What a fabulous ascent. Jamie
  17. Back in La France Profonde in the middle of a Canicule ( heatwave). 39 degrees at the moment. The pool o later. However I tried to help out on the ferry last night. They had any part empty bottles of Whisky and Whiskey. These incuded red and a green label Penderyn. As I am currently quality controlling a red I tried the green. I found it a bit harsher than the red. However both were on sale at £27.20 for 70cl. I did offer to help with further quality control but my very generous offer was turned down. However a rather nice Macallan was on sale in the bar at £5 for a double. It would have been rude to refuse. I even bought her in the cabin a Hendriks G and T. Jamie
  18. Not all Penderyn bottles are empty. Jamie
  19. Good moaning from Bournemouth. The time machine is still in Andermatt on 25th May 2022. Another rather nice looking MGB machine was in the station. Then off down the incredibly steep branch to Goschenen. A very helpful guard told us to look out for these spectacular bridges. Then coming into the main line station. Where this lovely was sitting outside the shed. On the station we sat and waited for out=r train to the south. This SOB Traverso unit in the distinctive copper coloured livery was heading in. Then through the Gotthard tunnel and down the south ramp to Belinzona. Here Andy and I went for a walk to look round the works. He had told me about a place that he called 'The Secret Garden'. This is what he showed me at the back of the works next to a car park. What can only be described as a cornucopia of trains. That's it for today folks we are heading back to France tonight so there won't be an update tomorrow morning. Jamie
  20. Good afternoon from a very sunny Bournemouth. Before we came away I did manage a couple of trips out. June 2nd I was at Niort and as I got to the car park saw a class 66/69 in Infra livery just beyond the road bridge. I set off to walk down and get it but it set off. The law of s0d I thought but pointed my camera at it anyway. Even though I didn't have my long lens on I was able to read the number from the camera screen. It headed off round the curve towards St Jean D'Angely. on the 7th June i was back there whilst Beth had Physio and took this photo of contrasting nose styles just before I left. The TGV was heading for Paris and the 84XXX had come in from St Jean. The next afternoon Andy and I headed south to our usual spot. There was a bit of activity. This Infra 222XX headed north. Then a tamper. According to Todays railways there is a programme of work on this line due to be completed in 2026. After dropping Andy and doing a bit of shopping I drove past Ruffec Station and this Colas G1000 was in the yard. Jamie
  21. Good moaning from a sunny Bournemouth. Here we are on the MGB heading east towards the Furka base tunnel on the 25th May 2022. In yesterdays last photo we were about to enter a spiral tunnel. This was the view west as we exited with the site of the last photo below us. We continued winding around and climbing. Passing a westbound. Then into Oberwald at the entrance to the base tunnel. Before arriving at Andermatt where there is quite a large depot and this lovely little loco was around. Our train departed and we changed to a train down to Goschenen on the Gotthard main line.Jamie
  22. No terriers or cats trying to get into our 5th floor apartment here i sunny Bournemouth, just inquisitive seagulls riding the wind as they sail past the window. I can however report that so far the Penderyn has retained it's quality as I sample further down he bottle. Further testing is required. Jamie
  23. Good moaning again from a sunny Bournemouth. Here it's still the 25th May 2022 and we are still in Brigg. The older BLS loco was still outside the shed. A couple of newer BLS locos went south with a train of lorry trailers. Another intermodal was waiting in the yard with three locos. My notes are back in France unfortunately. A class 620 heaed west. And then it was time to join our train in the bahnhofplatz for a ride to Andermatt. That just got better and better as we headed for the Furka pass. Here about to engage the rack section and go through a spiral tunnel. The exit tack can be seen above. Jamie
  24. Has anyone seen the first two episodes of Sherwood. It's set in Nottinghamshire in thevpresent day but deals with various topics connected with the 84 miners strike. Episode 1 introduced a stereotypical 'train nerd' who gave a speech at a wedding where he likened a marriage to the Settle and Car.isle line. This had many howlets butbit was apparently built in the 1840's. Tonights episode showed that he was a driver driving a 2 car 144 along a single track version of the Robin Hood line. Has anyone anynodea where it was filmed. Jamie
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