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  1. I'm glad to share research. It's 22 years since I was at Kew. The only ti e I wouldn't share is if I was prepari g an article. But after publication no problem. Jamie
  2. The photo of the slipway us a bit deceptive. It goes down into the water atvthe usual sort of angle. Jamie
  3. That's a cracking shot of the Thompson wagon and the tare weight looks as if it agrees with the details for wagon no 4 in my list. a 4 planker built by a firm that I've never heard of called J Sturdy. It would have been good if it had been a Beadman built wagon as I don't think there are any good photo's of Beadman wagons. Just as an aside if any other readers are interested I am happy to supply copies of my dales PO spreadsheet. Just send me a PM with an email address. Jamie
  4. Good moaning from a misty and foggy Charente. The tardis though is still in Melbourne on 10th April 2019 in the St Kilda area. Having left @Re6/6 on tenterhooks yesterday it's time to reveal all. This was the view of the rails on the other side of the road. The track was a slipway from a yachting club. It led to a traverser and the boats were stored to the left and right of the end of the track. The strange thing was that it was fully signed as a level crossing. However when we went round the other side of the building it turned out to be a rather prestigious place. Then it was time to take the tram back to town. Much of the route is actually a rebuilt suburban steam railway as can be seen from the stations. Here one of the modern trams is arriving. On returning to the hotel a disturbing discovery was made. Somehow the charger for my camera battery had been forgotten. I managed to locate one on line but it would not arrive before we left Melbourne the next morning. I noticed that the phone number quoted on the website was a Melbourne one and eventually got the retailer to allow me to go to their warehouse and pick it up directly. This I had to catch a train out to a station near the racecourse. This was from Flinders Street with a change just north of Southern Cross. I managed to find the warehouse and got the charger that I needed, obviously with an Australian plug fitted. Then it was back to town via a tram to near the racecourse then train to Southern Cross which is pictured here. Then we got packed and next day headed north to Cairns via Brisbane. The change from international baggage allowances to internal ones caused some repacking at the airport and Quantas' disabled assistance left much to be desired. Though the staff were brilliant the system was disconnected and carp. Anyway a few hours later we arrived in Cairns and took a taxi to the hire car garage. It was on an isolated industrial estate and was closed for the night. A half hour of phone calls ensued but things were livened up by this train going past. We eventually got a taxi back to the airport and hired a car there and drive north to Port Douglas. The hotel was lovely and we had a very relaxing time. I even discovered a narrow gauge railway in the port area. More to come tomorrow. Jamie
  5. Mine is almost the same, I've also cribbed the spreadsheet. Just 2 month blocks uploaded since I did a quick version on paper a couple of weeks ago. Both in 2010 and 2011. There is one February where there are a few pictures missing though.. Jamie Jamie
  6. Good moaning again from a grey and cloudy place. It was still bright and sunny in Melbourne though. It's the 9th April 2019. On my way back to the hotel from Southern Cross station these classic trams were in evidence. I believe that they are W class and mainly do the city circular tour which is free. There's even a clue on this one. Another view of Flinders Street station before I went back into the hotel. It even had a model railway shop in the basement just across from where I was standing. I went in and despite great temptation only bought one small item. A Micro models fold up steel kit of a W class tram. More of that later. The next morning Beth and I took the tram out to St Kilda. This was the terminus. An interesting ride that took us alongside the park where the Grand Prix is held. They were still clearing up. Then a walk along the shore to find a cafe when I came across this set of rails across the road. I think I might have got a bit wet if I followed them. Jamie
  7. Yes I did a quick check a few weeks ago and it was all in month blocks. Now that I've nearly finished uploading my missing images, just 59 to go, I might well copy that chart. Jamie
  8. I've just finished uploading my American photos thread back to June 2021. All of those are still there, nearly 2000 of them. By chance I checked the early ones from late May 2021 and one post had the images uploaded but not inserted into the body of the post. All the others seem to be OK. Still got about 120 assorted other photos to reload. Keep up the good work Andy, it's mush appreciated. If I get impatient at least the Cognac is cheap down here. Jamie
  9. Indeed. The coming of the Navvy's actually led to new Acts of Parliament to control their unruly behaviour on pay day. the Huddersfield Improvement Act of, IIRC 1871 was just one. This was brought in when the 2nd pair of tunnels just west of the station were being constructed. A graveyard extension at Chapel le dale was needed for IIRC some 400 burials from the building of Ribblehead viaduct and Blea Moor Tunnel. The extension was lost for many years but I believe that the location has been found recently. Jamie
  10. Good afternoon from a rather cloudy and damp Charente. I haven't actually been back across the pond but I have spent some weeks reloading my photos in this thread that got lost in the great crash. Probably about 2000. It's been fun to catch up with some of the memories again and I've even corrected a few typos. It's now almost 2 years since I started uploading photos during the first lockdown in late April 2020. The four threads that have resulted seem to have been well received and I'm now well on with my European and rest of the World thread. In fact I'm now in Australia in 2019 at the start of the trip the ended up seeing the Big Boy. If anyone has the time to upload the missing photos that they uploaded to the thread it would be appreciated. The only thing that I haven't done is to reload any of mine that appeared in quotes. Jamie
  11. I did a school project once about Gas and the NCB sent me a large poster showing all the procts that cial tar went into, over 100 ISTR. Jamie
  12. Good moaning from a rather damp and grey place. It was nice and sunny in Melbourne though on the 9th April 2019. I was still in the Bombardier depot at Southern Cross and made the most of photo opportunities as I probably won't ever get back there. And a front end shot. Still on the right side of the fence. Anther N hidden away but the long lens captured it. Then a tram ride down to the marina area. Good to see such a well used tram system. Next morning went out for a walk to the Rod Laver Arena area and this baby road train was passing. Lots to see and a great city to get around. Jet Lag was fading. Probably easier for me after nearly 30 years of shift work. Jamie
  13. Are you sure that you don't have Scots and Yorkshire roots. That's a result. Jamie
  14. Unfortunately I have no idea but hope that someone much more knowledgeable can tell us. Just as interest, a few of these photos appeared in ER's back in 2019 but the more complete railway ones will be all in this thread. Port Douglas, Mossman, Brisbane and Sydney to come before we get to the islands. Jamie
  15. Good moaning again from a sunny but cool Charente. The tardis though is still in Melbourne and it, the 8th April 2019. This is the view looking , what I think is north along the tracks. Most are broad gauge I think but two dal gauge (Standard and broad) tracks are visible. The pointwork would be interesting to model. Then looking back into the station with another N class loco. A lonely lost box car was present. And a very British styled signal box. I then walked up to the loco depot and was able to walk almost into the middle of it on a sort of public road. On one side were storage sidings with the depot on the other side. This N class was parked up. And next to it another in the older livery. I think that there were both broad and standard gauge examples. Jamie
  16. I had a good colection of great aunts in thecKeswick area. All in their 90's when I got to know them. There had been 13 siblings and the girls were all suffragists. Those that were old enough had turned up at Manchester University the day that it opened it's doors to women. Several of them moved to the Keswick area where they were joined by my grandmother after she was widowed in the 30's. They had done all sorts such as helping set up the first mountain rescue service. All fascinating characters. Jamie
  17. Good moaning from a land of mist and fog aka the Charente. The tardis though has been busy and we are now at Charles de Gaulle aerogare and it's the morning of the 7th April 2019. Beth and I were off to celebrate our ruby wedding by heading round the world. First of all a TGV to the airport and a night in the hotel there. Then check in and this was to be our transport to our first stop of Dubai. Two and a half hours of chaos then another 13 hours on a different A 380 and we arrived in Melbourne at about 1.30pm their time. Our bodies had absolutely no idea what time it was. Our hotel was on Flinders Street right opposite the station, aka the Palace of Attendance to those who follow ER's. Rick @Gwiwer might well be interested along with @Ozexpatriate and @monkeysarefun as wel travel round Oz for the next few days. What a grand sight the station is. Beth seemed to want more time in bed than me so I wandered out round the nearby streets which were busy with trams. I did get a view from the station footbridge looking along the lines. And a view along Flinders Street. Our hotel was about 100 yards along on the right but the only view was of the back yards. Later in the day I had a longer explore and found my way to Southern Cross Station where this loco was waiting with a train. The maintenance depot had a familiar name on it. Jamie
  18. My father never took a driving test but was given a licence round about 1930 with all the groups that you now need a special test for such as steam rollers, motorbikes etc. My mother learned to drive in the UK in the late 1920's but never took her test till she was working in Northern Rhodesia (Zambia) in the 40's when her examiner was the local British police officer aged 19. Jamie
  19. Good moaning from a sunny Charente but it's still quite cool. The tardis though is still in the Algarve in late September 2014. the 27th September and here a5613 pulls in with a Lisbon express. Next a DMU of the 450 class is coming in. These older units had replaced the 600 class since my 2010 visit. A bit reminiscent of a Budd car in the US. Then a Pendular came in heading for Faro A nice bit of styling to my eye. And that's it for Portugal and 2014 folks. Time to put the tardis into storage for a few years as for the next 4 years we were busy moving to France, However other travels did take place. More tomorrow. Jamie
  20. Hope you have a happy day on Monday Andy. Funily enough I have no idea what day of the week I was born on but from some notes of my father's I do know that my father and brother were on a train between Lancaster and Oxenholme hauled by a Clan, 72002, on their way home to Carlisle. Jamie
  21. Good morning from a sunny Charente. The tardis though is now back on the Algarve in late September 2014. In fact it's 25th September and we are at Loule where the usual freight loco was parked up for the day. Meanwhile 5611 came through with an express from Faro to Lisbon. This provided a shot of the two together with contrasting styling. The express set off. And headed off towards Tunes. Jamie
  22. Yes the phrase make progress brings back many memories. However I bet you didn't take your walking stick with you to press her toe down on the accelerator to demonstrate your point. Q, BY SGT. "Is it you or the car that won't go over 99 P C......" R. "The car sgt. A conversation somewhere on the Chester bypass one morning. We went to Barmouth for fish and chips from Wakefield that day. Going home, Queensferry to Wakefield in 70 minutes between 4pm and 5pm. Happy days in a 2.3 Cortina. I only know about the place because I thi k that there was a robbery there a few years ago that made national headlines. Jamie
  23. There is a real one of those preserved near where my daughter lives in Allerton Bywater. It does have open days but they haven't yet coincided with any of my visits. Here are a couple of shots of it when it was being assembled and commissioned in 1975. It's a Bucyrus Erie, complete with 60 Hz electrics. It worked until the end of the last century I think. Jamie
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