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  1. Good morning from a sunny Charente. The tardis though is now back on the Algarve in late September 2014. In fact it's 25th September and we are at Loule where the usual freight loco was parked up for the day. Meanwhile 5611 came through with an express from Faro to Lisbon. This provided a shot of the two together with contrasting styling. The express set off. And headed off towards Tunes. Jamie
  2. Yes the phrase make progress brings back many memories. However I bet you didn't take your walking stick with you to press her toe down on the accelerator to demonstrate your point. Q, BY SGT. "Is it you or the car that won't go over 99 P C......" R. "The car sgt. A conversation somewhere on the Chester bypass one morning. We went to Barmouth for fish and chips from Wakefield that day. Going home, Queensferry to Wakefield in 70 minutes between 4pm and 5pm. Happy days in a 2.3 Cortina. I only know about the place because I thi k that there was a robbery there a few years ago that made national headlines. Jamie
  3. There is a real one of those preserved near where my daughter lives in Allerton Bywater. It does have open days but they haven't yet coincided with any of my visits. Here are a couple of shots of it when it was being assembled and commissioned in 1975. It's a Bucyrus Erie, complete with 60 Hz electrics. It worked until the end of the last century I think. Jamie
  4. Many years ago when I was doing ship models I discovered that the NMM had a 1/48th model of the battleship that I was modelling, HMS conqueror, WW1. I wrote and asked if it was possible to see it and photograph it for my 1/96th model. They politely said yes and I went down on the train. A very pleasant former naval officer took me out to their store which from memory was in some brick and concrete government buildings near the junction of the A2 and M25. It was a paradise for the modeller and the former RN submariner told me all sorts about SSBN's and showed me some models. After a long visit he drove me back to the NMM. Apparently they liked having such requests as it ticked some boxes and helped them with funding. Out of interest the model that the NMM had was the shipbuilders model from Beardmore's. It was obviously in need of some tlc but was very impressive. Just a coupe of many detail shots. And another The model is over 12' long and very impressive. I believe that it has now been fettled and is on display at the NMM. My own model got part done and I built the plug for the hull to be cast from. The was the size of a small canoe and lived in our loft at Gildersome for many years. I finally sold it for quite a few modelling tokens when we moved, along with my research material and the official as built drawings that I got from the NMM. I did have a photo of it somewhere but can't find it at the moment. Just as aside, one of the main things that a modeller would like is what is known as the ship's cover. This is in effect the maintenance and alteration record. I asked the former Submariner if the cover existed for Conqueror as there were several significant alterations during WW1. His reply was " Some idiot at the Admiralty threw most of them away." Apparently a few were kept and funnily enough most of the major modelling resource books tend to to cover the 5 or six WW1 era ships where these have survived. One of them is HMS Warspite. Jamie
  5. Good moaning from a sunny Charente. In tardis land it's still 19th September 2014 and we are in Lisbon. The aqueduct looked even more impressive from outside the next station that I stopped at. However there were other impressive sights to see as there is a big depot next to the station, though I've forgotten the name of it. This 2600 looked good as usual. I loved this plinthed hand crane. Then after a quick trip to Benfica and back it was time to head back to Oriente where an EMU was in the platform. My ride back to Loule was waiting. And one last look at the view south from Oriente. Now time to sort out the next photos. Jamie
  6. Good morning from the Charente. The tardis is till in Lisbon and it's still 19th September 2014. The1400 is accelerating well as it heads across the road, The younf lady in the hatchback also tried to accelerate then thought better of it and had to brake rather hard. As mentioned previously this is the link to the container terminal and heads off alongside the road I'd walked up towards the docks. An impressive sight. Then into Alcantara Terra to get my next train. This line climbs steeply to join the main line round the city but before the junction passes under this very impressive aqueduct. Jamie
  7. Good moaning from the Charente where it's a bit cloudy. However it was still sunny on Lisbon on 19th September 2014 where the tardis was. From the terminus, I took the Cascais line for , IIRC, 1 station to where it looked possible to walk to the Alcantara Terra station. The subways in the station tht I got off at had some lovely muriels. These stretched for for several hundred metres and made the long passageways look rather nice. No evidence of Graffiti either. Then up one road that had these lovely oldish looking trams on it. And quite a good service. And up to Alcantara Terra where this rather good looking loco was waiting at the exit from the goods yard. Suddenly it powered up and set off when there was a gap in the traffic was the lights changed. Not everybody took notice of the lights and I was able to see that it had a container train behind it. Jamie
  8. Good moaning from a cloudy Charente. I was planning to ask if anyone had any news of Douglas as he seemed to be missi g in action. Then lo and behold I open up the forum and there is news from Tulsa. I hope that you have a great trip Douglas and that in thecprocess the black dog heads towards it's kennel. Hereca golden dog, a retriever calledcTeddy has taken up residence with us forva week whilst his mistress heads off to the UK. I have already been appointed chief walker. Jamie
  9. It was still going strong in 2014 as you will see. Jamie
  10. I've just been reloading some more lost images and have had to stop as things seem to be running very slowly. I've now got about half of my lot images back to 1/6/21 done, 1050 in all. I've had a quick look at the older images and it looks as if there hasn't been any progress yet with the older images since I checked last week. Jamie
  11. Good moaning from the Charente. The tardis is still in Portugal on the 19th September 2014. I was onboard my train heading south from Entroncamento past the works. This 2600 was there. with several class mates. An 1800 (Class 50) was poking out. And a lst shot of the long line of 2600's. Then it was down into Lisbon. I managed to persuade a ticket clerk to sell me a rarely advertised railrover for the Lisbon suburban network. I don't speak much Portugese so i was quite proud of that achievement. Then across town to the terminus of the Cascais line where the stock was all new to me. Two styles of it were evident. Jamie
  12. Good afternoon from a sunny Charente. We haven't had a tunnelling graph for a while and the last few have got lost in the great outage. I will reload them in due course but am working my way through the over 2000 images that got lost since last June. Anyway here is todays graph. The Chiltern pair are both past the 3400 metre mark out of 16. Florence is now just over 30% of the way in the first bore and was building 15 metres per day this week. Jamie
  13. And the other thing to remember is that standards have changed. Particularly with the relatively new science of soil mechanics making changes necessary to embank ents and cuttings. Jamie
  14. I experienced a different typevof grade distinction. One of my schoolfriends died onnthe assault course at Sandhurst. 4 of us from school turned up for the funeral there, which was with full military honours. Thec4vofvus were all students and had long hair, think 1971, but had managed to find suits and ties. After the interment the family were whsked away to a re eption with the commandant. The 4 of us were given to a chinless wonder of a cadet who was told to look after us. With obvious disdain he took us to the dining hall. Obviously thinking that long haired students were not fit to meet the commandant. After about 15 minutes every cadet in the room shot to their feet and stood rigidly to attention. You've guessed. The Commandant had come yo find where Stan's friends were. We were then, very courteously taken to the reception where we were able to meet and talk to Stan's mother. I would guess that the chinless wonder suddenley found that he had acquired extra duties. Jamie
  15. Thanks Eddie for identifying the shunter. I have it noted in my book as having been seen there in 2010. Anyway good moaning from the Charente. The tardis though is still in Entoncamento and by some miracle it's still the 19th September 2014. This older shunter was outside the museum. A GE product. And what looks like another preserved diesel. A glimpse of a tasty rivetted electric i think. It was nearly time to head back but this Alpha Pendular was heading north. And my train came in behind 5619. As we passed the shops these DMU's were outside the works. Jamie
  16. there was ice on my windscreen this morning as well. As to superintendents. A friend in the job and i once decided to come up with collective nouns for the various ranks. This is what we came up with. An absence of Constables. A conspiracy of Sergeants. A worry of Inspectors You never saw Ch Insps together so we didn't bother with them A vacancy of Superintendents. Just look in their eyes. Jamie
  17. In Spain a few years ago a tram line was being upgraded to a higher voltage and new stock was on it's way. That went fine until someone threw the wrong breaker and all the existing trams on the system were fried. Jamie
  18. There was definitely grade separation in Police Station offices. Only a Superintendent's came with an en suite loo. The trick was to use it on nights and not tell him. Then the nick was downgraded and the office was occupied b a chief Inspector. That went fine until they were rebuilding the front counter underneath. The stupid pratt was told not to use the loo. Of course such things were beyond his ken. The workmen were beneath him and were not al all happy. I had a very good laugh though. Jamie
  19. Good moaning from a sunny but still cool Charente. The tardis though is still in Lisbon on 19th September 2014. From Santa Apallonia I headed north to Entroncamento. This rather nice old coaling crane caught my eye as we arrived. Other stock was around including the class 50 This DMU was in the platform. The museum looked good but I wasn't staying long enough to do it justice. Plenty of steam around. And even more. More tomorrow hopefully. Off to see real trains in the Bordeaux are now. Jamie
  20. Our school meals were pretty dire. It was made worse by the fact that we sat in tables arranged by houses with either the housemaster or his deputy at the head. The housemaster served out and decided the portion size. My bullying sadist of a housemaster refused to serve smaller portions and we had to finish our platefuls. As a result I still can't bring myself to eat rice pudding. I used to vomit it up most Wednesday afternoons. Less said the better. The only redeeming feature of the dining room was one of the nameplates from Giggleswick, that O S Nock, an old boy, had procured for the school. It was mounted above the doorway to the dining hall. It was alleged that he got the loco named by complaining to a director of the LMS that only the southern public schools had locos named after them. Jamie
  21. Good evening from a peaceful, and just, still sunny house in the Charente. In tardis land though it's still the 9th September 2014 and we are in Lisbon at Oriente station as a 3500 unit comes in from the south. I think that I caught that down to Santa Apalonnia station where 1415 was sitting, Rather heaviy weathered. 3527 was at the platform end. This was the view back down the station. Another view of 1415. I do like the 1400's, 2257 was also there. Jamie
  22. Thanks for that. I couldn't remember the name of the line but we will see more if it in due course. Jamie
  23. Hi Dave, this link should take you to a step by step guide that I wrote as to how to reload photos. Ps it pasted in the whole post. As Just as info for anyone who wants to reload photos, I've just experimented on a few from early March this year. Perhaps this may help anyone with nothing else to amuse them in life. 1.In the posts with missing pictures the links to the photos are still embedded. 2. Click on edit and the post appears with blank frames below where the image thumbnails should be. 3. The upload pictures link seems to be missing but if you click on the area where it says drag and drop the source file opens up. 4. Reload the missing files as normal and they are inserted as thumbnails below the empty frames. 5. DON'T delete the empty frames yet. 6. Go to the link in the text for the photo you want to insert and click on it so that it's highlighted. 7. Then click on the newly uploaded image. It's then inserted in the correct place and the text link is covered up. 8. Repeat till all photos are loaded. 9. When all done delete the empty frames. If you delete the empty frames first you need to work out where in your text each photo needs to go. Sorry if this comes over as a bit Janet and John but it is meant to be helpful. Onwards and upwards. Now I'm off out to buy some more chicken feed. Jamie https://www.rmweb.co.uk/topic/169812-jamies-random-european-and-rest-of-the-world-railway-photos/?do=findComment&comment=4778400
  24. Good moaning from a wet and windy place. However it was still nice and sunny in Portugal the magic of the tardis has brought us forward to 2014. It's the 19th September and I am on another Alpha Pendualr heading north from Loule towards Lisbon and Entracomento. At one point in the hills I thought that someone from the Midland railway must have left a corrugated iron lamproom around. Exactly the same as the one I modelled for Long Preston. My prototype is still in use at Settle Junction. I had an interesting time looking out of the window as the guy in the seat in front of me kept putting the blind down. I kept putting it back up. He gave up after and hour. Anyway we crossed the tagus bridge with the usual view of the enourmous statue. Then got a view of one of the suburban lines as we crossed it. And a view back towards the bridge as we went down the ramp. Oriente station was it's usual impressive place complete with loco hauled trains. And an endless flow of EMU's. Here an Alstom built 2240 class. As an aside, all my previous photos on this thread have now been reloaded apart from the ones in quotes. I've done some my UK ones and most of the ones from my Limoges thread. Jamie
  25. A bit of positive news. This has just appeared on YouTube. Jamie
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