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  1. It's bulky. Internet fora were initially convenient paperback size, but are trending to  incunabula - reverse of progress

  2. merely human

    1. Chrisr40


      many thanks for the tip on the speedo drive - have removed it and now have a far smoother running loco. Thanks again - Chris

    2. Alan Higgi

      Alan Higgi

      Quite a helpful human

  3. Ambidextrous, Bearded, Curious, Devious, Enlightened, Faithful, Gnostic, Helpful, Intelligent, Jocular, Kind, Libidinous, Mendacious, Nosy, Obstructive, Pompous, Querelous, Robust, Sensible, Thoughtful, Unhurried, Venomous, Willing, Xenophilic, Yahwist, Zealous. All these things and a few more besides. Be careful who you say hello to.

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