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  1. Thanks Graham

    I spent far longer at the show yesterday than I'd planned so congratulations to all of you for an excellent day.

    I particularly enjoyed Northwick, Portpyn, Fenchurch St. Peter and Snug End and spent a happy half hour playing with operating Amworth- a very neat little BLT that should encourage anyone without a layout to have a go.


    The only fly in the ointment was the very long queue (at about 11.00) to get into the car park that was blocking back onto the A4010. In the end I parked in a side road about half a mile away and walked (which probably did me more good)  I don't know how much of that was down to other activities at the school but if it was the exhibition then it certainly demonstrated the spaciousness of the location as it never seemed excessively crowded.  

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