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  1. Now I can go back and read all those schoolboy stories and know whats happening. We had kindergarten, grades 1-8 (primary), grades 9-13 (secondary or high). Grade 12 was matriculation; grade 13 was senior matriculation. Grade 13 finished with Departmental exams which were set provincewide by the Department of Education and marked centrally, anonymously. Grade 13 was first changed to marking by school, then abolished. My math teacher was a marker for a paper called Problems which was extra hard -- he gave a class in this which I took to get out of Phys Ed. I talked to him about the exam after writing it and mentioned a stupid mistake I'd made. When I saw him that fall, he said he'd recognised my paper by the mistake. I got a 48 which tied for highest in the township. I was in the first big class of baby boomers. My grade 1 class was so big that a bunch of us were sat in the grade 2 room.My mother thought that I'd missed the best of the writing (printing) training by this.
  2. Found one in the store Tuesday. Had a sticker on it "Spring 2022".
  3. Neither of those has shown up in our local bookstore yet, in Canada.
  4. Not a railway bridge, but over a motorway. Gretzky parkway overpass, 403 reopen | Brantford Expositor https://www.brantfordexpositor.ca/news/local-news/highway-403-has-reopened-brant-opp
  5. I had a letter published in Model Railroader when I was still in school (early 60s) about Beyer Garatts. A local paper put a photo of me on the front page. I was at a railway show, peering over the top of my glasses at somebody's loco. One of the girls at work saw it and brought it in.
  6. Could someone explain what would wear out on the centre of a wheel that it would need replacing?
  7. I use WS Scenic Cement. My ballast procedure is spread, mist with alcohol, dribble on scenic cement with an eyedropper. I have a misting sprayer that I obtained from my wife's hairdresser. I find that the WS sprayer produces droplets that make funny shapes in the ballast. For scatter (grassy) I start with a layer of acrylic matt medium, add a layer of scatter. After the matt medium sets, I mist with alcohol and spray/dribble on a bit more scenic cement. I use the WS sprayer for this. Then add another layer of scatter and mist & spray. For grassy/flat areas I have a collection of small strainers that I fill with scatter and then tap. Between layers I may turn the scenery on its side to dump off the unattached scatter. (Or vacuum if it's not movable). I have an opinion that the scenic cement is diluted matt medium. Ballasting with this means that track can be lifted by soaking with warmish water and running a blade under the track. The ballast will detach from the track (in lumps) if soaked in a bucket or tray of water.
  8. A little excursion to Costco today. I was allowed to wander around and found an 80 watt LED bulb. (Literally, not equivalent to 80W incand.) At $25. It has a centre unit and 4 foldable wings. I screwed it into a ceiling fixture in the basement and now I can really see my work surface. It can also be fiddled to provide half and tenth power. The claimed rating is 8000 lumens.
  9. Yes. But they got it slightly wrong, anyways.
  10. The little square box next to the point contains the mechanism. I think it's a beefed up version of the spring that holds Peco points in place. In Toronto, the point is changed by sticking the switch iron (a big crowbar) between the point and the rail and prying. There are also electric versions but they didn't adapt very well to the last 2 generations of streetcars. Anecdote: One of the motormen managed to drive his car into an area where they were doing major work on the track. The track had been protected by jamming the switch mechanism. The motorman must have opened up the box and removed the hard rubber ball (or whatever) that was jamming the spring.
  11. Roy: Over here the movable part is called the Switch and the other casting is the Switch Mate.
  12. Click on all the pictures showing a DMU in the Welsh valleys.
  13. Tri-ang Railways the first ten years says that Princess Elizabeth and Princess Royal had spokes in 1961. Nobody else mentioned at the time. (my copy may be a reprint -- the coloured photographs mentioned do not exist)
  14. It looks to be The Miser and Richard III. Plus about 3 talks. Our first-year univ French exam started "Before Moliere was a playwright he was an actor and before he was an actor he was a comedian. Prove this with reference etc." That threw me for the whole exam. Moliere never said anything about himself in the plays. He also thought that a new scene started whenever a new character came on stage. I hope to be at GBTS but I won't spend an entire day there.
  15. Bill: I've been following the rebuild. You're now working in territory that's way beyond me. But, someone has bought a bunch of tickets to be within phone distance of you this summer.
  16. One of my cousins visited from Scotland and she had things to say about how American washers and dryers were big and unsubtle. Another English friend said how nice and big they were that everything could go in them.
  17. (From my father) Two enginemen on the Glasgow & Southwestern, discussing the abdication: I hear the King's quit. We're going to have a new one. I hear a Caley man's up for the job.
  18. Douglas: Be cautious with ivory. It can present a problem if you try to take it across borders. Even if it is so old that it predates endangered species laws. The rest of the visit looks fascinating.
  19. I took my test 45 years ago in a Mini. I now drive a 30 foot, 5 ton motorhome and have successfully had it to California twice. I'm told that my grandmother taught my grandfather to drive and then never drove again. My father used to rent cars when he visited Britain. He said that he was being surprised by cars passing him until he realised that he was checking the rear-view mirror by looking up to the right. We are scheduled for 6 cm of snow tomorrow.
  20. My CKD Princess from the early 60s has back-to-backs about 13.8 mm. The blind drivers are 13.55. I managed to get a measurement of 14.05 once -- couldn't replicate it. Btb is the easiest measurement to make and to set. Check gauge requires some engineering contortions.
  21. My father recommended Sir John Soane's Museum on the north side of Lincoln's Inn Fields in London. Small but densely packed, it is the collection of an architect teacher. https://www.soane.org/?msclkid=d01d6034bc5b11ec9b9f294268bc4200 Not well known, but my father suggested it. Probably should give it a couple of days to explore. No trains that I remember. (This reply was composed last night but the system collapsed when I submitted it. It was still in the editor.)
  22. I have absolutely no experience of British school food so have refrained from commenting or rating most of the posts.
  23. The dealer that supplied my first "scale" wheels with pointy ends suggested settling the axle ends by squeezing the axle boxes together on them. (For Hornby type plastic bogies)
  24. My wife was having trouble with one of her sound-fitted units stuttering to a halt. I put a bit of Electrolube on all the pickup surfaces (brass strips around axles) and it now runs perfectly. Most of my lubrication is by LaBelle (American). They have plastic compatible oils and a grease with Teflon in it. I also found a grease with molybdenum in it recently, but managed to squeeze a bunch of it out the bottom of the tube. I'm afraid I tend to let long intervals go between lubricatings.
  25. Is it possible to find out what photos we have posted that are lost?
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