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  1. And on that subject… What do the initials DNA stand for? The National Dyslexic Association. I know, Sorry.
  2. Thank you for your response Andrew (and others). I will send it in next day or two.
  3. It is a while since I have used my Sprog3 and when I tried to use it yesterday it seems to have developed a fault. Hopefully someone here may have seen similar and be able to help or, at worst, may be able to tell me that the Sprog is definitely totally goosed. The Sprog is connected to a short length of programming track. This has not changed and I have used a multimeter to check all connections and for shorts. When I reconnected the Sprog the Coms port had changed from the last time I used it from COM3 to COM6. It showed up in the computer's device manager and was using a generic microsoft USB driver. Is this correct or does it need its own drivers? I access the Sprog using Decoder Pro and changed the COM setting in preferences to match. I made no other changes and my roster and other details were all there as they were the last time I used the Sprog. However ... When I tried to use the sprog to identify a loco I was getting the message no loco detected (Error 301 as per screen shot). There was no 'pulsing' of the loco. I tried this with two different locos that both worked ok on the main layout. Strangely, when I connected power to the Sprog using the power supply purchased with it, I got this message This happened only when the power supply was on and even if there was nothing connected to the track terminals on the Sprog - and as I have said I have checked continuity to the program track and for shorts. Is there something that I have missed or does it look like my Sprog has suffered something terminal?
  4. There’s not one particular button to respond to that. So… thanks, informative, supportive, like….. … you get the picture.
  5. I can smell the sea tang just looking at those pictures. Wonderful.
  6. Look at the old signs just dumped there (next to the caravan). What price now?
  7. That is looking really good, Rob. Did you know that MSE/Wizard models do the signal pulley posts? https://www.wizardmodels.ltd/shop/signals/ls008/
  8. Before RMweb went offline I found myself in a part of Newcastle station I had not been in before and came across this. Quite touching and it is nice to know that they indeed are not forgotten. I am also aware of the monument on the hill above Penmanshiel. Are there others?
  9. Not necessarily - they are supposed to be bloodless.
  10. Wire strippers Tony? Don't you have a pair of these from the school physics lab? Seriously though, if you are careful they can strip very thin wire.
  11. First time I've noticed that 37s have a chimney at the front. May need to add detail to some of mine.
  12. I wish you well, but I suspect that many (and in particular those who have large numbers of photographs here) will have neither the time or inclination to go through the process of uploading/replacing them. After Dediserve’s muck* up of both the site and backups might it not be an idea just to accept that ‘we are where we are’ and start afresh with discussions and postings. It is a shame (given other going- ons in the world I hesitate to use the word tragedy which I might otherwise have done) to lose so much that has gone before, but it would be worse still to lose altogether this valuable and informative thread. * other first letters are available.
  13. What a shame that that Dediserve have managed to muck* up both the site and the backups and we have lost so many good pictures. Please don't be disheartened Rob. I wouldn't bother to try and replace them yourself but I hope you just pick up from where you left off and we can all continue to enjoy your wonderful layout. *other first letters are available
  14. To counter the advantage of having brilliant white gloss again, much that I had done on the layout up until that point and that depended on me ‘matching colours’ looked quite wrong. I’m slowly working on what I can accept and changing things that I cant. It’s a bit of a pain. I tried changing the ‘colour’ of the lighting but that didn’t work.
  15. I thought all of our gloss paintwork quite yellow and in need of painting. I had my cataracts done and it turned out that it was still brilliant white. Result.
  16. It wasn’t totally undeserved.
  17. Probably not best practice but these work for me. https://www.screwfix.com/p/8-way-earth-block/11385?tc=IA4&ds_kid=92700055281954475&ds_rl=1249401&gclid=CjwKCAjw8sCRBhA6EiwA6_IF4Ttn9DmBPovjRCV-clhSZJaY-ceI8CYrfkvZ_7cJzMVNKIqHpILwSBoCHTUQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds Bus wire in and out at one end and droppers connected to other terminals. Different numbers of terminals/ other suppliers available.
  18. Please don’t show that one to Mr Poo tin.
  19. Happy anniversary, Mr & Mrs NHN.
  20. Unless you know someone from back then who could bring you one.
  21. Then don’t show her this …
  22. Don’t forget the Nissan Cash Cow.
  23. A friend once had a 2CV. Someone asked how he found the engine. Easy, just take off the air filter and there it is, was his reply.
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