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  1. Yes, a production sample is meant to be a trial run of the final product but presumably if they aren't happy with it to the extent they don't sign off, then it wont be!
  2. Looks like it is for Western Region lamps. Others had the usual pattern or none.
  3. I think someone might be getting their wish granted!
  4. Some chat about this back on page 13 - you could message the guys who have done it. Personally I'd send it back and get one that runs smoothly but I dont know how long the return window is.
  5. Haven't done whiskers but I removed the numbers and blue squares using IPA, on a cotton bud, squeeze off the excess, try not to rub too much (as that polishes - although not as much as T cut obviously) and limit the IPA to the bit to be removed as much as possible. Lightly scratch the numbers off with a toothpick - it took a few minutes to soften. Very slight marks in the photo of the numbers, which are much smaller than the ones I removed, doesn't show to the eye and I haven't sealed these replacements yet. There shouldn't be excessive carrier film on whiskers anyway. It is a bit daunting though - I decided to live with the rather fat double arrows rather than push my luck. Heljan class 50 wipers are worth it but you have to touch up the paint where the original holes are filled. In this case precision signal yellow and a dash of red mixed by eye.
  6. Beautiful morning at St Blazey. One of the shed's rivetted tank panniers (7709/7715) is being measured up for its topfeed.
  7. seeing right through from the guard's end reminds me I have also done this:
  8. Just out of curiousity I had a look at the report function and you have to pick specific issues, none of which apply. There is no facility for anyone to type why something is a problem. Suggests eBay dont really care if a listing is innaccurate or misleading, which I suppose doesnt surprise me.
  9. The replacement wipers in place. Not a perfect fit but better than the originals. Dab of yellow, overhead warning transfer and ready for weathering. Will just leave the headcode blank for now and wait for spare rooves before I plate it over, as I might still revert to slightly earlier.
  10. This appears to be an n gauge pannier sat on an o gauge instruction sheet? Could be ignorance rather than malicious I suppose. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/195069984867?hash=item2d6b13c063:g:YicAAOSwDGJih-dG
  11. The Dapol mounting is quite large so will probably have to live with that or remove it and have to touch up the yellow but I think it is worth it. I'd meant to buy 3 one way and one the other for variety but realised I was ordering class 53 by mistake and then forgot and got 2 of each.
  12. Class 121 bits have arrived so have renumbered mine today (Railtec) and working on the destination boxes. The top and bottom strips are slightly chamfered so I can slide in alternative names. Some Heljan class 50 wipers are much finer than Dapols although rather get lost against the thick edges of the glazing.
  13. I'm staying in Southampton so have seen Saints quite a lot this season and, at least in the middle part, they looked really good. Have ended up one point above Everton. Its a funny old game, son!
  14. i generally find cutting and pasting most queries on here into google returns the previous 5 identical threads! Admire the patience of the same people answering every time rather than referring to the previous one! As to people being increasingly lazy and almost totally reliant on internet and apps, these days, (bearing in mind the one thing every place I've ever worked had in common was the the IT department were utterly useless) I am convinced future historians will regard this as a period of decline similar to the post Roman step backwards! On a brighter note, from childhood ive always been a grumpy old git and increasingly find I'm in my element. Every cloud :)
  15. I am as guilty as anyone in being riled by things on eBay at inflated prices but away from the extremes, if a new 7mm Dapol loco is, say £199 in most places reducing to £175 as the box shifters need to sell them, average eBay new price will still be £225. What I always wonder is do people ever actually buy the stuff that's on way above easily found retail prices elsewhere?
  16. Thought this photo worth linking as shows the destination box really clearly. https://christrerise.smugmug.com/DMUs/Class-121-Bubble-Car/i-hdkN6m7/A
  17. I'd instinctively* feel that nests would be tucked in next to the skylight rather than by the canopy edge. *I feel I should perhaps qualify this assertion as i am not actually a gull. edit: I've just remembered they are only there to point out magnets. How about strategic white bird sh&£?
  18. Is that 4 now or was this one of the pair that we've seen before?
  19. I have several Dapol 7mm models which seem to have turned out pretty well even without my input and I doubt having updates would have speeded up delivery, so I'd rather not pay more by way of passed on cost.
  20. They seem to have sorted out the shape concerns that were widely discussed from the early images. They've had a lot of flack for not doing so in the past so credit where it is due!
  21. Bit of a result today as have found that although half the Dapol spares disappeared from DCC Supplies website a while back, they do still exist. So have picked up a spare 57xx topfeed and pipes which will go on my Dapol rivetted pannier tank. Meanwhile I've got some Heljan class 50 windscreen wipers from Gaugemaster as they look finer than those on my 121 and I hope they are about the right size.
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