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  1. Having played around armed with a diagram, I can confirm that Swindon standardisation was in full flow in 1929. The E135 6 compartment brake composite and the 6 compartment D98 brake third of the same period, differ only in the spacing of the thirds, the added first (which is larger than other composites), a different sized guards area, and the spacing either side of the luggage doors. Oh, and the overall width. Basically I can use the doors!
  2. The strange thing is that despite an almost infinite number of variations, finding a loco in the format, location and date that you want is almost always impossible!
  3. Switched attention back to a Dapol 121 and giving people some air. The windows are made of brittle stuff and easy to crack and the drivers window suffered - I popped this out and cleaned it up again after the photo.
  4. At least you glued them back together. I've have three Dapol autocoaches sawed in sections to make 70 footers for several years now!
  5. There is an article somewhere on here about a brass 45xx which had to be rebuilt after the lead packed smokebox burst. I cant find it now as I always used to search by Google images which isnt as easy since the issues.
  6. I enjoy modelling and particularly weathering so if there is something i like outside my core theme, I buy it to build it and then sell it on. Not necessarily at commercial rates but as long as you get a bit more than you paid then you are enjoying a hobby and it's self funding.
  7. 3 3rds (or 2nds later) 1 first 2 3rds then guard/luggage. Been kindly sent a diagram now and it is just a D98 with one first instead of a 3rd and a fraction less guard area. and 2 inches narrower i think - not sure why that was.
  8. Excellent thanks, i'll try and get hold of that The few photos I've got handy are quite forshortened so not entirely helpful but it does look like the the gap between the last compartment and the guards door is short rather than stricly luggage space - so thats what lead to my doubts and wanting to check. Rough mock up before cutting the end compartment panel in half.
  9. Based on my career alone, she could easily have another 25 years left then.
  10. Resurrecting this in the hope someone may have some better info on the two pairs of E135 brake composites that ran on the Looe branch. I know these were 57' bow ended, with curly grab handles and recessed glazing so I was thinking they are probably basically a composite version of the similar looking D98 brake thirds from around the same time (albeit the E135s were slightly narrower so that may not be the case). I am building a pair using an Ian Kirk kit for a D98 with a first compartment inserted but I am guessing the spacing is broadly the same and somewhere I need to lose the extra I've inserted, so would be good to confirm where. Does anyone know of a diagram or the whereabouts of a good side on photo to be able to gauge the length of the luggage portion overall and between sets of doors?
  11. Can you tell what it is yet? A mock up of a coach using Ian Kirk coach parts including some he kindly offered to throw in. Its a 57' brake composite E135 B set which ran on the Looe branch. The sides dont taper in above the waist so I will mount them leaning in slightly but that aside, I love the design and there is huge potential. I'm even thinking I could do a C54 bow ended corridor 3rd out of these (bottom pic mock up). I've got a Dapol E140 from a B set that I wanted to turn into a full brake. I'd been toying with trying resin casting and I might well start by making a door master.
  12. You are probably right but it highlights an approach many modellers follow, which I've always found slightly odd, that they wont do something that didnt happen, but if they can find one one tiny outlier, anywhere, then that is the excuse they need to happen every single minute on their layout! I just try to make each individual model accurate for some point in its life but sticking to just one date would rule out so much of the variety you see in books straddling as little as 5 years, Ive ended up with stuff representative of the era but not necessarily all the same precise year.
  13. Just out of interest, for high profile trains such as this and royal movements etc, what precautions, if any, were taken to reduce the chance of a loco failure?
  14. Can soldering really be classed as a skill? Since all you do is clean things and then poke something hot in the rough vicinity of the bits, I would argue the only part requiring any technical precision is getting the plug in the socket. Of course it may well be that some are naturally more suited to manual labour and it is for this reason i chose to have servants put my models together
  15. Exactly! However we have all got so used to being careful it's kind if counter-intuitive to now expect to get it sooner or later.
  16. Patience pays off as a buyer. If I want something I track a few and eventually one sneaks through, maybe after a glut, badly titled or ending at a bad time, that has attracted less interest. Contrary to the widespread view that Sunday is the best time to sell, nearly all my bargains are bought then, when there is generally far less late bidding than I see on the equivalent items at other times.
  17. They are offering 10 grand tho. I'd be tempted to accept.
  18. Are we to infer from this that one would only ever have bombed West Kirby by accident?
  19. The timing of those photos is exquisite as I was going to ask you how the 101 wipers compare to Derby style. I asked Easybuild if I could buy some of theirs hoping to improve a Dapol 121 but the only ones not part of a main fret are from the 101. They do look smaller in those photos but still better than the Dapol mouldings, even if just an interim fix until I can source others. edit: though i should add they arrived a couple of days after our chat, are the sane size but much finer than Dapols and Shawn gave me them for free. I shall probably buy a coach kit now so a good result for all!
  20. A touch of this about it too. http://www.archive-images.co.uk/gallery/Archive-Colour-Images-of-the-Railways-of-Devon/image/36/Mary_Tavy__Blackdown_Railway_Station_1962
  21. I fear you might be swimming against the tide. A notable feature of this forum is that when someone asks a question, a load of people guess. Hence it usually helps if you already know the answer, so you can more easily ignore all the incorrect ones.
  22. i had a seller contact me the other day to say hed sent something to the address eBay gave then noticed my order address was different. Id carefully removed my old address from the default delivery addresses and paypal as well but realised later that eBay also have an address saved in your personal details and were dishing that out.
  23. 21 and 24T mineral wagons in 7mm scale. Shared chassis tool, popular appeal with some steam/diesel overlap.
  24. Possibly although if they had been defective from the start, presumably the original purchaser would (or perhaps more accurately, might have been extected to) have returned them? Given eBay has traditionally favoured the buyer in disputes, I've often throught it's arguably less risky than taking your chances on an untested new one from a box shifter!
  25. i dint think it was ever a particularly serious model and they were just generating a few extra novelty sales.
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