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  1. There was a tour that took in Eastbourne around 2009/10 ish. I know because I was taking photos from the roof of the NCP (Junction Road) Car Park, and they sent a security guard to check I wasn't intending to jump! - He looked relieved when another couple of photographers turned up!
  2. Thanks Don. Since joining the 2mm association back in January 2020, I've played around with a few ideas, but not actually started anything - although as we moved house that same month and have other priorities first, I'm more than content for it to be a slow-burner whilst I deal with other domestic projects! The positive I have taken from all this is that if/when built, it would live in a shed that's not yet been built - when we moved in there was a lot of jungle clearance in the garden required, and we uncovered an extra chunk of drive/garden down the side of the outhouse that both us and the estate agent had assumed was a boundary hedge! This good fortune may well allow for a bigger shed than I had initially planned - and as such, a longer layout, so dimensions aren't set in stone as yet, meaning that If I had to add length to make the plan fit, I could easily do this.
  3. Thanks all. Not completely hopeless then...
  4. A confession and a question If I mistakenly planned out a potential first 2mm layout on XtrkCad using FineNtrax components, would all the geometry be wrong, or just the length of the turnouts themselves?
  5. Advance notice, although you'll have to stay up late to see it; Light engine movement from Stewarts Lane to St Leonards on Monday/Tuesday; Gen - Rail-Record
  6. Arrived pretty much bang on time too (into Platform 1 as I'd hoped, rather than the booked 2). 44871 on the blocks at Eastbourne (my photo)
  7. Blurb; First part was tonight, and quite enjoyable too! Should be available on catchup at https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m00101lh
  8. Now you've done it....
  9. Not quite as impressive as some, but still an interesting survivor. Was wandering through Eastbourne station yesterday when I had the sudden realisation that the platform numbers (on the glass, not the platforms themselves) date from Network SouthEast times. I thought the last sign (for the cycle rack IIRC) had gone a few years previously, but the numbers are still there. Photo; https://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-eastbourne-railway-station-uk-53347525.html
  10. Couple of ropey snaps (mobile dangled through the fence) of a pair of GBRF 73's at Eastbourne, 26th March. Departmental rather than freight, but still, not the most common visitors to Eastbourne these days. I think they started from and returned to Tonbridge, taking in a very circuitous route. There is an 'as required' service from Horsham Yard-Horsham Yard which takes in nearly everywhere with a rail connection in Sussex timetabled most days. Every morning since I started working in Eastbourne again (1st March) I have diligently checked Realtimetrains, and haven't managed to find it running yet however!
  11. To the inventing shed, I've found a market, now I just need to work out how to make a palm-sized metal detector...! I never fail to be impressed by those who design their own etches for things as tiny and delicate as can be used in 2mm. Looks a great project, looking forward to following.
  12. Not tried it, but this ought to do the job... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Energy-countdown-rundown-conserve-electricity/dp/B00U0AAM7Q/
  13. Just had a look on Twitter, issues reported widely. response from eBay to one user;
  14. Very smart Mark. Just had an enjoyable few minutes searching for photos - seems to be several different variants of the Van, hardly surprising given it's long lifespan! I think this is the same model though... 1933 Austin 7 Van (21672694740) Jeremy from Sydney, Australia, CC BY 2.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0>, via Wikimedia Commons Spokes might be a bit of a challenge given how they cross over each other, but a starting handle and an impression of whatever that is (brakes? suspension?) in front of the front axle would make a big difference. Even painting the axle end to represent a hubcab may help. Better put my money where my mouth is and keep an eye out for one on eBay though!
  15. Thanks Gents, very useful. I have the dimensions for my principle buildings (not the plan posted a while ago!) and I've since remembered I have some 3mm foamboard, so may give that a try as well.
  16. One more from me as well - what thickness of plasticard do people tend to use for building shell construction?
  17. And there was me thinking it was the surprise discovery of gold in the latest coal shipment... Very nice. Always amazes me how much the fairly straightforward (in the scheme of things!) replacement of things like handrails and lamp irons from moulded on versions makes!
  18. Polystyrene balls are always good to fill feed holes (the sort you find inside beanbags etc). Very easily mould to fit the hole when poked in with the business end of a small screwdriver. Make sure you have soldered the feed first!
  19. Thanks Ian; Funnily enough I have a 'three siding' variant as well, and also one with a siding off the loop, running down to a cattle dock and terminating behind/near the signal box, but part of the attraction of 2mm for me is the feeling of space, so didn't want to try and cram too much in. Admittedly, I am playing a little with the geology! - although the 'might have been' would have done as well (perhaps even more so!); See https://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/8fcf6125-3f05-4f65-b829-909f96456d9b
  20. Hi all; Happy new year! - let's hope this one is remembered for better reasons than the last. In June last year I joined the 2mm Association having recently moved into our new house. Whilst the events of last year put us behind where we wanted to be at this point, I am still very keen to restart modelling and as such, have been playing around with a few ideas for my first 2mm project, and now that the Christmas spending is out of the way (3 kids!), I have a new soldering station awaiting purchase with the 2mm Mineral Wagon starter kit sitting on my desk. The below is the plan, based on a long-standing idea for a 'might of been' line running from Seaford, through the Cuckmere Valley, rejoining what is now the Brighton-Eastbourne 'East Coastway' line between Berwick and Polegate. Whilst it didn't happen in reality, there were some proposals and shingle extraction at Cuckmere Haven did have an industrial, narrow gauge line until the 60's. The layout itself will be set immediately pre-WW1, running LBSCR stock, of which I have seen there is a surprising amount available. All points are B9, which will allow me to use the Easitrac pegged turnout kits (I think!) which, given that I have struggled with soldering in the past makes sense to me. What I enjoy most is scenics, and all buildings are mostly scaled down versions of prototypes within the local area (the Church, for example, is the one at Litlington ), whilst the station building is Hailsham for which plans (helpfully to 2mm scale!) exist in the A.C Elliott/Wild Swan 'Cuckoo Line' book currently sitting on my bookshelf, with the others dimensionally accurate for certain Scalescenes kits. Does this seem like a sensible/achievable plan? Any obvious flaws/areas which will cause me difficulty in trackbuilding/laying? The ultimate goal would be to get this to an exhibitable stage one day. Thanks
  21. At risk of making you feel old, today is Scott & Charlene's 33rd wedding anniversary 

    1. snitchthebudgie


      It's not so much being old - it's the embarrassment of actually remembering it!

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      E'vrybody hates the Neighbours....."



  22. Coming along very nicely. As a complete newcomer to 2mm and indeed etched kit building, I thought Nick's videos were superb and very useful! Thanks for the tip re the Trespa samples, got some on order.
  23. I found the stuff didn't work properly, as did the late scenic master Allan Downes; Threw the remainder away when we moved earlier this year. I won't be buying it again.
  24. Paint it yellow, stick a transfer on it... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/N-Gauge-Hrybrid-Lima-Chassis-German-Shell-Re-painted-Network-Rail/114255071009?_trkparms=aid%3D1110009%26algo%3DSPLICE.COMPLISTINGS%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D225114%26meid%3Dc145f8e8fa054e03b8f28639b9c764be%26pid%3D100008%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D12%26sd%3D193509315016%26itm%3D114255071009%26pmt%3D1%26noa%3D0%26pg%3D2047675%26algv%3Ddefault&_trksid=p2047675.c100008.m2219
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