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  1. Hi, I am not 100% happy with the running of my 121 and am tempted to try removing one of the motors as they seem to fight each other, has anyone any experience they can share please? I had a look today and as a minimum I need to desolder the motor from the PCB.
  2. Must stop looking at this thread, every time I see that class 60 I am tempted to buy one even though it is the wrong era for me and never went (all the way ) down the branch line I model. Nice to see the effort on the TTA transfers location, really makes a difference.
  3. Looks excellent Chris. I would have been tempted if I hadn't had bought un-numbered ones.
  4. Further Presflo progress, I have fitted the transfers to the 3 un-numbered one I bought. For 2 of them I needed to.paint the area behind the number yellow, thankfully the transfers included were for wagons pictured in Paul Bartlett's website.
  5. One little tip worth sharing; the electrification warning flashes by the ladder were on most APCM wagons mounted on a plate on the hopper supports. As the plate is not modelled (not all wagons had them) the transfers cannot be applied unless you scratchbuild a plate to apply them to, or do as I did and carefully cut round the backing cardboard and carefully glue that to the support. It is worth doing this after you apply the other transfers in case you get any water on the electrification warning. On a related note APCM8611 which is one of the prenumbered releases had 2 warning flashes on the non ladder end which seemed to be unique/rare; https://paulbartlett.zenfolio.com/apcmpresflo/h3b962a44
  6. The recent appearance of the layout at SWAG was a good opportunity to properly test operating the layout in a "live" environment with most of the stock in use. One of the things I hadn't foreseen was the proportionally reduced fiddle yard width compared to its 4mm predecessor meant handling stock was a little more difficult. An upside identified was because the upper level arches were higher than Peafore Yard I could actually store a cassette with wagons under the upper level fiddle yard deck(the space occupied by the box in the photo below). Due to the length of the upper scenic section the fiddle yard deck did not need to be any longer than the DMU so I only built it 40% of the length of the board: While at SWAG I discussed with Alan the merits of extending the upper deck all the way to the end of the fiddle yard so 2 cassettes could be stored on it with 2 underneath so today I set too with the saw and made an extension I left the original end stop in place to save work and added some brackets to support the ply. As the rails are only just below the end board of the layout I was worried about wagons rolling off so a removable piece of card was installed and tested by a couple of the Presflos which are having some paint modifications prior to lettering In other news, following on from Phil Parker taking the photos of the layout at SWAG it is looking like Peasevern Yard will be appearing in the July edition of BRM, having seen the draft article I can't wait!
  7. I agree that level of rate increase goes beyond the cost of being believable however I have never met a rich container haulier and I spent a fair chunk of my life in the haulage sector either directly working in container haulage or for companies with a container haulage division. The company I first worked for shut up shop in 2010 as the rates in container haulage were so poor, having not gone up for 3 years yet the costs had risen 30% over the same time so presume the players still left are trying to level the rates up, especially with consolidation in the market (e.g. Debens gone, Wincanton sold off container div to Maritime) At the end of the day we work in a free market and supply is shorter than demand at the moment albeit I have yet to see an 800% rate increase land on my desk.
  8. Yes but unfortunately there are still exceptions.
  9. Yes, the school bus world does seem to be a cut throat market, lots of operators seem to rely on end of life vehicles which point to low margins. Minimum pricing will be great but there are loads of way to get round it with "Procurement team rebates"..
  10. You get a better return putting your money in the bank than running a haulage company at the moment so every penny counts. The sad reality is the situation is because of over supply in the industry, volatile cost bases (namely fuel and drivers) and customers screwing every penny out of the rates meaning the average haulier has little money to invest in sophisticated bridge detection systems. Add in the fact the driver shortage means that some of the drivers who would not get a look in due to poor driving record are being kept on/finding work. While bridge strikes are high profile they are rare in the grand scheme of things, they sit way down the list of HGV health and safety issues with Uncontrolled vehicle movements (truck moves without the driver in, usually when coupling up a trailer and the tractor handbrake is left off) and red light pull offs from loading bays are much more frequent and equally dangerous and a bigger issue for the industry to fix/minimise.
  11. The official line is rubbish! As a fan of 1970s buses I have searched for "Dennis Dominator" many times and never had any filth come up. Unless you count some winter shots when they are covered in road grime!
  12. Umm I think I need a bigger layout... ....My 7 presflos have arrived. They are excellent and just need some judicious weathering before they are let loose on the layout. It is fair to say back when I started Peasevern Yard if these had been available I wouldn't have built the scrapyard as I would have modelled the cement sidings as per Peafore Yard but in hindsight I am glad they weren't as the Scrapyard gets lots of positive comments. The Presflos will still get used in the rear siding of the layout but in the fullness of time the extension board will house a cement terminal. While at SWAG Phil Parker took photos of the layout for an upcoming article in BRM, the photos look excellent and I can't wait to see it in print.
  13. Great excitement today as I received my 7 Presflos.. Wow just wow. Right from opening the parcel you know there is something special in side when you get a free pen, beer mat and the wagons are gift wrapped Helpfully also included were some instructions on how to remove the wagons from the foam without breaking the Handrails. I ordered a mix of wagons, 3 of which were un numbered and 1 including the side hoarding as these were in the minority in 1977 when my layout is set. The unexpected nice surprises continue coming when you open the box as the un numbered wagons include transfers which is excellent as it saved me raiding my spare transfers from my First Class Kits model. Also included are some builders plates as well as side hoardings for the wagons not fitted with them from the factory although they were missing from one of my wagons but it is not a problem as I have no plan to fit them. The wagons really are a work of art so massive thanks to Ellis and the guys for producing them, I can't recommend the wagons highly enough, look forward to seeing what you do next.
  14. I am not sure which class 56 was made into 69005 but it is possible it was involved in a prang in earlier life hence the droopy cab/wonky stripes.
  15. I haven't seen many photos of yellow ones, my layout is set in a later era when they were grey. Thankfully Paul Bartlett has a gallery on his site with many colour images to get the weathering right. One thing I am wrestling with is whether to add the fixing plates where the side boards were removed, these are missing on the model. There were 12 on each side so 24 per wagon and I have 6 without the board on order so 144 to fit!!!
  16. Am I alone in thinking it looks awful? I don't get the homage to all these past BR liveries which as a company that has no BR era heritage have little relevance? I get the enthusiast popularity and maybe they are a result of a "design a loco livery competition" for GBRF employees but it seems a missed opportunity for either customer liveries or promoting any GBRF affiliated charities.
  17. I feel for Phil (Scottish Modeller) as it is not an unreasonable expectation that the couplings should have been included if in the photo, can you send a photo of the item to Ebay to show what is missing? They are more likely to agree/understand that way? I have to say in my experience of Ebay their default is the buyer is always right and screw the seller more often than not so interesting to hear that was not the case here..
  18. Unfortunately I couldn't get to the showroom but I did ring up and pay for my pre ordered wagons today, spoke to a very efficient young lady who went through the order to sort everything and from the noise in the background the shop sounded busy! Looking forward to getting my hands on the wagon and getting weathering...
  19. Yep, I have heard the ghost story before about that one. To rebuild the noses is a big job and from recollection the DRS 37's that were early overhauls/fitted with WIPAC lights were given modified drivers desks etc as well.
  20. Thanks Jamie, a great job with the camera, I am very jealous of your skills!
  21. It was great to see this on Sunday and meet Al, the pictures in the front of the layout were amazing.
  22. I am not sure if any of that lot for sale run at all, 038 donated it's bogies to get another one running so the current set will no doubt be knackered... Wonder if when they sell 069 it will find a home in preservation being the first built RSH one and had previously been the subject of a preservation attempt before DRS got it...
  23. Yep it got pranged when in France hence the damaged front/droopy rear cab. The generator lives on in 37003 from memory.
  24. Thanks guys, great to meet you all yesterday and glad you enjoyed the layout.
  25. They were indeed, Avon Street was the original inspiration for Peafore Yard, I then refined the concept for Peasevern Yard. It is a cracking layout to operate.
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