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  1. They were pretty knackered when they were sent over so I can't imagine the drivers being that keen on them and I guess as they never worked any passenger trains the French enthusiasts never knew what they missed out on. Vive la Tracteur!!
  2. Well SWAG was a great success, I enjoyed operating the Layout and it has also been photographed for an upcoming BRM article. I am going to make a minor tweak to the fiddle yard to allow the cassettes to be stored differently which will help with some congestion we experienced today.
  3. Great day, really enjoyed the show, I thought all the layouts were excellent and also picked up some bargains. Also great to get Peasevern Yards first show under the belt.
  4. Like this please: P.S. feel free to do a 1.43 version, most of my scratch/kitbuilt models get made RTR after I finish them..
  5. The layout is in the car, ready for the off over the border into Somerset in the morning, look forward to catching up with the SWAG members tomorrow
  6. D6791 first then D6773 and D6774, the latter 2 believed to be as they crashed into each other. D6772 felt left out so later in life also got a centre box at one end only. Then came the ones Laira mutilated ;37031/047/053
  7. You could fill a book about class 37 differences. To answer the earlier question as to boiler room roof re 37043/114, In essence this is how the split boxes break down: D6700 - D6705 - Rivetted boiler roof, removeable cantrail grilles with dividing bars D6706 - D6768 - Rivetted boiler roof, fixed cantrail grilles no dividing bar. Accurascale have correctly picked up the design of the boiler roof rivetting changed during this batch, I can't recall the changeover point (D6729?). D6769 - D6795 - Rivetted boiler roof, fixed cantrail grilles with dividing bars D6796 - D6818 - Welded boiler roof, fixed cantrail grilles no dividing bar.
  8. It will be a class 03 fest at SWAG next week, My 2 are boxed up ready for the show.
  9. I really enjoyed the show and if it does happen that HLJ doesn't come out to play again then I am glad I saw it at the weekend. I enjoyed watching full length O gauge trains look tiny on a layout which is something you don't see everyday but for me part of the charm of the layout is that it is the vision of one person built largely by one person determined to create something many of us would say couldn't be done and that should be applauded.
  10. Having completed a new layout during lockdown I went through the list of past shows I have exhibited at and the sad fact is there are at least 3 on the list where the key organiser has passed away and (as yet) no one has stepped into the breach. As has been mentioned earlier it seems that the 2000 people attending shows organised by mid sized local clubs do seem to be a rapidly disappearing breed.
  11. I suspect buffer locking might be an issue, I would put a solid bar between the buffers to stop it. I used them on the stock on Pallet Lane which had peco standard radius streamline points.
  12. I have used Smiths 3 link couplings for years, occasionally I cuss the things at Exhibitions but I would never entertain anything else now. I use an old paintbrush handle with the thin wire pulled out of a Freezer tag, which is thin enough to get between the loop and the hook but still reasonably strong. Depending on your stock you may have a challenge coupling up in some places, I planned my last 2 layout track plans around the couplings to avoid buffer locking (I.e. no reverse curves) and no buildings in front at key uncoupling locations. I have gangway stock fitted with them at the end of the rakes and they can be fiddly but wagons are fine.
  13. Only 2 weeks until Peasevern Yard makes it exhibition debut at SWAG members day. Most of the complete photos have gone missing in the server switch over so here are a few reminders;
  14. Great to meet you last weekend Rich, your lad definitely seemed to enjoy it, was very impressed by the work to create your 119.
  15. Excellent show, good to bump into some familiar faces. I took my Mum and Dad and they enjoyed, especially my Dad who is an S&D man. HLJ has to be seen to be believed, very impressive work and the size of it is just mind blowing.
  16. Really looking forward to seeing HLJ this weekend, hope the setup is goes ok Simon.
  17. Looking forward to the event and giving Peasevern Yard it's first public outing:
  18. Great to see Orchard Road again, look forward to a proper catch up at SWAG Richard.
  19. Great show as ever with some good layouts, good to catch up with the many RMWEB members in attendance, look forward to doing it all again in October!
  20. Well it was great to get back on the show scene after 4 years absence. It was 2 years ago to the weekend that Parsons Vale should have made its debut at the now (sadly missed) Trainwest show but due to world events that debut was delayed. It took me Saturday morning to get fully comfortable with the layout but by the afternoon a few little glitches had been fixed and and it was operating reliably. Lots of positive comments from the visitors/other exhibitors which was nice. A potential purchaser has first refusal until Friday to make a decision before it ventures on to ebay
  21. Likewise, great to catch up Adrian! Good first day and feel like I am getting on top of operating the Layout
  22. See you later, if we are next to each other we could join up the layouts and do some through running!!!!
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