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  1. Final bump, looking forward to seeing a few fellow RMweb members tomorrow.
  2. Well the layout is in the car ready for the trip to Cheltenham tomorrow, look forward to seeing a few fellow RM webbers tomorrow in what will be my first show in nearly 4 years.
  3. I see from the latest news letter that these are on the water due end of March which is great news. Just wondering if there will be the option to pick my pre orders up from Shepton Mallet show if they arrive in time please? @Ellis Clark Trains
  4. Hi, The headhunt is circa 45 cm, it is just long enough for the class 37 to fit in. Rail joiners are standard code 100 for the code 124 track. I did buy a Gaugemaster 100MO but missed the feedback from my HH so now use that, I had to remove a motor from the class 37 to get the current draw below 1 amp as most standard controllers are max 1amp whereas some O gauge locos will draw 3 to 4. Good luck with your project!
  5. I switched to 7mm for the same reasons (deteriorating eyesight) and love it. I wasn't sure how I would get on at first so bought a Dapol 08 and a couple of slaters kits which got me a small train for less than £300. The biggest adjustment for me was getting used to what does and doesn't fit in the space as my sense of scale was still in 4mm world for the first few months. Also I found that many of the suppliers are (by the nature of the smaller market) small independents so required some finding but Invertrain and Severn Models are 2 worth looking at. I have limited space so my layout is 18inches by 5ft scenic with a 4ft fiddly yard but you could compress it to 8 ft, I have never had a problem with getting bored with the small size of it. I also manage to squeeze in a mainline loco.... Link here:
  6. I think they only lasted until the mid 70s.
  7. I removed the light blue squares from the front of my one with some IPA and a cotton bud without damaging the paintwork underneath so presume the same would apply for the whiskers on the green ones.
  8. Looks a neat solution, I could have been interested in something similar a year ago but have built my cassettes now, the angle iron suggestion on the cover is a good idea, especially for home use.
  9. So it feels like the start of the home straight on the National build now as I have fitted the glazing. My chosen method was to fit the glazing strips supplied behind the window pillars then put the frames in the appatures on the outside of the glazing. While this saves time, the window pillars are quite thick no doubt for structural reasons meaning the windows look more recessed than I would have liked. If I did another one of these I would bite the bullet and cut individual windows for each appature. Before I fitted the windscreen I fitted the internal bulkheads I had made S well as the seats not mounted to the floor With the windscreen in, I could put the interior in for what will be the last time during the build phase as well as glue the wheels in meaning it is startingto look a complete bus; Still to do at the front are fit the mirrors, the windscreen wiper and make a dividing bar for the windscreen From the back I am pleased how the seat framing came out, I also have fitted the original style exhaust as well I need to make up a fan for behind the grille and a handle for the emergency exit door. All being well I will finish it in time for the SWAG members day and will put it on display on top of the layout.
  10. As part of the exhibition prep I cleaned all the wheels on the locos earlier which required me to move the piece of ply that will form a potential extension to the layout.... Quite early on in the layout plan I had thoughts about a second board which would be accessed from a mouse hole behind the head shunt, on which I could build the cement terminal. This broadly matches the actual track plan where the wagons were marshalled by Habgoods scrap yard then propelled over Avon Street into the blue circle sidings. I bought a second hand point a while ago as well as 2 lengths of track so took the opportunity to roughly lay them out on the board. The good news is I have space for 4 Presflos (I have 8 in total on order/on hand) in each siding although the back siding is likely to have a loading dock for the vans for bagged cement. I am planning to add a separate control panel so the board can be used on its own with the fiddle yard at home. When complete it will give a total scenic length of 10ft.
  11. Whole number, they came from Railtec who supplied the number of my choice as one number plus provided the "B133" for the front.
  12. The class 121 is finished, a few subtle mods involving changing buffers, new transfers, fitted passengers and sorting the Dapol jumpers. All being well this will appear on the layout at SWAG members day.
  13. I haven't run mine yet other than sticking some power to the wheels while weathering them so hope it is OK. Here is my finished model, it W55033 modelled in its 1977 condition (before it lost one of its headcode boxes) which required subtle modifications (buffers changed to Oval, new jumpers to replace the overlong items Dapol provides, renumbering and people fitted) before weathering.
  14. Mike Walker has put on another good line up for his twice yearly show on April 2nd/3rd in St Margaret's Hall in Cheltenham, a few layouts from members on here: cheltmodrail.org.uk
  15. Nice project Ian, the C&L point kits are straightforward and the instructions are very good. As has been mentioned by @PjKing1 the C&L flexi track is worth giving a go, from recollection you need to thread the rails onto the sleepers but it is an easy in front of the TV job. I think I had a problem in that the point sleepers were deeper than the flexi track so had to use cork beneath the flex track then used thinner card under the points.
  16. Preserved 40012 has also had the block stitch welded as well. There was a picture on the defunct preserved diesels site of the damage to the DP2 Block, the damage was a chunk of block missing above one of the inspection panels.
  17. The power unit ended up in 50023, it was damaged when a connecting rod smashed out of the block, presume it was scrapped when 50023 was scrapped. I would have envisaged if it had lasted then being stripped for parts was the most likely outcome. I thought DP2 was a lovely looking loco, if the class 50s had looked like DP2 I would have been a fan, I thought the class 50 design to be ugly, especially compared to the class 47 or Westerns.
  18. I think the split box 37s had that type, I remember going in the cab of 099 at Toddington and it had one of those but at one end only
  19. Not sure which carrier Accurascale are using but a few such as DPD allow you to reschedule your delivery for a day you are going to be in.
  20. I think the OHLE sticker on the inside of the Window. Conscious that Dapol glazing is (scale) thicker than the real glass I stuck mine on the outside.
  21. Jo at Steadfast @Steadfast has worked his magic on the transfers again for the National with these beauties; This is the 3rd project I have done where Jo has supplied the transfers and as before the transfers have gone on perfectly. Jo spent quite a bit of time on the details such as the operators details behind the front wheel and the depot ID plates and the end result is excellent.
  22. Translated into English. "Of course we will do a class 60 as it would go well with our wagons and we have a few bits we can reuse from the class 92, it is in the queue after the class 40 and class 50 though "
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