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  1. Sorry to read your sad news Jim, All the best, Andy.

  2. A big THANKS for all the good will messages following my HEART ATTACK last Wednesday. Ambulance to Burton, Blues and Twos to Stoke and into Theatre withing 15 minutes. Very close according to Professor Nolan that was called in to do the opp.

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    2. westerhamstation


      All the very best Andy, and take it easy

    3. gwrrob


      Big Cyrille wasn't as lucky and he was only 59 Andy.

    4. Mallard60022


      Damn glad you are back and looking good Andrew. Bit of a lesson for us all here, to get on and get things done. Take care dear boy.

  3. Another BAD incident at Parliment this morning.

  4. Billey Paul joins the Super Group in Heaven

    1. Two_sugars


      That's some band being put together.

    2. Tim Dubya

      Tim Dubya

      they obviously don't want Iggy anywhere near them...

  5. Bloomin GWR!!!!! I'm trying to find OLD MAPS of the OLD GWR and all I get is this STUPID NEW NEW GWR

  6. Bloomin GWR!!!!! I'm trying to find OLD MAPS of the OLD GWR and all I get is this STUPID NEW NEW GWR

    1. The Stationmaster

      The Stationmaster

      Easy peasy look on Michael Clemens site and there's a downloadable GWR Route Availability ,map on there.

  7. Cake Box Challenge, I made a chocolate Roundhouse, but then I ate it!

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    2. Hroth


      Nice - byt we need photographic proof!

    3. Andrew P

      Andrew P

      Devoured. sorry!

    4. DonB


      we can't have your cake (to judge) if you eat it. But if you do eat it it'll be stale by judging time, so Nul Points either way,

  8. Channel 82 Vintage Rock, superb.

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    2. Two_sugars


      Yeah! . .and Keef wuz on bbc4 all night!!!!!

    3. Andrew P

      Andrew P

      That was good too, always enjoy his way with words.

    4. keefer


      Vintage one of those channels which isn't HD, but you need an HD TV to watch it! telly upstairs can get it, but not the one in the living room

  9. Chris Evans stands down from Top Gear, they could never replace Clarkson and Co.

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    2. Jinty3f


      HE'S RESIGNED AT LAST for the good of his team!!! Oh - not the other one then.

    3. Boris


      He's a talentless ginger get

    4. Simon Moore

      Simon Moore

      If they get rid of a few more the show will be good. Matt la blanc isn't bad

  10. Go Home Mr Obama, in or out, it's NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS

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    2. polybear


      In, out, shake it all about.....

    3. Horsetan


      www.brugesgroup.com has opened up shop in Ealing!

    4. rockershovel


      of COURSE it's his business, who do you think is writing TTIP ?

  11. has not set their status

    1. Isambarduk


      St Budoc - wonderful piece of modelling!



    2. Crisis Rail

      Crisis Rail

      Usually an error occurred with my status.

  12. Hi I am a 60 year old who has been modeling for many years. I have had my Kingsmill layout in Model Rail and Railway Modeller and I am currently working on an OO layout Glen Roy and an O Gauge layout St Budoc. I am an active member of the Gesley and Wychenor Model Railway Group near Swadlincote Derbyshire. I also used to play guitar in a couple of bands with my mate George Tait, GeorgeT.

  13. It's amazing just how much more modelling time there is with wall to wall Olympics on the Telly.

    1. ardbealach
    2. Mallard60022


      Not when men's Volleyball is on though. Look at those thighs .

  14. Jock 67B, Obituary in the usual place guys and gals.

    1. trisonic


      Many Thanks, Andy. We appreciate all your hard work too.




    2. Mallard60022
    3. Allegheny1600


      Many thanks Andy, bless you for this.

    1. Andy Y

      Andy Y

      If everyone used status updates to try and get more clicks on their topics I'd have complaints so please don't do that.

  15. We have lost a great modeller this week with the passing of John Flann / Hintock / Hintock St Loe.

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    2. Danemouth


      Rest in peace John

    3. gwrrob


      R.I.P John.

    4. truffy


      And the marvelous Port Bredy. RIP, John :(

  16. Went into a Charity Shop today to get a Belt, they didnt have one, so when I got home I stuck two fingers in the electric socket, THAT WORKED.

    1. DonB


      A Beltin' story, did it come to you in a flash?

    2. SHMD


      The "zap" diet?


    3. PeterBB


      A bit late but that was shocking thing to do!

  17. Yet another GREAT gone

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