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  1. They seem fine on Dovedale but wouldn't play ball in the garden. I think we gapped the rails too much. We'll have another play with them at some point and see if we can sort them out. I need to get the loco fleet sorted at the moment. Excluding shunters (which aren't here) I am down to one serviceable loco atm, they all need bits re-fitting!
  2. Not BR days but I did manage to get a pair of 09's to move one night a fair distance a good few years ago, granted it was a little easier with them being 25mph. 09201 went from Knottingley to Peak Forest and 09106 went from Trafford Park to Knottingley one night swapping crew's at Sheffield. I still have the TRUST print outs somewhere. I wish I had gone out to photograph them at Sheffield in the early hours but I had to drive a van Doncaster - Wellingborough - Glasgow that day.
  3. A little more motivation over the last week saw me cutting up Cam's 2TG 47. We'd discussed how easy or not would it be to do a cutaway cab version. Looking at the body it seemed quite an easy job, the bufferbeam though looked a bit more difficult. The following shows t how I did it and the final picture after it had been returned to Cam for transfers & dirt. It will come back to my workshop so I can add a little more detail to the bufferbeam sides at some point after the Doncaster show. I am quite pleased with how this is turning out. All being well I might have something else just about off the WB next weekend if I can keep this motivation up!
  4. Looking forward to this @Rob Pulham. Got a few bits and pieces to sort out for Dovedale & might actually get chance to have a play with it!
  5. Little bit of motivation this evening and resulted in Cam's coalfish rake getting their last transfers. Now ready to go back to him for sealing and weathering.
  6. I have been exactly the same. When you can't get the motivation to crack on its very difficult.
  7. That looks familiar!!
  8. Ta, can't deny I refer to them myself if I do further of the same wagons!
  9. Well from Snow at the beginning of the month to Sun & BBQ's towards the end. Bit of a running session yesterday. unfortunately I've only got 26024 & 37156 in traffic at the moment, the rest of the fleet need some attention. 47114 & 47309 are both WIP do just posed for some pictures, now back in the workshop, aiming to get these back to Cam this week so we can hopefully get at least one of them in traffic for Doncaster GoG show with Dovedale. 60062 paid a visit with some Skytrex PCA's, unfortunately the PCA's wouldn't play ball around the layout so didn't last long. And lastly, the backbones of my fleet 26024 & 37156 both stretched their legs with the MOD train and the MK1's. So nice to be able to get out into the garden and relax.
  10. Hadn't realised Cam had made this write up live on our website, the GJH VGA build is live if anyone fancies a read: https://www.modernimageogauge.co.uk/gjh-plant-vga.html
  11. I was going to point you towards Steve's data panel set! I need to order some myself at some point.
  12. Really lacking much motivation at the moment, work is nuts and the run up to the show everything was a bit crazy. The office is a complete tip, but I am hoping to rectify that tomorrow and start knocking a few things off the WB. Tonight I have managed to get transfers on 47114 so tomorrow I hope to get it in satin varnish ready for weathering, I know the tanks are wrong but this will get rectified t some point in the future.
  13. N Gauge it not my thing but anything SPTE gets my vote!! Will keep an eye on this.
  14. Just a few of Cam's pictures from the MIOG show at the weekend, Dovedale's first outing. Not 100% finished but its not far off. Now to tidy a few bits up before its next outing at Doncaster GoG show in June.
  15. Just to say a massive thank you to everyone who came to the show the other week. Despite a couple of issues (no-one mention catering.....) overall it was a successful weekend. A special mention must go to the Volunteers that have helped us pull off what we’ve achieved. And Locomotive Services Group for borrowing us a loco, Crewe Heritage Centre for hosting us, and everyone else we’ve forgotten. I didn't manage to take many pictures so these are just a few that Cam got of our Layout Dovedale and a couple of others I managed while we we're closed!
  16. Well, looks like I will have to slowly re-add some of the earlier pictures but for now here are a couple from yesterday morning. A quick stage before work as the white stuff had come down again. Now the weather is getting better I need to get out and do some post winter maintenance and get up and running properly again.
  17. Andy definitely had some at Crewe. I didn't get chance to have a proper look as I was on with other things most of the weekend. Just drop him an email and I am sure he will sort you out.
  18. Might be worth dropping Andy a message either on Facebook or via the website. He'll be at our show in Crewe in just over a weeks time so I can take a look at what he's got with him if you want? It may just be that the website hasn't been updated, I know he's a lot going on at the moment.
  19. All mine are on the later versions without skirts so a bit different, but my 26 is similar and glued on to the buffer beam. I actually cut the ploughs into their three pieces and attach them individually. The centre plough normally needs a bit of extra work to make suitable brackets to fit to the buffer beam.
  20. That's fair enough. Macc is not too far away, you've got 7 hours to do both.
  21. Less than two weeks to go, here is the Bus TT from the station: This could also be your last chance to see Chris Turnbull's 'Cromer' as the layout is to be retired after our show. HIs layout thread can be seen here.
  22. Make a weekend of it! One Saturday one Sunday! @Chris TurnbullI will be having a good look at your 156's if I get chance as I've one of Peter Clarks to build eventually! Now had they been orange & black I'd have been ripping your hands off for them!
  23. I've not got a skirted 37 (well, not one thats hasn't had them removed) but generally the ploughs fit behind the bufferbeam on the 37's/ The holes are not for screws but for the rear of the buffers to pass through. Now I am wondering if on this version they fit in front of the cast part of the bufferbeam, between that and the skirts?
  24. Look forward to seeing what comes of it!
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