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  1. Admittedly this looks like a very early one but that price? Triang 0-4-0T
  2. Not Ebay, but a local charity shop has a load of common Mainline and Hornby wagons at £12 each, and a Mainline Royal Scot for £70. Mostly about twice what they would be at the local model shop I would guess.
  3. What about where it goes under the line from Ashburys by the Athletics Stadium? When (if) the extension to Ashton is built (current programme 2013/4) the line will pass by the Snipe Retail Park, only about 500 metres from where the line to Guide Bridge goes under the M60. The main argument against using it to get to Glossop would be journey time. At present it takes just over 10 minutes to Guide Bridge from Piccadilly. There is also a proposed 6 minute interval peak service on the Droylsden line, so capacity could be an issue if the Ashton extension is built.
  4. Cycled from Rhodeswood to Woodhead today, the path was in good condition considering the weather over the weekend. The worst bit was alongside the cabling works in the cutting just west of Woodhead station The vegetation is not too bad at the moment. The Sustrans Volunteer Rangers do several days each year cutting back to try to keep it under control.
  5. Two pictures taken this afternoon. One shows the base of the nearest OLE structure on the poster. The other shows the view towards Crowden taken from the site of the second structure. There has been a bit of artistic licence as the depth of field has been compressed like a telephoto shot, and some details have been left out or compressed to reduce the width and increase the dramatic effect.
  6. Crowden station is about half a mile west of the poster site. It is behind the hill roughly in line with where the wall above the locos crosses it. If you use the co-ords I gave in post #133 above on Google Earth the sites of the OLE masts by the reservoir wall can be picked out.
  7. Picture appears to be set alongside Woodhead Reservoir, about a mile and a half west of Woodhead Tunnel. Co-ordinates approx 53°29'30.46"N 1°51'58.07"W
  8. Had gained a bit of yellow paint and the grey had become a bit flaky since I snapped it. Obviously getting some use in those days.
  9. I know you were asking about coaching stock, but whilst looking at the scans of the negatives from our trip above, I found the picture below. It was Queen Mary brake van DS56292. I think it might have been at Crianlarich, but stand to be corrected if anyone can recognise the surrounding junk.
  10. I have recently been sorting my photo archive and came across a few shots from a trip to Mallaig on 24/8/1983. We travelled from Crewe on the Royal Highlander and were shunted round Glasgow in the early hours to be attached to the first train from Queen St. The sleepers (and Euston seated coaches) were detached at Fort William. The remainer continued to Mallaig. All of the train was Mk1 stock, the Euston portion would have been SLF/SLSTP/TSO/BCK. The stock was dual heated, we had the steam heat on even in August when leaving Glasgow.
  11. Route and timings are shown on http://www.sixbellsjunction.co.uk/, go to the Railtours pages and look at 1986. It is also pictured at Altrincham.
  12. There has been quite a bit lately about swaps of Bulleids in exchange for Mk1 stock from other regions to use for conversion to Bournemouth EMU stock, in the BRCoachingStock Yahoo group .
  13. From Google Earth the box diagram looks well out of date. The crossing with the Diagram 3015 lights is the first one from the box towards March.
  14. The crossing on the March side of Three Horse Shoes is a very acute angle and the lights between the road and railway at each side are the correct restricted clearance ones to Diagram 3015, as shown in my picture of Furness Vale above. They can be seen on Google Earth. There is a subtle difference in law between the Diagram 3014 / 3015 layout and the vertical Diagram 3000 used for normal traffic lights. Diagram 3000 lights can be legally passed at red by certain vehicles in certain circumstances, e.g. ambulances and fire engines going to an emergency. Stopping at Diagram 3014 / 3015 lights when lit is compulsory for all vehicles, with a spot prize of 9 points for getting caught passing at red.
  15. This is the DfT Traffic Advisory Leaflet on the use of Wig-Wag Signals TAL0108
  16. The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002 lay down the format of the lights. The vertical configuration is not permitted for level crossings. For normal use the sign is Diagram 3014. In specially authorised circumstances the narrow sign to Diagram 3015 can be used.
  17. This is a set for a restricted clearance at Furness Vale. The other three are normal size.
  18. I think you would need at least one dedicated line through Camden Road for it with no conflicts with the NLL (and ideally no conflicts with the freight connection to the WCML either) if you planned to make using it a regular occurence - there is room for 4 tracks at Camden Road East and through the station, but you'd have to then widen the viaduct at Camden Road W.Jcn (it wouldn't need to be a very long length of widening from memory?) to get rid of the NLL conflict - do that and I think it may be workable, although you're then up to about "plan J" in terms of NLL modernisation in that area I think! The viaduct across Camden Terrace and Camden Gardens should be wide enough for 4 tracks right up to Kentish Town Road. The signal box was built where the two tracks to the Kentish Town line would have been with a 4-track junction. The back to back turnouts were about the width of Kentish Town Road apart. The HS1-HS2 Link plan has a cryptic comment to the effect that some alterations to the existing layout of the NLL will be required. Hopefully this will include restoring the four tracks through the station and widening the Kentish Town Road brigde.
  19. All of the signalling renewals at Saltley will have to be completed as it goes straight through the Power Box. Possible site for maintenance depot is the old Metro Cammell / Alstom factory at Washwood Heath ( about 400 yards from where it was proposed to put an HST depot for NE/SW HST's).
  20. The number of these on Ebay at the moment, I wouldn't bid more than a tenner including postage
  21. In steam days, with the exception of a few trains on runs such as Paddington - Bristol, the ECML, WCML, Waterloo - Salisbury, etc., most main line passenger trains didn't average more than about 45mph. Secondary routes were probably about 30-40mph and branch trains were about 20-25mph. Freights with the exception of express through workings didn't often reach 30mph as they progressed from loop to loop before being shunted.
  22. Even at that starting price plus postage will it go?
  23. Quite possibly, Taunton frequently turned out a Manor for holiday trains to Birmingham. They striggled a bit sometimes and on one occasion we had the Stratford Pilot coupled GW style inside the train engine through to Earlswood Lakes
  24. In the early 1960's the Ilfracombe portion of the summer Saturday train to Birmingham would arrive in the bay at Taunton, while the Minehead portion ran into the Up Relief platform. The portion from the Bay was then shunted by the Pilot with passengers still aboard out of the station and onto the back of the portion in the through platform. Loaded sleeping cars were shunted by an 08 at New St for the combining the Bristol(Plymouth?)/Poole-Glasgow service in the 1980's.
  25. Paying that much for food you could quickly lose a lot of pounds in more ways than one
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