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  1. Thanks Londontram......Not the former problem, haven't got as far as installing the body yet, it appears to be the connecting rods which are the problem [?]. although they haven't been touched.
  2. Having resolved a wiring problem on my grandson's [train wrecker] Bachmann 4f I am 'struggling' to re-assemble it!! The problem is that the motor runs fine but the wheels wont go round! I can see that the problem is the connecting rods. To the best of my knowledge I hadn't made any changes to the wheels but something has obviously gone adrift. Advice please.......glad it isn't a pacific! 55f
  3. I have the same problem and decided that rather than storing models 'unseen' I would invest in a modest storage cabinet where I can have them 'on show'........for me at least! 55f
  4. Thanks again chaps for the useful reminders and information. Today I 'squirted the electronic cleaner' and made some very minor adjustments to the track alignment [and hence the point throw] which solved the problem.......hopefully for some time. It never ceases to surprise me that I still learn new things about model railways after many years of dabbling with the hobby! This Forum is excellent for learning from the mistakes and problems of others. As they say, life is too short to only learn from one's own mistakes!!
  5. A squirt of switch cleaner sounds worth a try, if that fails I shall replace the point motor. On the basis that you can only speak as you find there will be some who love 'em and those who don't. I may be moving to the latter group!! Thanks again for your responses.
  6. Just noticed that this thread had been resurrected! For info I contacted Michael at Howes of Oxford. He gave me the Heljan point of contact. I returned my turntable and within two weeks I received what to all intents and purposes was a new turntable. Works delightfully and no further problems. 55f
  7. Many thanks guys. I must have been lucky, I have used Seep motors for years without any problems...….until now! I just needed confirmation that the 'Seep' could be the offender. Many thanks.
  8. I have a three-way Peco point feeding three dead-end sidings with SEEP point motors. Therefore power supply fed from toe of point and no insulated rail joiners. Two sidings work perfectly the third is dead even when selected! Wiring checked thoroughly and the only possible cause of the problem in my eyes is a dodgy switch IN the point motor. How likely would that be? Thoughts please. 55f
  9. Thank-you for the replies and particularly the optimistic reply from Daltonparva !!! Hoping not to be too cheeky but would you be able to provide any guidance on the wiring for your method please? Having explored inside the mechanism, I cannot fathom the function of the wires. [The minimum amount of hardware does make me question how they arrive at the price of these machines!!!] It is also my intention to speak to Michael at Howes of Oxford tomorrow ...…..describe as a bit of an expert on the subject!
  10. I have searched the Forum and am unable to find any previous answers to my problem. 'Apologies if the topic has already been 'done to death'! I have recently re-installed the turntable having had it stored safely in the box. However at first it didn't appear to follow the 'calibration sequence so I decided on a re-set only to find that the control box is not responding! I have tried switching it on and off etc.....no joy. I have checked that everything is clean and the turntable is level...…...and run out of ideas! Has anyone had similar experiences? Can anyone help? The thing works superbly when in working mode but is extremely frustrating when playing awkward!! Any help will be appreciated.
  11. Just goes to prove that you can't please all of the people all of the time! For me. who at 72 still has lots to learn about railways, I found lots of points of interest. I also find that Mr Bell's presentation style is good but of course we have to remember that Producers and directors have a significant say in the finished product. Much as I like cookery, houses and antiques, it is good to see ch5 venturing into railways, bridges and ships etc.
  12. Many thanks for the recommendation, I'm always interested to read new authors. I have always enjoyed the easy reading of Marston, particularly good bed-time reading, so if this is better I shall be delighted. Thank you.
  13. Mine go to a nearby preserved railway who sell them in their shop to raise funds.
  14. Sorry.......my question was as bad as my lack of knowledge. It was the the track power feeds on the SEEP motor to which I was referring. I'm quite happy with the wiring to operate the point motor. Thanks for the comments.
  15. In order to avoid shorts, am I right in thinking that if two point motors are installed facing in opposite directions, then the live and return wires to the motor (electrfrog point) must be reversed on one of them? Naive question perhaps but having a blank MOMENT!! Thanks for help and forbearance!
  16. Exhibition stalls frequently have reasonably good deals on wiring......
  17. Many thanks Pete, some useful information. One continues to live and learn [and enjoy]!!!!
  18. The idea of changing switches resulted from responses to a different thread. I think some of my switches have been damaged through re-use [probably poor soldering skills!]resulting, it seems, in one/some of them being permanently on. So A fresh start with new switches seems a good idea. Thanks for your comments.
  19. I have traditionally used miniature toggle switches but recent experience makes me wonder if it might be better to use the 'Hornby' type switches. I know they are much more expensive but on the basis that you get what you pay for, are they so much better??
  20. I am indebted to JohnB for pointing me in this direction. Managed to to get things working today after much frustration, however after checking 'some' of the points and finding them all to be working, suddenly nothing is working again! I suspect your experience is very valid....there must be some damaged switche causing a short. Yes I have used the switches before so I think renewal of all the switches might be a good idea. May be a useful lesson for others here.
  21. Thank you for that response John. I am using momentary contact switches [as on previous layouts] but you have prompted me to wonder if a soldered connection at a switch is causing it to be continually on..........presumably that would cause a problem, although there is no sound from the point motor indicating an attempt to switch???
  22. I am building a new end to fiddle yard layout. Each board using Peco code 75 with Seep point motors. Each board tested on completion....everything worked before moving to the next board. Saturday came, the day to join it all together. Bated breath!! None of the points will work and being electro-frog, some of the track sections dead. I have checked the point motor wiring from the power supply [Gaugemaster tranformer/controller] via the CDU to the points using a continuity meter and everything looks ok [to me!!] including board to board connections . As I said at the top I am completely baffled! What would you do next?? All help will be appreciated
  23. Hopefully the programme will attract lots of visitors......anoraks and general public alike to this excellent railway!
  24. An excellent series, with something for everyone.....just like the hobby itself. I was impressed with Dick Strawbridge, his 'can do attitude' and willingness to delegate to the expertise within the teams. I suppose those characteristics are to be expected of a senior military officer and have certainly been evident in his 'chateaux' programmes. Congratulations to all concerned!
  25. Christmas Greetings to all the mods who run this excellent Forum and to all the contributors who make the Forum what it is!
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