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The Bournemouth West Model Railway Group / Now known as The South Coast Model Railway Development Group / TSCMRDG


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5 hours ago, Roger Sunderland said:



Give Steve a ring at Model Railway Solutions 01202 798068, in the shop. He may be able to give you the contact number for our 3D guy. 

Incidentaly I was at Frank Robinsons funeral on 3rd January, he was a great help to us in building West. I know the group building Bournemouth Central had a lot of contact with him. Do you know if there are any plans/photos etc he shared with you of structures around Central station? We have the plans for the overall roof section of the station and track plans, but that’s about it.


I think you mean Frank Robertson, Roger. A great, down to earth sort of chap. Will miss him.

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On 14/01/2023 at 09:21, Combe Martin said:

Did you consider Templecombe (upper), I don't believe anyone's tried that ?, a nice mixture of S&D and Southern, or is it just too big to do it justice ?

Big enough to be able to charge through at speed! Someone once challenged the date saying that boys of that age wouldn't have been wearing long trousers at that date. I was, a few years earlier.

SR MN 35028 Clan Line Templecombe 1962 redcont.jpg

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A last minute reminder that B. West will be making its final appearance under

the present group's ownership at the Wimborne Model Railway exhibition

this weekend 15/16th April at the new venue for the show, the Allendale Centre

conveniently located in the town centre. The new owners will also be present

to learn, assist and remove to their clubrooms after the show concludes.


We look forward to seeing fans old and new over the weekend, and look

forward to showing the early developments on our new layout, whilst of course

wishing  the new owners well when exhibiting BW in the future.


Chris Knight on behalf of SWMDG.

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Hello Everyone,


As noted above, Bournemouth West is now under new ownership. 

The layout has been acquired by a member of the Salisbury & South Wilts Railway Society. Although remaining privately owned, Bournemouth West will be exhibited by the society. 

A period of maintenance and familiarisation is now taking place which will take many months. 
We are also taking the time to ensure that we have all of the appropriate stock for the layout, including the correct numbering and weathering to carry on the high quality traditions of the previous owners. 

I would like to take this time to thank Roger Sutherland and his team for the handover that they gave us. All of the TSCMRDG were very helpful and a great group of guys to gain knowledge from. 

We look forward to seeing how their new venture of Bournemouth Central progresses.

For now, Bournemouth West has been added to the society website, all updates will be put on there and on RM web when we can. 





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Pleased to hear this excellent layout is in good hands.  I look forward to seeing it when it comes out again.

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1 hour ago, SRfanJV said:

Bournemouth West has been set up for the first time since it was taken over by Kevin and the Salisbury & South West Railway Society. 


As our current premises don't allow us to set up the layout, Salisbury Methodist Hall was hired by Kevin for 3 days to allow us to get to grips with the layout, test it and make some repairs/improvements. 


The first set of work has been to change the packaging system for the 9 scenic boards. The trolleys that the boards live in have been strengthened and the two large station end boards have had a brand new trolley made so that they are much easier to transport. 


Once the layout was set-up and tested, all was working well which was pleasing.


We then started testing all of the stock that was either purchased from the previous owning group or purchased new. Most worked without fault, but it was very noticeable on some rakes that the back to backs needed adjusting to get them running through the hand-built points correctly.

Doing this has improved the running quality massively.


There are now only 2-3 rakes that now need to be obtained to correctly use the same operating sequence that came with the layout. 


The stock will now be weathered and detailed where required to ensure that they all reach the required standard of detail. 


On Day 2, Kevin set to on upgrading the static grass on the layout which over time has become very dusty and discoloured. 




This has really brought the layout back to life with more vibrancy once again. You can see the difference halfway down the left handside cutting side. 


I replaced a switch in the control panel that had become stuck. This, we believe was the route cause of the failures in the previous two shows where the points failed. Post replacement everything has worked without fail which is a huge positive. Now we have proved that this is the problem, I'll change the button to black. 



I also soldered the safety railings of the carriage wash back together. Over the years they had become damaged. Finally, I resoldered 3 point blades that had become detached from their tiebars and also adjusted the throw of the tortoise point motors to reduce the stress on the tiebar. 


Other work included, Peter making a box that goes behind the scenic break bridge to reduce the light coming in from off scene. Jeff has removed the station car park wall to make a new system for securing it as the screws were quite unsightly. 




On the final day, a number of the group ran the layout through a couple of sequences to get used to running the layout. 



Measurements have been taken so that a new backscene can be made up. The old ones are  tired with damaged corners on many of the backscene boards. 


Now that the layout is packed away and back in storage. Our thoughts are now turning back to the stock to fill the gaps that we have. 


Overall, a very successful few days and some great progress made. 


Great news, a superb model and a real favourite of mine 



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Have you got 34043 Combe Martin ?, it wasn't there  when I saw Bournemouth West at Shepton Mallet.  You have to have it, judging from the Ivo Peters books it was on the Pines a lot.  And I think it was on the first diverted Pines (away from the S&D) when it failed (for good) I believe.


Still my favourite though, what a surprise ! 

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