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Murphy Models to produce 121's


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On 21/03/2019 at 13:35, WrennEire said:

Jesus Noel give it a rest man

Its like Christmas, everyone knows its coming but we just have to wait

As we speak the first tooling is in progress with a pre production sample by the end of April, all going well

Worst case scenario is the October 3 day show with our friends in the SDMRC but quite possibly beforehand

Might ask him to launch it at the Bray gig, take the wind out of a few of the big boys!!!



I'm totally relaxed Dave. Its just over a year since that post, but in the great scheme of things delays in delivery of model trains seems normal. There is not a single new model announced in the last 6 years that did not suffer considerable delays from any manufacturer and that includes Bachmann. As I said above I'm sure the 121 will mark a fitting culmination to a stellar career that changed the face of modelling Irish railways. I'm sure it will be the best yet. Its almost summer now so  not expecting any new Irish locos before the October shows. No rush, they will arrive when they arrive and will be worth waiting for. Feeling very chilled knowing what's coming down the tracks later in the year. I'm also quite looking forward to the Fab Fours CL 37 and Deltic due end of this year too. Never been a better time in this hobby here, except perhaps that Ireland has only one model rail shop left in the country. Oh well the internet is progress and direct selling is the new way.

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