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Safety Valves

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Apologies if my previous post on this issue subsequently appears but getting a post to "stick" to the forum does sometimes seem a bit hit and miss (it's probably me!).


Whilst at the Kettering Gauge O Guild show yesterday, I paid a visit to Laurie Griffin's stand to buy some replacement casting for my model. This was not because I was dissatisfied by those supplied but I prefer, for example, Safety Valves to be polished brass rather than painted whitemetal.


Amongst my purchases was a pair of 4" Ross Safety Valves, ref 24-5 cast in brass. Comparing these with the Hachette items, Laurie's product is much more detailed. It is, however, also somewhat larger. Refering to a General Arrangement (GA) drawing of FS which was included in a pamplet issued for the loco's exhibition at Wembley in 1924 (reprinted by The Pleasuance Press, ISBN 0902372122), the diameter of the Laurie Griffen example closely matches the GA drawing but does also have a "lip" half-way up the casting while the GA shows no such detail.


Perhaps one of the LNER afficiandoes on the forum could provide some knowledgeable input on this? Any help would be much appreciated


Regards, Stan Owen

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