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Sounds for Diesel Prototypes


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Hi all


I don;t know if this has been asked before, if so I apologise, there is a thread on here which I found discussing the sounds for Kestrel, But, what sounds would members suggest for Falcon, DP2 and the forthcoming Heljan Lion?



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Falcon has definitely been discussed before, but your best representation for that would be a Western chip. DP2 was a 50 in a Deltic style bodyshell, so a Howes or SWD 50 chip would be required for that one. I personally prefer the Howes sounds, but the SWD one is good as well.


Lion was fitted with the same engines as the 47's, so a Howes 47 chip would suit, again I prefer their offering to the SWD one.



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here's a reply to this thread from bryan at howes:


Reading the prototype sound thread if it is of interest, I did a decoder for an O gauge Lion the other day at a customers request, it has my class 47 sounds but as the loco was built by BRCW he asked for the Class 33 horns instead as the 33 was built by the same company and he felt they would be close enough.


For DP2 I have used the class 50 sounds with Deltic horn based on some early footage I have of the loco.


Falcon had 2 x MD 655 engines, the same as in the Westerns but with 6 electric traction motors not Hydraulic transmission. so I have reworked the Western sounds and used different horns, it moves off like a diesel electric, ie revs first then moves off similar to a class 47 start off , this was based on a bit of video footage I have on a DVD of it leaving Paddington in the 60s.


I have done a decoder for 10000/1 using a mix of 40 and 50 sounds to best match a small audio clip of the pair climbing Shap, the decoder does however have the correct horn sounds for the prototype based on someones knowledge and clear recollection of them working on the LMS, in fact he had the first decoder I did as a beta test and now happily runs his 10000 with it in. again this is another best guess based on engine sounds from locos whos engines evolved from that of the prototype.


As for Kestrel, again at the request of a customer I have just created a generic sound for him using recordings I made in the engine room of a Peak, this really is a best guess, the SNCF 68000 sound decoder available from ESU, which had the same engine or similar, according to a chap from Sulzer who worked on the prototype when it was being tested, sounds nothing like Kestrel, he said it was extremely loud and screamed at full throttle, much as you might expect with that sort of power, I added extra turbo scream to the peak sounds to try and give a better impression of that, but as this decoder is totally generic it was a one off as I cant vouch for any of it. and I have no wish to mislead anyone. I will wait and see what the customer thinks of his.


If anyone wants their model to have sound in it that is an approximation of what the original may have sounded like, just ask Howes and I will do them, all they and I will stress is they are not original sounds as, in most cases due to the time that has elapsed since they were running, they probably dont exist on record, and for that reason they are not listed on the Howes website for sale, hope this is of some help.

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