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Liss Forest Depot


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As Bill (bbishop of this parish) has been hinting about this layout for some time now, I thought it was time to show the world what it has taken me nearly two years to create.


The motivation is that I attended a CCF course there in 1964, just before the change from RE to RCT. Having been playing around with the idea for some time, I did a site survey exactly 50 years after that course and then started construction.


Liss Forest Depot is an extended Inglenook based on the Longmoor Military Railway in early 1965. It is an imaginary small depot located on a spur behind Liss Forest Road station. The story is that it was built around 1944 as an overflow for

Palmers Ball sidings and is now used mainly to shunting training. That provides a ready excuse for spending all day moving wagons around without going anywhere.


All wagons are based on stock that existed there at that date. This includes LSWR and Midland vans, a Mobile Workshop Train stores van and an LBSCR open. Many thanks are due to Bill for the kit building that he has done for me.


Apart from adding scenic details and weathering stock, the biggest challenge at the moment is to obtain suitable transfers for lettering the wagons. I am working on the artwork and will either try printing my own or commissioning some custom transfers.


Although currently operated with analogue, it will be converted to DCC with sound before its first outing at Dartford in September.




The hut is a temporary card model of the Braithwaite panel hut at Griggs Green.









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