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Anglian Paper


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Well I ripped out loads of green stuff and found some grey spray paint so had a dabble with that as a base.

I have as yet not put 3 links on the big loco so re-applied a lima one to a mineral to give it a test, I can use it to shunt!!

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Well I have added some more hard standing, it will need blending in and the grass has been extended, also needs some work but overall for a tiny O Gauge shunty plank it is very pleasing and on a shoe string too!






It is pleasing to see a good selection of O gauge on here.

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I am still working on this little project, it is slowly looking a bit better.

the latest pictures I took over the weekend make it look bigger than it is and considering I have spent no actual money on the layout it is quite nice to operate, it is lacking on the building front when looking at the pictures but as a first go in O Gauge I'm pleased enough with it.






anyway a couple of pictures that have come out ok.

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I am stuck as to what to do with the entrance to the layout, I have tried as can be seen several options/ variations on a theme and cannot decide on any of them.

I am thinking of making the background building a bit higher and sprucing it up a bit, but view blocker and exit bit needs something but what?



this is the latest effort but not very happy with it, ok it was a quicky but i thought corrugated might be different but not sure.

I think being a small yard tucked away at the back of a bigger complex should I crowd it in with buildings?

Help please.

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