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Superdetailed A1/A3 with corridor tender?

Guest TomTank

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Guest TomTank

Hi all


I'm interested in acquiring a pretty well detailed A1 with corridor tender (later 20s early 30s) but can't really see any.


The Flying Scotsmans aren't that well detailed such as the railroad one (set up thread about possibilites of detailing)


I don't mind the tender drive early 2000 models, have seen A3 Cameronian with GNR tender drive which I may get, but it seems hard trying to find a good detailed A1 with corridor tender.


Need something to depict the None stop trains





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Hi Tom,


I have put my photo here of the Silver Jubilee pulled by the A4 Silver Fox from the train pack with 3 old style Gresley coaches. I have bought 3 new teaks and are waiting for them to arrive from UK(ebay). I have a couple of Kirk kits to add to the Teaks so I can have different coaches.


The picture is an old one of the layout 'Oakham' we operated at our exhibition here in Bendigo. I will have to take some more up to date photos of it and will post them for you.


I hope you can find a Tender. Maybe contact Hornby themselves via their website or East Kent Models.


I have also added an Australian layout that was at our exhibition which was its first outing. It is possibly the best Australian exhibition layout I have seen. The detail was excellent. The 3 locos are Victorian Railways R class and were built in UK. Just a taster.








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Ah....I almost broke the bank and bought a Steam Era Models kit for the VR "R" class when I was in Melbourne years ago. Such a lovely Germanic-looking engine, yet built by North British!EM gauge axles would have been almost right for 5'3" gauge in 3.5mm/ft scale.

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