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ozamrr 00/HO scale indoor,outdoor garden railway


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Hi all time to talk about my layout which has being under construction since 2014 coming into the third year, I did start off modelling the Tehachapi loop but gave that  idea away when I realised it wasn't going to work out well came up with a different design, yes have my layout is in under cover in the pergola which covers 3/4 of the back of the house and car port  mainly the station complex that is protected from the hot sun.


The layout design is a module design, I can't have it set up permanently, one reason why it is taking longer to build, layout measurements are 52ft X 30ft stage one, I will extend more on after the layout is up and running which I hope to run the first test loco in April on half of the layout , from the back of the house left corner module to around to the spiral and all the front modules through to the car port and around to the right corner back corner module.


I am modelling the layout on the GSR route, Great Southern Railway owns the famous Indian Pacific, Ghan, Overlander and Southern Spirit, my Indian Pacific has18 passenger cars plus two IP NR class locos, the station is modelled on Sydney Central station building, my model won't be to full scale mainly the width of the building, the building to scale be over 6ft in width, mine I had to cut back 5 windows on each side but still be a stunning site indeed.  The Indian Pacific starts her journey from Sydney via Adelaide to Perth, the journey takes three days and two nights, on peak time the IP have 28 passenger cars which I have other passenger cars I can use the train has to be split up on two platforms, my layout I will have to await to stage two of the station complex to do that, being on a budget is I can't build the whole layout, doing it in stages, Sydney wont be built to later, I will be modelling East Perth terminal the end of her journey, sure be a fast clock time table indeed. 


And freight train in between passenger trains, hope it's not too long before I switch to DCC


Back to the construction I have built curve sections so they can slot together with ease and not too much on my knees, same with the wiring be plug and play I will explain as I move along how I did track curved joins, the modules bolt together, the first station module is different to the other station modules pics of that to follow


Here is a rough plan of my layout , pic two is of all the front approach modules both ends and three station modules, all the front modules has four legs to make it easy to join up and bolt together, stage two of the front of the layout construction be the car port area which be on a two present grade down to the back corner module onto the cable stay bridge I be building length 27feet double deck bridge., modelled on the bridge between Denmark and Sweden I wanted a modern bridge.


This layout is my dream layout so if I build it in stages she will get completes, nearly there, I got back into the hobby in 1995, I actually have a loco running number NR95, my first Aussie diesel NR class loco to pull my Indian Pacific


More to come keep posted, ozam from down under keeping on moving ahead, enjoy









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Hi all,, the first station module that runs off the the spiral front conrer module has being modifyied to take two station scenes, I am modelling Sydney Central station terminal, that wont be happening till the end of the year or eary next year so I be modelling East Perth station terminal first where the famous Indian Pacific her journey from Sydney, being on a budjet I have to build the everything in stages, all up there are 6 station modules that completes the station complex. The idea is once the Indian Pacific leaves Sydney Central I will lift out the whole station building to change the modules to a differeent scene, the Perth terminal building isn't as big as Sydney Central, all the fun in running trains


The top pic is with the cover lilted out, looking at the last pic the left hand second last pic, what I am modelling when the Sydney Central building is in place, I will be also modelling all the front arches road level, where the buses are there is a walk way as well and shop windows,, in last pic. The third pic is what I hope the scene be like when finished, the second pic is what I will be modelling first up and my favourite pic of the Indian Pacific, I have that loco NR28 loco name Port Augusta, a lot of our locos are named after towns and 18  Lima passenger cars in pic four, NR28 now has a new IP colour scheme and they did away with her name pit can't keep up.


The second stage of  3 station modules I am thinking of making them 3ft wide so I can make my version of Sydney Central wide , had to cup back four sets of windows each side of the building, in HO scale the building be about 8feet wide ., there are 15 terminus platforms, five suburban platforms I am only having two suburban platforms and about 8 terminus platforms.


The first module is ready for painting I may get a chance before it start getting hot tomorrow, we are having a heat wave hit us this weekend, Sunday being the hottest peaking over 43 degrees, cool change coming in Tuesday


  ozam from hot down under keeping on moving ahead







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I managed to paint the in under the first station module this morning before it stated getting hot  9am , it peaked 45 degrees, ouch will have to get a new outside thermometer we use for under the pergola, the old one was't reading over 35, the weather station at the RAAF base Amberley peaked 43 degrees, wont get a chance  later on still be 37 degrees at 6pm, will wait till tomorrow morning, cool change coming in on Tuesday, going over to a friends place to sort out the rotary switch problem and he will show me how to use the  multimeter as well.


I have made the modules easy to set up with the four legs cut to size after levelling the module, the legs  fold away inside the module for easy storage in the garden shed, same with the curved sections to, modules be coded to how they fir in the module track plan too easy. Second pic is the how the first module is bolted to the spiral corner module, go back to the last post and you will see walk ways is what I am modelling, the end board of the module be replaces with cut out arches, that will happen later on after the trains are up and running.


Yesterday I spent changing the floor plan of my Sydney Central station  building and platforms so I could move the station building an inch in the last two pics show the covered walk way in under the first level of the building at the other end is two escalators, I am searching for kit escalators as I will need four of them all up, on the other side west side there are two more escalators, have found one seller from the UK be great if any one can give some ideas where to buy the escalator kits from.


This is the reason I moved the building down another inch to make room for modelling the escalators, I had only 2 inches for the walk way from the main building wouldn't of fitted in the two escalators now I have the room, heaps of work a head, the bloke that modelled the N scale version took about 7 years, I wont be modelling the fancy brick work take too long.


I the third pic there be another six piece of ply added with three sets of track and later another scene modelling the famous Amtrak Auto train runs from Lorton to Florida east coast has 16 supper liners plus 23 auto carries I will have to scratch build the auto carriers don't think you can get them in HO scale, I get sick of running Aussie trains change to US trains awesome.



Great to get back into the layout construction the last few weeks have being too dam hot, hate summer, once the station modules are painted will have to move onto the control panel.



Cheers from ozam from hot down under keeping on moving ahead.













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Hi Ozamrr,  impressive layout,  wish we had your weather here to get outside more!  I have travelled behind NR locos on the Ghan from Darwin to Adelaide, they were red livery. I'll have to look up the numbers. With 57' x 30'  you've got the space for some really good trains there.


Hi railroadbill, many thanks this layout is my dream layout, wish I came across HO scale in the garden earlier than I did discover it would be up and running by now, yes I love those long trains too and have being working on building up my double stack container train got three sets of 48ft 5 unit well container wagons makes a pretty long train after more on top of 25 flat container wagons 14 are 60footers rest 40 footers, after more. Building  up a trailer spine car train 25 of them makes a long train as well, I have a mixture of older and more modern diesel locos in my fleet, got two DD40 UP locos and two DD40AX's, only have four steam locos, Thomas, Flying Scott  4472 which is a dual powered loco, the Aussie famous 3801 I have which double headed with 4472 when she visited down under, fourth steamy is a German 2-8-2 tank loco, want one more steamy UP's FEF 4-8-4 running number 844 to double head with my DD40AX 6936


osamrr from down under keeping on moving ahead

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I had a chance to do some work on the layout today, temp was 30 degrees humidity wasn't too bad had a wet shirt, so I decided to improve my spiral made it a foot longer, now 10foot long the radius curve is 7foot wide, got a mixture of curves starting off with a 6foot quarter curve onto a 12foot quarter curve , 6ft in length, onto a short straight to two 6ft quarter curves, 7foot curves into a S bend, the spiral has a 2 percent grade.


Now the job of measuring the height of the legs and cutting them, want to improve the way they fond up too make it easier for storage, at least I don't have to paint most of the curves only the new legs.


Looking at the pics the spiral  looks steeper than what it is that is because of the path way makes it hard to get the heights right, on the legs what I came up with is a level jig I made out of wood every 42 inches the spiral drops down an inch and a quarter, quarter inch a foot, the large S  bend be level .from the spiral same height as the bottom path way hand rail.


Going to be hot for the next few days again, be working on painting the other station modules in the morning before it starts to get too hot and after tea, time to start working on the new control panel since I have sorted out those rotary switches, will have four throttles two are radio throttles other two walk around throttles or local throttles.


ozamrr from down under keeping on moving ahead









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Morning Jongudmund, many thanks will for sure keep the pics flowing,my Sydney Central is going to s long going project, wont take as long as a friend that built a N scale version took him 7 years and yes I plan to go back in the cooler months to take more pics didn't enough time to walk all over the station complex  last October huge place 5 levels, hope my wife can come along stay in Sydney a couple of nights, Working on a second station building East Perth terminal,  where the Indian Pacific end her three day journey be building that building first not as much work as Sydney Central.


Not much work on the layout over the weekend too hot on Saturday and going to a meeting Sunday afternoon, the morning are cool can do a bit before it gets too hot late afternoons, painting the station modules, one is ready to lay the track.


ozamrr from down under keeping on moving ahead




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This is my plans for East Perth Terminal the station the Indian Pacific ends her journey,not building Sydney first needs another forth front module, that won happen till next year, once I add on the two terminus track station platfoms I could start the IP off from there temporary set up to start off with East Perth has a terminus platform the IP pulls into and through suburban platform to come later in front.



I posted pic 003 again , modelling the pic Before East Perth station, the cross over in the second pic is at the top of the pic close to the houses, the last pic the platform is 568 metres in length, about 5metres in HO scale, my East Perth terminus station be a through track even when I add on the suburban platform.


Best off looking at Google Earth and type in East Perth .


ozam from down under keeping on moving ahead.







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  • 2 weeks later...

At last I am under way with laying track and linking up the first station module to the corner spiral module, the track on the station modules be a temporary main line till I add on the extension in front of the station modules will have three tracks and an island platform  that line will become the main line, depends on the weather today if I decide to and woodturning or work on laying the track done on the other two station modules.

The next job is the painful bus wiring, soldering feeder wires to the bus wires, first I drill the holes beside the track where the feeder wires go then tape the bus wires down beside the track and make where the feeder et soldered onto the bus wires, can't get in under the modules being so low to the ground now, I make the bus up like a car wiring harness drop the same colour wires red and back so when the module is on its side I know where to bush the right colour through the base board.

Turn the module over and solder th feeder wires to the track , very easy, I did the same on the layout before this one,, no more sore shoulders


Good to see the first test coach across the module join, will have to wait till .I solder the feeder wires to the spiral module and station module before I can put any power into it, I actually use those speaker wire plugs got the idea from my surround sound  receiver  and a lot cheaper to buy as well instead of using those RCA single   plugs and sockets, they come in two pairs and one pairs, as in pic five.


Pic three is how I solder the track down on the module join using the brass plated circuit boards works very well and every time I bolt the modules together the tracks line up perfectly, I have come up with a way so I am not bending down nailing track down soldering feeder wires, I set up the two modules together making sure they are level, one I soldered the track to the brass strips I cut the track of course you have to a grove in the brass strip the track will short.


I do the same on the curve sections and spiral as well, the only bending I do is setting the layout up and plugging the wires together, the point motors, and signals I use the 25way computer plugs, cheap enough to buy theses days.


Going to be an exciting day when I run the fist train around the whole layout without any problems, will have to make a start on my control panel, thinking of two different panels one for the bus wires and other for the points and design the bus wiring panel so I can add on as the layout grows.


ozam from down under.










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I have being work on the extension in front of the station modules that will have a suburban island platform and a passing loop with a second platform,, I like doing mockup modules first to see how the track will go to the track plan, going back two posts I have modified the spiral corner module changing points and adding another siding point for the Indian Pacific auto carrier wagon loading and unloading dock, lots of shunting involved the station is East Perth terminal where the IP ends here journey across Australia.


Pics 2a and 3a link up where the orange cutters are is where the track join is, I be joining the track together with track joiners, the track on the first pic is permanently fixed , would of being too much work to modify the module and the extension would of had of being 15 inches wide and waste all that ply.


Pics 2a and 4a are joined s well I may do the same as I did in the first pic a lot of work to hack into the module ply top, where the flexi track comes in handy.


The last pic is of Sydney central suburban platforms, I be only having four platforms, the reason for the modifying is if you look closer to the google earth pic you ill see a access ramp from the road level up to a small building

​the only way I could model the  scene is widen the front  extension, looking forward to building the extensions after the layout is up and running aiming for June for the big moment.


ozam from down under








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I would like to start this thread as a new topic no idea where to put any ideas from the admin and members.


This loco is my pride and joy took some time t get running smoothly, the video is the last time she will be running at the club I not going any more net time be on my layout can't wait she is the famous 4472 dual tender Flying Scot , has anyone in the UK done what I gone to show pics and you tube video.


In the video I had some issues with the last three maroon coaches they are from that your model railway layout mag, can't complain cost me $8 au got six of them I wanted to try out the blue coaches a mixture f Lima and Bachman they ran well the other coaches have never run well from the time I bought them sorry in some ways, thing of replacing the bogies to Bachman bogies, worth it to spend a bit of money on them to get them to run ok.


I decided to power the water tender as well and hide the wiring between the two tenders as air hoses club members though that is what ht e wire were meant for.. I also replaced the kadee's for a permeant  solid draw bar which worked well no wheel slip on the spiral had in the past I could stop the train and  drive off on the ramp without any wheel spin very happy ruined by the derailment in the middle of the video took a bit of time to get all the bogies on the track .



Enjoy the video and pics.


amrr from down under








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Yesterday was another full on day with the construction gang, I marked, cut and drilled the holes for the bus wire plug panel on each module,, one on every module , didn't have enough room on the panel to fit all the needed bus wire plugs, have enough room on  the right side for a small  single double bus wire plug, station double track.


The last station module will have a bus wire panel for all the bus wire blocks from the whole layout, going to take a bit of time to mark that panel  out , be in the middle of the module connecting to the main bus wire panel, I am not sure if I will have the control panel with a the track plan marked on it be a huge. control panel. Sine I wont be building the whole station complex modules straight away the station module complex be in two stages, design the main control panel to link up, the point motor, singles and lighting be on a different panel., plug and play set up.


It has being raining all eek here no work on the layout outside or between the pergola and car port is out in the open, good time to finish off the bus wiring on the station modules so I can put them in the garden shed, then be able to move onto the approach module car  port end , hols and countersinking the bolt holes for the fold away module legs, painting, track and point laying a lot of points on this module.


This is the only problem with modular layouts takes a lot longer to build mainly the wiring, is coming along, aiming for the big day end of June to run the first train on the layout, I have a large bridge planned for the back of the layout under the pergola , to speed the construction in just going to build the  rail deck 27 feet in length, 12foot main span modelled on the Denmark to Sweden double deck cable stay bridge will take some time to complete.


Today I be doing the  bus wiring of the second station module the point motors, signals and lighting is on the blue 25way computer plug, got that soldering down to a fine art. come later, never ending job.


Tony from down under




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  • 2 weeks later...

The latest pics on how I be connecting each module bus wiring, designed to be plug and play and the only time I be on my knees to connect the wires and tighten the boltd using wing nuts no spanners needed , only a screw driver to tighten the bolts on the module legs wing nuts as well...


I have made extension frame on the saw houses to get the modules up higher so I am not bending down and using a painters trestle so I can work on a second module joining the track on the joins and cutting the track too, no more sore backs, wiring I turn the module on its side, days gone getting under the module well can't with this out door layout.


The last pic of the first two station modules joined up, today I hope to make a start on the third station module, it may have three bus wire plug panel on it, that is the module the module that the control panel will connect too.


I lashed out and bought an Irwin wire stripper, pure awesome should of bought this tool years back makes life so much easier especially when coming to strip the bus wires to solder the feeder wires, I saw cutting the wire with a knife took too long that way.


Moving ahead nicely .


Tony from down under







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Hi Narrow Minded, many thanks this is what keeps me pushing on, love the forum, today I finished the second bus wire plug panel ready for painting, started marking out the third plug panel at the other end of the third station module, it sure takes time working on your own be good if I had some help, got it down to a fine art now in the carpenter department and having three drills makes it easy as well can do a project in one day, most of my power tools are 18volt batter except the  Dremel. drill .


I have designed the layout, being on a budget makes it hard but building the layout slowly I will get there, started building in 2014, working on it to get a loco running mid year.


Tony from down under.

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Morning Narrow Minded, yeah going to be a big day of celebrations and working out what locos I will use that meet together at the golden spike ceremony, going to have  ribbon cutting as wall with the first loco coming onto the bridge, could use NSW 38 class steamy 3801 and the flying Scott they did double head when the Flying Scott visited down under 1988.


I am modelling the Osborn double deck cable stay bridge between Denmark and Sweden, I couldn't fit the bridge in too long, cut the main span back to 12feet the full length 27feet in four six foot sections, main tower 7feet high water clearance will have to wait hopping to be 12 inches to scale. After I finish the station module wiring be moving onto the spiral have, redesigned it to 10feet by 7feet dropping down quarter inch a foot   about 25 feet in length down to a drop of 6 inches.


What part of the world do you live in where can I find you on the forum, you post was posted 22.21 pm , 11.20tony from down under in the UK now.


Not much happening till Friday finishing off the second module panel., at the moment I have to work out bus wiring blocks coming from the back of the layout  two blocks, two from the side of the layout and the blocks that are coming from the station and main line , can go through a 100metre roll of wire pretty quick,  ringing my Nephew he is an Electrical and asking if he uses hook up wire a lot and order my in a couple of rolls depending on the price, no wire wholesalers in Ipswich..


Tony from down under


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Sounds like you've got the big day all planned out - and I can't fault you :fan:


"posted 22.21 pm" that's the 9hr time difference to here in the UK, and almost 12hrs ago (I work unsociable hours), and a nudge for me to complete my profile info!

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Lovely stuff there, nice to see something from "Down Under" as they say here. I miss my OO garden railway, it used to feel right. My stock wasn't amazingly detailed, it was built out of brass by a friend to withstand the outside. I look forward to seeing your progress, please do keep up us up to date!

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Hi Narrow Minned, many thanks, haven't being on the layout wiring for a couple of days, I bought 5 double speaker wire plugs I use for the main bus wiring and four 25way computer plugs will need more of those computer plugs when I start wiring the signal and point motors, am hopping to try out servo motors, is there any threads on this forum on that topic..


Now I got the extra plugs I can start working out the size of the main module panel that connects to the control panel, still so much work ahead, looked at wire at a spare parts shop Jar-car today they only sell rolls of 10metre wire 2.4mm diameter inner 7amps


I be starting work on planning the double deck bridge as well soon , working out and marking the framing that support the road deck and the framing brackets for the cable stays be 5mm dowel.


It is  755am your side of the world amazing same day 11.55pm  west coast of America yesterday where my friend lives .



What's it like in the UK now, it is cooling down here we had 25 degrees here day, back up to 32 degrees next week.


Tony from down under.

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Hi vjonesiong, many thanks yes the only way I csn have a big layoutt is go garden railway, at least if the train does derail hasn't got far to fall the station modules being 12 inches of the grougn because of the pergolar floor not being level from the car port, only a coupld of inches car port end.


I am amazed thre are a lot of members over here fromt his forum, sadly I am the only one keeping the 00HO garden railway alive, soon I be moving from the construction thread to the garden railway thred not far away..


Same here with HO scale mine aren't as well my locos costing $295 for the dearest ones, I am working on my older locs bringing them back to life bay be re-motoring them with the way the RR locos and rolling stock is going soon be out of my reach and have to start scratching some trains


That would be awesome 00 scale brass do you have pics of them, I am looking into scratch building a US loco they only built one proto type sadly one was bought out in brass, mine be out of styrene getting the right ruining gear steam turbine .




Also got on the drawing board a Garratt  on the NSW A60 Garratt, that loco is out of my reach to buy a good one..


What scale are you modelling now.


Tony from Down under.

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I think there are few OO/HO garden railway modelers around. I have found lots of videos on Youtube and it seems to be growing in popularity.


I'm afraid the line has been long dismantled. However I do have some photos, and a few videos. Enjoy! The line itself was very simple. 4 road fiddle yard in the shed. Passing loop (High Camping station) near the shed, followed by viaduct, then a single track all the way round the garden until the other end with a small terminus station. Most traffic was trains with 3/4 coaches or freight, but as the terminus was supposed to be a seaside resort (Chavington on Sea) the platforms could take up to 7/8 carriages to allow for holiday traffic. The deck was all marine plywood, put on posts, except for the station area which was plywood on metal posts. Switchboards were fitted a little way underneath the deck so as to protect them with wire. The best thing I ever did was to jump all the fish plates with thin wire, especially along the single line. This stopped any dead spots on the track which inevitably appear. We also used electrofrog points rather than insulfrog to again prevent any deadspots. We laid the track on roofing felt to represent ballast.


33485712390_a1e67e8099_z.jpg1 by Matthew Jones, on Flickr

33740925461_0dab99a708_z.jpg2 by Matthew Jones, on Flickr

33056954153_c01f306971_z.jpg3 by Matthew Jones, on Flickr

33056954183_0f15e06844_z.jpg4 by Matthew Jones, on Flickr

33740920761_2b61f8a504_z.jpg4 by Matthew Jones, on Flickr

33740920851_24e3df0bc4_z.jpg6 by Matthew Jones, on Flickr

33740920931_30e940ee8a_z.jpg10 by Matthew Jones, on Flickr

33829252876_1010de561c_z.jpg5 by Matthew Jones, on Flickr

33829252906_7b17ee368d_z.jpg7 by Matthew Jones, on Flickr

33829252926_5443fb0196_z.jpg9 by Matthew Jones, on Flickr

33829252946_42cb3ae93d_z.jpg11 by Matthew Jones, on Flickr

33713876372_20d22ee2c6_z.jpg3 by Matthew Jones, on Flickr

33870350405_65dd7dc62a_z.jpg14 by Matthew Jones, on Flickr

33056951073_c80151ddb6_z.jpg2 by Matthew Jones, on Flickr

33740920981_16c2571cfe_z.jpg12 by Matthew Jones, on Flickr

33829252956_165cc81303_z.jpg13 by Matthew Jones, on Flickr

33829252986_c124296e88_z.jpg1 by Matthew Jones, on Flickr

33056950973_1e8bb57bd8_z.jpg8 by Matthew Jones, on Flickr

33740923581_1aac06fb4a_z.jpg10 by Matthew Jones, on Flickr

33829253616_7daab00d61_z.jpg9 by Matthew Jones, on Flickr

33829253646_e8467e74e1_z.jpg11 by Matthew Jones, on Flickr

33829253666_4944d0121b_z.jpg13 by Matthew Jones, on Flickr

33740923601_1d1c2120dc_z.jpg12 by Matthew Jones, on Flickr

33740923981_31f6f07522_z.jpg22 by Matthew Jones, on Flickr

33740923821_67d697d44c_z.jpg16 by Matthew Jones, on Flickr

33485711150_3e618a5dc9_z.jpg20 by Matthew Jones, on Flickr

33829253716_76de7b38c8_z.jpg19 by Matthew Jones, on Flickr

33485711010_82a998b281_z.jpg14 by Matthew Jones, on Flickr

33829253726_bdd45ecbd7_z.jpg21 by Matthew Jones, on Flickr

33829253696_e86c882084_z.jpg18 by Matthew Jones, on Flickr

33829253676_687bdf20ed_z.jpg15 by Matthew Jones, on Flickr

33026469324_db78747ac4_z.jpg17 by Matthew Jones, on Flickr

33026469434_939b958a36_z.jpg1 by Matthew Jones, on Flickr

33056953183_76abc951b2_z.jpg3 by Matthew Jones, on Flickr

33485711230_86df06253e_z.jpg2 by Matthew Jones, on Flickr

33485711330_b0e9a20273_z.jpg5 by Matthew Jones, on Flickr

33485711420_26bd02fab1_z.jpg8 by Matthew Jones, on Flickr

33740924101_0027c3ee90_z.jpg4 by Matthew Jones, on Flickr

33740924141_54834d7b36_z.jpg7 by Matthew Jones, on Flickr

33829253806_300259dd24_z.jpg6 by Matthew Jones, on Flickr



I work in 16mm to the foot scale now with live steam. 32mm track which represents 2 foot gauge, so think Ffestiniogg Railway (or in my case Welshpool & Llanfair) and your on the right track. I'll stop hijacking your thread now!  :sorry:

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Hi Vjneslong (Matthew) what a shame you scrapped that was one awesome layout I love you viaduct, good video as well at least you have the pics to look back on and me as well. and more on Flicrk

One good thing is you reused the 16mm track for your new adventure,, a members from my old train club modelled 32mm on HO scale track, I could go the same way buying a loco and rolling stock something different., like those small locos.


One thing my layout is lacking is a staging yard  once the main line is up and running I will add a 4 track staging yard till I start working on stage two of the station complex adding three more modules, modelling Sydney Central station with 9 terminus track, platforms 1to3 is what the famous Indian Pacific starts her journey across Australia, I have a 18  Australian Lima passenger cars and two IP colour scheme and IP logo locos can make up 28 cars that completes the train in peak holiday season..


Also be three through suburban platforms, I am hopping to buy Bachmann's Virgin Doctor Who DMU 5 car set already have the Cross country set, very simular in design to QLD's QR EMU electric suburban sets.


Can't do anything tomorrow on the layout instead going to start drawing up to full HO scale double deck bridge, can't work out the clearance out till I complete the decking in the car port end and from the spiral other end, hope to be 12 inches can then build a decent model ro-ro ship link in the pic


Be looking forward to seeing some of your pics in 32mm scale .


Tony from down under


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Had a good day yesterday with the carpenters department, finelly cut the piece of ply that filled the final gap to the spiral decking and rebuilt the spiral corner module, still have to fix up the modle legs made them 5mm's too long easy fix rather be longrtthan too short


The spiral corner module legs I repositioned them to inside the modul frame before the legs were on top of the frame making to bulky  to store the module much better now and tidier too, need to cut the legs down the middle of them to the same width they well on the old way that will be the next job on the weekend..


Once I finish the bus wiring I be moving onto the spiral cutting the last curved track decking from the spiral S bend connecting the back  corner module, all the track decking is cut now, the deck bridge being the last decking to cut, be a big job  building the double deck cable stay bridge.


Nearly there.


Tony from down under












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