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ozamrr 00/HO scale indoor,outdoor garden railway


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Hi Tony,


If I remember rightly the boat ended up roughly 110cm long, 20cm wide, and over 20cm tall. I worked out how many and of what type containers I wanted it to hold first (each black foot print on the deck (representing an open hold) can fit 4x 40ft containers, above the hold level there's enough space for 45ft containers, and on the side racks, plus some 20s and 30s on the bow), and how high above deck I wanted them stacked. The bridge of the ship needs to be above the highest container level. The racks along each side are lego, usefully 4mm containers are 32mm wide, and a single lego brick is 8mm x 8mm x 10mm high, using those measurements the racks are spot on width, and high enough for a scale person to walk under.


Following on from that, I was planning a second vessel with self unloading cranes, hold doors, and the capacity for twice as many containers. At over 25cm wide and nearly 180cm long it would have been a monster, but I only got as far as creating the accommodation and bridge block.


None of my containers are scratch built, they're all off the shelf, or resprayed, or hacked around a little. I helped sort out some of the measurements for some 3d print prototypes (which are now available to order) so having those to play with helped.


The ship is currently stored in my garage, some of the hand rails need fixing back on and some general tlc before it's fit for photos again. I like the idea of a roro ferry though.....

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Evening Satans's goldfish 200cm is that the height with the bridge as well, I just worked out the beam width and length to 87 scale measuring 2.1 metres in length width 304mm quite a large ship she can hold 324 containers triple in trailers, 4 decks all, with mine being a water line model only three decks, I am after the perfect pic, some I can't share that copy right thing. I am going to modify the height between the decks  so she will fit in under the my  bridge height of 305mm clearance, the bridge should be 600mm to scale I model trailers mainly US trailers come in handy,work on this new project on those cold windy winter days, not sure what I will built the ship out of.


Be cutting the bridge arches on the corner module today using styrene for the  top of inside the pedestrian and bridge arch easy to bend look good when finished.


Here are a couple of pics fo my stage one fo the station modules and the approach modules from the car port beyond the last module is a 7foot double track curve section, the track deck runs down outside the car port onto a single curve track section and onto the bridge. yet to be levelled, need to complete the spiral and the car port end after that.


Tony from down under.






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Made a start on two of the arches of the suburban rail bridge crossing the 6 lane road bus lane and two pedestrian bridges cut out two arches the pedestrian arch being the smallest arch, can't close in the roof of both arches till I do the bus track wiring, the actual bridge is on an angle to the road I drew up a on a module the width of the arches, with a bit of filling the arches will look ok when finished , time will tell when the second half joins up.


Tomorrow I will finish off the second arch  and wok on the second rail bridge being the temporary main line , the other half is past of the lift out section of station module, will be recutting the sides making them smaller, hopefully be layout track down next weekend and back to the bus wiring .


Be on the con to buy more buses only onw one bus was looking on eBay this morning prices not too bad, semi trailers triple the price be on the search to buy a lot of cars and people lot of them, at least you can buy them in bags of  a thousand I have seen, this is where the hobby gets expensive. that makes the scene.


Had a rest today, other than getting the pics ready by adding with lines on the road amazing as I said above.


Tony from down under










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It is amazing what is out there on you tube, I am now looking fro a good sport  in the back yard to model a RORO port afte seeing these videos pure amazing, the RORO ports they don't use the massave gangtry container crane but in the first video they used two cranes, the second crane is themorden dock crane some have truck wheels, be achallange to model, will have to have a lot of pics , any help be greatfull.


I just found the Preview button and have worked out to have two tabs up top for posting more than one video clip or if you go to your favoutite folder you will lose what is on the post and have to start again.


What you do is open the first new tab then click the RMweb.co.uk tab brings you back to your post, in your favourites you pick the link right click and see the new tab click that, you can have as many tabs you like this saves going back to your favourite and losing your work done on the post this is the third attempt., the second video clip I couldn't copy.




Here  are a couple of pics I found, first pic had railway as well sure opens up to a lot of  possibilities to  model and lots of pics if you can find pics of the dock crane of interest, could also have a model small container ship too.



Must of being the second tab why I couldn't copy can now enjoy


Today I hope to level the spiral corner module, mark the legs and cut them to size , the corner module is ready for painting want to fit the module fold up legs before painting, I am also making a special mitre jig for my 18volt battery circular saw to get the most out of it and most of all cutting a square cut., the jig be able to cut any size up to 45mm, might get a chance to make a start on the mitre box as well.


I will try the copy the video clip to the next post, may be only copy one video clip per post.


Tony from down under.





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I am sure glad I don't have to  bend down working on the whole layout, the only time is when levlelling the modules , curved sections, plugging the wires up bolting the station modules together and screwing the curved sections together, after the modules and curved are levelled the track laying and wiring is done on modified saw houses.


​Like the idea of mock-up track and point laying to see how the point look like from the track plan and also of how many points needed for each module or curved section, handy since I am on a budget, today I needed to set up stage two of my station module complex to mark how the track coming off the car port end , actually I was wrong the way I did the mock-up on stage two before after fining this pic, not quite to the pics but close enough.

​The problem being the angle of the Peko cross overs and points.


​Pic one is the car port area after the last straight piece at the bottom of the pic be the 7ft  curves and link up on the back corner module to the bridge, pic to is  showing the front corner module which would lead into the first , module, pic 3 aa is what I am trying to achieve, pics 3and4 is my version, pic four I may replace the single slip cross over with a diamond one and have two express points and only needing one single slip cross over.



Tomorrow I plan to finish off the front corner module drilling quarter inch holes countersinking, making a bracket for leg hinge if time will paint the module ready to nail the track down and start the wiring again, never ending.


Tony from down under.






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Great stuff Tony, I'm envious with all the space you have to really expand that track layout. And yes, Youtube is a wonderful resource. I often spend my lunch hour pouring over videos of other peoples railways or the real thing!


Enjoy your weekend (which I'm guessing its probably already is)!

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Thanks vjoneslong,   I made the most of the space it must be at least 50ft of covered roof with the car port but still open to the east when the rain is coming from there, would love to close it all in cost too much when I have in the past  put up tarp when running trains on the last layout, it took up a lot of space and it was smaller.in length


Yeah it is mind blowing what  is out there and on you tube type in the right word opens up to so much stuff, have you looked at 3/D google earth yet it is pure awesome and you get down even closer, I was looking a port in Sweden, those large container cranes are massive, a great tool to use when scratching building and modelling.


It is after mid-day over where you are  looking at the UK clock on my screen ,


Today I  drilled the holes for the leg bolts and screwed the leg hinges in place ready to paint, couldn't do any painting raining of and on all afternoon was a pain wind with it as well, so I decided to make a start on  circular  saw cross cut  adjustable jig so I can cut a square cut very quick with ease.up to 45mm thickness timber, no work on the layout tomorrow Mother's day, raining even heaver than today.


Here is another pic I forgot to add on the last post and  didn't add the point in the module point mock-up plan, have a great Saturday afternoon.


Tony from wet down under




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  • 2 weeks later...

The hearvy yarn is done on the rebuild of the front corner spiral module, there has being some big changes the front corner spiral module is now he front corner module, thespiral has beingshifted to the car port end of the layout to make it easier togain th extra 6 inches in height for under the bridge clearence to thewater line, giving the extra height for the RORO ship, this way I now can built her to 87 scale an no need trying to cut back height of the ship to the water line. She will be in height from water line to the top of the main mask 386mm, 298mm beam and 2.1metres long.


I have set up the front corner and first station module ready to start laying the track down and soldering the track to the computer circuit brass plated board work well and resolder the bus wiring, replacing the spiral  be a 12foot radius curve gaining height to 6 inches on a 24foot ramp, works out 1in47 2percent graden quater inch a foot.


With the new piece of ply with the added on 18inch bridge making the ply 4feet long be too long to store in the shed, I will have to lift that piece off with ease, wiring will have those speaker plugs two sets on the first station module and two on the front corner module, the wires run in under the 6inch double track bridge.


I have now opened my  layout to include 737 fuselages, the wind turbine blades and now ships,, there be access to the port from the front of the layout, I will have two reverse loops to change trains around, lots of work ahead to keep me  busy on projects on those cold and hot days.


The first pic I have replaced the piece of ply to take the first 7ft foot long  radius curve section., the corner module sits perfectly in place and the curved sections will hold it in place, back on the layout Wednesday, take a few days to finish, I will set up the curves temporary lay some track on the curves, over the weekend , can't wait.to see the loco run onto the last station module.


Tony from down under







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Evening vjoneslong, many thanks being a long road to here still lots more ahead, like most of us we do the lot our self with out any help I have to get a move on now got a month to getting half the layout up and running, the shifting of the spiral where it is going be easier to built and set up, still using the same curved decking form the first spiral, this will open up to a branch line to run between the car port and fence to the garden in front of the carport or a staging yard.


It doesn't take long to set up the station modules, all my bolts have wing nuts, all the modules and curved section be number coded and the pergola floor is marked as well same with the spiral and the sections in the garden will have steel pipe posts permanently in place.in the garden, will have to wait  and see once the layout is finished., Be leaving the modules in under cover set up and covering the layout outside and pull up the sections in the car port, having a three day running session, be good if a friend comes over swell joining in the fun.


I am hopping to buy one of those car dash stile video cameras and building a special loco for that task, over here we a electrical spare parts shop called Jar-car the sell those cameras,the one I have in mind has a remote control around $150 mark.


Tony from down under.

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Sounds good. I like that you can keep it all under cover. Will make cleaning the track alot easier. My one abiding memory of the old line was spending half an hour/45 mins cleaning the track with wet and dry before each running session. Having said that, I was putting paraffin down and this appeared to keep the rail head clean for around 72 hours. Keeping loco wheels clean was another job as well.


3 day running session - love it. Over here there was someone who would do a dawn till dusk day on the longest day in June, with a train constantly running. Mixture of steam and diesel I think. Might try that myself one day.


Sounds like a good idea. I bought a cheap Chinese keychain camera which is small enough to be mounted either on my carriages/wagons or in the loco cab itself. I got the idea from this video:


Its probably a little big for your purpose, but I'm sure I have seen miniature cameras advertised in Railway Modeler for driver eye views. I will investigate my old copies to see if I can find any info.

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Evening vjoneslong,, not all of the layout is under cover, the large 12foot curve is out in the garden and single track 7foot curve running off the spiral and the two approach modules to the station moues are out in the open and the front suburban platform track is and the third stage be out at the side of the house, I am planning a large single track modelling a concrete arch bridge on that line complete with river and water fall, always wanted t model a water fall, be a challenge.


Have designed the layout so I can stuff on first scene be the diesel loco service faculty complete with refuelling and sand tower racks plus lighting , work shop as well, before that a turn table got a Helljan one 14inch fingers crossed fit my Bachman, DD40AX's hopping to motorise it as well, to also turn my 3801 NSW steamy and Flying Scott 4472, the 1988 tour was a success, my 3801 doesn't have a front coupler will have to fit one.


Aldi may have those small cameras, depends on the quality, I like the idea of a remote control, have to be Wi-Fi as well, that was a good video clip thanks, that be a summer project building the loco to fit the camera, thinking of those track  measurement locos.


I have connected the track passing loop yesterday on the two modules, all I had time for do some more today, got a hearing appointment in the afternoon stuffing it up slightly, going to Bunning afterwards to buy some aluminium  angle line for a cross cutting jig for my circular saw , be like a mini radial saw arm, making it so I can turn the saw around to rip sheets of ply, pics to follow, looking for the angle to be as thin as possible my saw only has a 45mm  cut batter saw Ryobi may later buy a bigger saw electric .


How is your layout coming along is it finished.


I am finding more pics of the RORO ship  I be modelling, I be sending a bloke that did a PDF drawing of the side of the ship to see if he has more drawing, not sure if I be able to get anything out of Finn lines or the builders of the ship with all this terrorist attacks going on, was very saddened to here about the latest one in England.



The last pic is the bridge I be modelling it is on the Union Pacific Feather Rive line called the North Fork bridge, was owned by Western Pacific they built the bridge when they had to reline the track because of a dam further  down the river, 1962, I was going to model a double deck bridge over the dam but wanted a more modern bridge, in between all the projects be running trains  on the weekend one weekend a month depends if I get the urge for other weekend running and how quick I can set the layout up be the key.


This weekend be setting up the spiral where it be going in the car port, pics to follow.


Tony from foggy down undergoing to be a nice Autumn day 28 degrees here.


Tony from down under.
















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Hi Tony.


Concrete bridge sounds good. I have thought about a water feature in the garden eventually. You can get solar power water pumps which would be a cheap way of pumping the water to the top of the waterfall.


Would be very curious to see your jig for the circular saw. 


I've managed to lay some track on mine. The issue I'm having at the moment is that I am using up some wooden sleepered track with the rails pinned into the sleepers. Its useful as it allows me to widen the gauge on the curve, but is very time consuming to put a panel together (around 1-2 hours for a single yard of track). However, I've only got enough for one more curve so one more push and that bridge will be out the way.


I think you have sent all the warm weather to us. I'm sat in shorts in my office sweltering and its not even quarter to nine. What is this great globe in the sky - don't think I have ever seen it before!

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Evening vjoneslong, Yeah I have always wanted to build this bridge got the idea from an old friend that modelled Swiss narrow gauge he had a concrete arch bridge simular in design, I have seen even  in  00 scale garden railway a bloke had a bridge across a pond even better in a larger scale.


I got the idea from you tube a bloke used steel angle line he had a bigger  electric circular saw, my angle line is only  1.5mm thick be screwing two together to make it stronger and stop it  from saging in the middle , only lose 1.5mm cut, others use 19mm pine for there cross cutting jig , the best way to have square cut every time, I want to turn the saw around to cut lengths of ply.


I will check out your progress on your post, some HO scale modellers scratch build there own sleepers as well a lot of work as you say, bigger scales be easier to work with, I have thought of building my own points especially cross overs as they don't have the correct angles, is what I am having problems with, the single and double slip cross overs be a challenge to scratch build.


You would feel the summer heat more than us, your 30 degrees be like our 40 degrees has it got hotter that 30 before in the UK, we are having 23 degrees here today  9 degrees over night winter will drop pretty quick, hope I don't see jack Frost this winter can kill the grass over night.


The track work on the two corner and first station is complete with the fish plates soldered on the module track joins, I use the PVC brass plated circuit board and cut a gruve in the brass works well.


Going to be pure fun when shunting the two NR class locos around the Indian Pacific coaches and shunting the two auto carriers to the loading dock track, and back in readiness for her journey back to Sydney from East Perth terminal WA, 3 day journey be  very fast clock indeed, could just run the Indian pacific all day having a container train waiting at a passing loop, even more time when I complete stage 3.. Looking at pic 3 with the single slip cross over, I tried a coach and she went through the slip with ease, and not too much swing as you would see on the real thing, I don't like that try to use as longer points and cross overs  as possible.


The darker board on the first station module can now lift out with ease, I am improving the bus wiring in underneath the module and making a small slip panel for the two 4way speaker plugs making it easier to hook up.


Pic 5 is the fish plates, I had to make a wire heavy wire clip to keep the two modules together as when I tighten up the bolts there is a gap, did use those wire ties this is better and doesn't look out of place.


The last two pics is how I will build my cross cutting jig, just like a mini radial saw arm, getting the most out of a circular saw saving money on a drop saw, could modify the jig to cut angles as well look into that, there are so many woodworking ideas on you tube some blokes going to a lot of trouble parks costing a lot and time .


Like to know what you mean about the great globe in the sky, is it where you are.


Marking out the height of the bridge today on the back of the house, works out 5 bricks high between the two bricks can run a line to the walk way railing at the side of the house and same car port end, height is 18 inches, where  the spiral was to be, I can get away with a curved  24foot ramp got the room, climbing 6 inches in height. and the spiral in the car port .working out much better..


Tony from down under

















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It is amazing just swapping a couple of modules around and moifing it make a big difference to the design of the layout,and changing the approach to platforms 1 to 4 on the second stagle of the station complex, I didn't get a chance to set up the spiral where it will be, till next week after the car goes into the work shop to be repaired, no idea how long, will make the most of it after next Wednesday, will have a hire car to get around in and buy an off cut piece of ply to cut and screw n the sides of the module.


The next 6ft ply deck will modified for the first 6ft double track approach bridge deck connect to it , I just tried out mock-up ply to see how it will work out, it is going to be pure awesome seeing the trains fly through the interchange and Indian Pacific and other passenger trains approaching platforms 1 to 4, lots of shunting there as well, have to think ahead, after the second straight deck is a 3ft 7ft curve and onto a 12ft radius curve and onto the spiral. Have  marked the  18inch height where the back corner module be sitting and after that be the bridge, I be only working on the lower rail deck first to get the train up and running, then start on the bridge, will have to have a couple of support piers on the main span till then.


This week I be concentrating on the bus wiring for the two front modules, hopefully run a test loco through the points setting up all the station modules, lucky I didn't finish the other spiral using the same decking, be a bit like Tehachapi loop in America,, a good train spotters spot on the layout, a train is coming down the spiral and another passes it coming off the single track can't wait for the big moment.


With the changing of the spiral to the car port I can change the reverse to go there as well, making the use of turning trains around straight away instead of having to wait for stage three, there is enough room in the car port front corner for a turn table to turn around steam locos and refuelling and sand tower racks plus a work shop, on the other side, refuelling and sand tower racks go in first, that be a well detailed area.


Tony from down under..










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Here is a couple of pics of the track plan point mock-up to the two approach modules for stage two of the station module complex, I like to plan ahead letting me know how many points I need to buy have to start saving upwill need 7 points some be expresspoints one wye and on single sli cross over, I leanrly got the track angles rihgt but it is to do whey the angle of the Peco cross over just a slight beng, once nailed down hopefukly wont notice it much.


I forgot to put in two points on the inside track heading to the island platform, wondering what the pegs represent the platforms, I have to figure out how the best way to build the platforms, thinking of pine frames with MDF top, the last layout I made the platform out of 12mm and 3mm rubber to get the height making the module was too heavy to pick up.


My next job be concentrating on the bus wiring on the front corner and first station module, after that work on the curved ramp up to the bridge so I can run a test loco into the station., can't wait to see a loco run again. on  the layout even only half of it.


Tony from down under.








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Great stuff Tony, good progress so far. And thanks for the useful tip re circular saw and aluminium channel. 


How steep is the gradient from the car port onto the main station modules? From bitter experience if you are planning on running longish trains the combination of steep grade and curves can be a bit too much for the engines. If you can I would make the curves as slack as possible, might aide the situation.


On my previous OO I (though mostly a friend) built our own pointwork. We used plans (can't remember where from) which we photocopied. Sleepers were made from PCB and the rail was soldered to the sleepers. The frogs were also electro-frog, so we had to isolate the v, with switches to flip the polarity depending on which route the trains took. Mind you, our points were left outside all year round so they had to be pretty robust. I don't think we were ever brave enough to try a double slip outside. Curious to see how you get on. 


In other news I managed to complete the main circuit on my line last night. Means I can plonk a train down and let it pootle round to its hearts content. Having something running is a great motivator to getting stuff finished.


The great globe is out again. I can't decide if its the sun or the moon....

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Evening vjoneslong,that jig isn't mine, I be doing mine the same way even going one more step in at one end bolt it so  I can cut angles, pretty good idea mazing what is on you tube to do with wood working,, all you need to do is move one side so you can turn the circular saw around to rip cut sheets of ply, I try to buy decent size off cut 12mm ply when needed, what I am doing today, so once I finish off the bus wiring I can move onto the car port end cut the sides for the second approach module.


The car port concrete floor is quite steep, but after running off the  third approach module the curves be level to the spiral and where the track has to gain 6 inches onto the bridge, haven't got the length to have a ramp like at the other end, my grades are 2 percent grades quarter inch a foot, on 24foot  in length radius curve and spiral diameter is 7feet, locos be able to handle that grade, my clubs spiral is a meter across and 2 percent as well they say.


I have thought of building my own points , did many years back build a N scale point it worked well but at the time didn't know how to wire it, so I  may have a go at building HO scale doing the same method as you have done, yes you can get drawing of points and even jigs of any type of point and cross over, be challenge to build a double slip cross over, some mobs you can buy strips of that PBV brass plated board to the size of sleepers, I use that stuff for the track joins on modules.


Have a busy weekend coming up want to complete the bus wiring on the two front corner modules, I am going to paint the two large 12foot curved track decking for the other end, make the brackets to join them up to nail down track ready to run the first test loco once the spiral is done as well, the back of the layout be a breeze.


Winter is here and we had 1 degree Jack Frost hasn't paid us a visit, heater going and peaking 22 degrees today, at the moment it is 6 degrees out side, 23 inside, where a work shop come in, not to be, if I could get the modules into the spare room which is my hobby be good just to do the bus wiring soldering. and control panel wiring .


Will see you on your thread.


Nearly forgot I bought off a friend from Germany a Mehano Thaly's add-on set that has the bar car in it, when he said he sell the set to me I had to have it did well costing in Aussie dollar $150 posted, arrived Monday afternoon now I have the complete Thaly's TGV  10 car set and three extra cars, both locos are powered and have DCC on board, so I can have a train to run on DCC days at my club, have a second loco with DCC on board as well.


Tony from down under.


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Nice extra carriages there Tony, including the all important bar car. Not something that has made its way onto the DFLR (yet)!


Sounds like you have already tested out the gradient then. I'm always surprised by just how much difference the gradients can make. 


Another trick we used to do was rebuild old Peco pointwork with PCB sleepers. This meant that the rails were already formed up, so it was just a matter of positioning and soldering. A possible solution as and when needed?


Its quite warm here at the moment. About 24 degrees Celsius (75 degrees farenheit?), and not coolling off much in the night. I'm quitely pressure cooking in my office, but at least its not raining.


Please do pop in to my thread. There is even a video of the first trains making a complete loop!

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Hi vjoneslong, thanks was realhappy when the set arrived and I finely had it in my hands, long time coming, as it was I bought the Mehano Thalys TGV set in two stages from the bloke in northern Italy , he sold the sets to what you wanted, first set was 6 car set and both locos are powered another 4 cars later to  make up a ten car train and now I have the missing bar car, going to my train club on the DCC running Saturday to run the full set be stunning indeed will do a video clip going to look awesome on my layout with those very large curves.


Yes I have, on my last module layout the spiral was on a 6foot radius curve and steep at one end,, I had to improve that on the new layout with a bigger spiral last gradient was 3 and a half percent, the new spiral is like the Williams loop on the Feather rive line in the US.


I couldn't buy an off cut piece of ply yesterday so now I have to buy a full 12mm sheet of pull, sadly don't have a tow bar on the car to take the full sheet home, going back to the timber mob today with my battery saw and saw stools to make two cuts one cutting the length to 6foot and second cutting  the ply  width to fit in the car, with the back seat down can fit a piece of ply 30inches wide by 7foot long.


Yesterday I set up the last two station modules and the two approach modules for the front station modules so I can work out the width of the approach module for both station modules, I like to plan ahead when building modules, money wise as well, that module be 12 inches wide by 6foot long, the other end of that model in the car port be for the access into the refuelling and sand tower racks and service facility, plus work shop, on the front side of the module be access to the turn table and reverse loop.


The first pic I set up the two approach modules for platforms 1,2,3 and 4,, second pic I decided to straighten the two up much better , third pic I tried the cross over to see with the angle of the two modules different , well I still couldn't straighten the track coming off the cross over into platform two still had to have the curve, slightly better to the first mock-up plan, on the second last post.


All up with both modules together there is 11 tracks coming off the terminus track onto the main line,  lots of points and crossovers, I may have to scratch build some to save money for the cross overs, luckily I am doing the station complex in two stages and all that track as well on top of timber for the platforms, be cutting strips of wood for the frame work on the platforms and gluing 3mm MBF board of the platform top, in front of the  two station modules be another 12inches wide for the suburban two platforms and passing loop.


Busy weekend planning doing the bus wiring on the front two modules.


Vjoneslong I am having trouble finding your thread will have another go.


Yeah it is cold here again this morning 2 degrees over night to 22 degrees during the day, wa cold yesterday, you feel the summer over there in the UK from having such a cold winter, Jack frost hasn't paid us a visit as yet can kill the grass over night .


Tony from down under keep cool we keep warm.

















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Hi vjoneslong, many thanks, I like to look ahead on each module how it will fit from the plan and of course working out the width of the module why I like doing mock-up modules for, I bought a full sheet of ply last week to cut the sides on the second  approach module and the first approach module, was hopping to get the carptenters gang out the weekend, doesn't look like it still getting over my asthma bad night last night, want to finish off doing the bus wiring on the first station module.


I have also got to get stuck into building the cross cutting jig for the circular saw  will need it, pics to follow.


Has any one got any ideas on modelling pedestal fencing in HO scale, I am trying to make a master for moulding, Sydney Central station building has a lot of the pedestal fencing, to scale the pedestal is 11mm by  2.5mm, 28mm in length, 9 pedestals the width of the window. I may get apiece of 5mm dower and turn the electric drill into a mini wood lathe, too small to turn on my big lathe, take too long, moulding is the quicker way to go.



The way to go be 3/D printing , I don't own one be nice,, will have to twist my brother a little  in law he has one and doesn't use it.be easier way to go print out a master, I have also seen 3?d paper printing another option or brass edging more costly way.


Tony from cold down under.
















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Hi Tony.


Sorry to hear you have been unwell. I too have asthma but its more hayfever related. I couple of months ago when the tree pollen was high I could barely breathe, so I know how it feels. Will keep fingers crossed for a speedy recovery for you.


I was going to suggest that perhaps some plastic rod might suffice? I wondered if a rough representation could be done with putting the rod in a hand drill and then using a file to get the rough shape. I did have a look at some major suppliers (well over here) to see if they had anything similar, but I couldn't find anything. Having said that, Walthers in the US have a bridge with that sort of fencing, perhaps butcher a couple of those?




3d printing might be a good idea as well. I think you would need to draw one up in a CAD program. I've never done it but I'm sure it would be possible!

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Afternoon vjoneslong,, pure brilliant idea using styrene rod be far better than trying t shape thin dowel , may break and doesn't matter of the thickness size either, I was thinking of  cutting strips  of balsa wood and shaping the pedestal with a round file, but this idea is far better, many thanks.


Very hard trying o find HO scale pedestal  fencing except on bridges, I was hoping to find just the top of the bridge side, looks like I am going to be busy for some time, once the first  fancy top railing set  of 9 pedestals is done  the rest be easy,  a rainy day project,, I also hope to get back down to Sydney to take lots more pics as there all different sizes on top of the building, I been looking for that bridge kit for yonks, pretty dear kit just for the railing .thanks again


Know what you mean, I have problem with dust can set my asthma off and the same as you and a weather change and humid weather, when we moved to Ipswich from Brisbane I had very bad asthma settled down for quite a few years, this is the first winter I have had trouble with and today driving home from buying a new Cannon winter I had a bad asthma attack, couldn't even ring my wife, found out you can contact 000 and the Ambo's can track the phone  even with the phone locked.

I was at the time more concerned in not panicking, and pull off to the side of the road had the hazed lights on and   luckily I had Ventolin on hand, took over half an hour to settle down before I could drive off again, next it happens I do that, don't want to go through that again in a hurry not a nice thing, on antibiotics   now. had some on hand.


Itching to get stuck into the finishing the bus wiring on the station module, see how I am on Saturday rain coming in , it is pretty dry with moisture around may help.


Tony from down under

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Finely back into it after a few weeks while waiting for the grass to dry out I got stuck into the bus wiring  for the first station module, more work on Wednesday will finish the module a matter of setting up all the front modules, to give a longer run I will get stuck nto painting the three curved sections that makes part of the ramp heading up the  back of the layout, great birthday present, three years in the making if I can pull it off.



Pic one showing the speaker plugs I use for the track bus wiring is block one and two , the only problem with DC wiring all that wiring you have to bring back through the station modules to the control panel a lot of work but worth the big effort to run more than one train in DC ,be running two remote controllers and one local controller and a spare rotary position for DCC.


Pic two with the wires go though the module beam and the marked tunnel portal is for the pedestrian tunnel accessing the suburban and country link terminus platforms from the road level, third pic is what I be achieving once the bus wiring is complete, that scene wont be happening for while stage two of the station complex.


Forth pic is the blocks one and two, I put in two staples so I can tie the bus wires to, going back to pic two that section will lift out when I will have Sydney set up, to change once the Indian Pacific has left platform one, Sydney Central building be built in two sections, making it easy to lift out, all the fun of running trains, be a very quick clock indeed..


Last pic showing the other side of the two plugs ,not much effort to cut the bus wires for block one and two, blocks 6 and 7 is wired in only needing to bring the bus wiring from the front corner module, taking a bit longer needing feeder wires.


My construction adventure is slowly coming to an end  for stage one  of the station complex, like to aim at stages for my layout the only way being on a budget to complete my dream layout.


Tony from down under.










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