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Blog- Calshot 4mm - SRS's Blog - I've been given the go ahead!

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Today I am very happy! As the title suggests, I have had permission to build Calshot Mk II.

This decision was reached probably due to sudden brainwave this morning - when not in use, I could store Calshot Mk II in a movable unit with castors on the bottom. The unit would be 1m long by about 0.75m tall and 0.5m wide. There would be three spaces - the top space for the fiddle yard board(s) (because in theory it will be the lightest) followed by two spaces for the scenic boards.


This means I can have a layout larger than the current Calshot. Now I know how much space I can have - I can start designing the layout. Now, one thing I must state is that the layout will not be rectangular, no way! It will have a nice 'flowing' feel to it to draw your eye from one scene to the next. I lose baseboard, but I gain design.


I still don't know how to plan this layout, nor what it will look like - but that's all the fun! Any track layout suggestions will be most welcome - I'd ideally like to get in a small halt, hangar and slipway, standard gauge line and narrow gauge line.



Showing the plan for the layout storage cabinet.


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