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Blog- The Fatadder's 2010 Blog - Signal Box

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Having finally got some embossed brick plastic from South East Finecast at Nottingham yesterday, I've cracked on with building the signal box.


This is a fairly accurate representation of the box at Botley, although it has been built as a mirror image of the prototype so that it can be located on the other side of the mainline, I also made a slight mistake with the location of the lower door (my drawings I had created were exact for the prototype and I forgot to allow for that when cutting plastic.


The box is going to be modelled in a similar condition to how the Botley box is now, with no steps, boarded up windows, damage to the upper door and rubble piled up against the base.


Unfortunatly I forgot to buy anything to use for the roof tiles, so I've had a crack at cutting them from evergreen strip individually. A horridly dull task, with an end result that I am not too sure Im happy with.



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