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Blog- Jamie's 1960s Southern Scotland - 44977 - Hornby Black Five

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Actually something worth posting about tonight (for once says you). This week's collection of snatched half hours has seen 44977 get it's wheels spread to EM, and is currently 90% reassembled. Probably only 4hrs in total, though I wouldn't like to try it in one sitting.


Having had (touch wood) reasonable success getting it quartered and ready to test run, I'm a fair bit more confident in attacking 45161 next. I think key to the progress this time has been retention of the original wheels and crankpins. Perhaps I can do similar with some of the Bachmann models. Perhaps I'll stop hedging my bets with the post steam, pre tops period now. :lol:


I'll write up further details for any interested parties sometime next week.


This is it in it's pre-conversion state



The weathering has a long way to go, I have to admit that I'm not fully convinced that aspect of the model's on the right track yet, even for a fairly filthy machine. Thoughts welcome, as ever.


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